Best Insurance Companies in Virginia 2022

Here’s a detailed guide on the best insurance companies for your car, health, business and for homeowners in Virginia.

In this guide we also bring you what it would cost on the average for each of the insurance companies.

However, it’s expedient you know that insurance costs differ with company.

Also, if you would like to compare insurance policies and plans across other USA states such as Arizona look out for the related topics below.

5 Best Car Insurance Companies in Virginia

Looking for car insurance?

Here’s a detailed guide on the best car insurance companies in which Virginia drivers can get a quote from and protect their cars. 

#1. Travelers

Besides car insurance, Travelers is known for its multifaceted insurance coverage. 

Also, with Travelers you can personalize your car insurance policy or plan to tailor your specific needs.

Some of the add-on endorsements include gap insurance, ridesharing coverage  and new car replacement coverage. 

Also, clients who go for bundling policies with Travelers can qualify for discounts.

Besides the cost of car insurance at Travelers costs about $910 per year. 

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#2. State Farm

State Farm is not just one of the best car insurance companies in Virginia, it’s also the largest insurer of private passenger auto policies in the U.S..

At State Farm, Virginia drivers can lower their premium by taking advantage of the available discounts.

Besides that, State Farm is a good option for banking and investment products, health, life and property insurance. 

The presence of local agents makes getting an insurance quote from State Farm easier.

However, keep in mind that State Farm does not have many optional coverage choices as some of its competitors.

Also, their their cost is affordable, $993 per year.

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#3. Geico

If budget is your primary concern, Geico may not be a good company for you. 

Geico is one of the car insurance companies in Virginia that has an auto policy for full coverage of $1,227 per year.

However, their services are top-notch with the availability of a host of discounts.

Also, their extensive customer portal website and user-friendly mobile app makes them the choice of many millennials.

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#4. Erie

Erie is a regional insurance company with an average car policy of $1,025 for full coverage in Virginia.

In Virginia, Erie’s local agents are at every nook and cranny. 

Although their car insurance policy is quite affordable, there are other discounts options to help you save.

Another attractive feature in Erie’s car insurance plan is the inclusion of an accident forgiveness option.

This makes it one of the top rated car insurance companies in Virginia.

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#5. Nationwide

If you are looking for something cheap, Nationwide is a good place for Virginia drivers with a cheap budget. 

Also, with a Nationwide’s insurance plan, your car gets a standard auto insurance coverage with a few options for customization.

Although there are available discounts for you, it’s only open to those who qualify.

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4 Best Insurance Companies for Virginia Homeowners

Virginia is situated along the Atlantic coast of the United States.

This makes it very prone to significant risk such as hurricanes, floods and other ocean-related storms. 

Most of these natural disasters can cause damages to homes, hence the need for home insurance.

Below is a list of best insurance companies for Virginia homeowners;

#1. Travelers Insurance

Travelers is the insurance company loved by most Virginians.

Their cost is affordable, customer service topnotch and a variety of coverage options. 

However, homeowners insurance costs about $850 per year at Travelers. 

Also, their robust digital presence can help you shop quotes and manage your policy online.

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#2. USAA

If you are a military personnel looking for one of the homeowners insurance companies in Virginia then USAA is your best option.

Although USAA is affordable, has reliable customer service and appealing coverage benefits, it’s only for military personnels and their families.

Besides home insurance, USAA offers other products such as other kinds of insurance, bank accounts and credit cards.

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#3. Nationwide

Nationwide is one of the best insurance companies for Virginia homeowners due to their affordable rates.

A home insurance with Nationwide costs $828 annually on the average.

They are relatively the cheapest in Virginia.

However, Nationwide’s online functionality is limited. 

All insurance processes have to be done through an agent. 

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#4. Chubb

Chubb insurance is an insurance company that offers home coverage for high-end homes.

Therefore, if you have an expensive, high value or exotic home, the ideal homeowners insurance company to go for in Virginia is Chubb.

In addition, peculiar to this company is the cash-out option which homeowners can use if they do not want their destroyed home rebuilt.

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Best Insurance Companies in Virginia 2022
Best Insurance Companies in Virginia 2022

5 Best Health Insurance Companies in Virginia

Are you looking for an insurance company to handle your health coverage?

Here’s a list of the best health insurance companies in Virginia you can get a quote from.

#1. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is one of the best health insurance companies in Virginia.

You can see that in the 2019 J.D ranking they came 1st on the list.

Also, they are the best health insurance provider with the overall customer satisfaction.

Therefore, with Kaiser, there are a lot of options to choose from and a chance to lower the cost premium.

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#2. Aetna Inc

Aetna ranks among the best health insurance companies in overall satisfaction and cost in Virginia.

In addition to that, this company got an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Many love Aetna because of their great resources and transparent communication about their health coverage.

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#3. Cigna

Cigna is also another health provider in Virginia that offers good coverage options. 

Also, using their several mobile apps, you can stay connected to your health, access your ID card, view claims history and keep tabs of your coverage.

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#4. Anthem

Anthem Health Plans of Virginia is one health insurance company in Virginia that gives you excellent access to a large provider network.

Also, this insurance provider is known for high coverage and benefit options in the 2019 J.D. Power Health Satisfaction Survey.

Also, their website allows you to make payments online and view important information about your plan.

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#5. CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield

CareFirst insurance coverage meets all your health needs in a single plan.

However, their services are more available to residents of Northern Virginia.

Therefore with care First, you have an option for affordable premiums and great coverage.

With CareFirst plans, you can get a video visit with a doctor if you can’t make it to a healthcare facility.

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5 Best Insurance Companies in Virginia for your Business

Whether you have a large scale or small scale business, you can insure your business with the following business insurance companies in Virginia.

#1.  The Hartford

Hartford is an all-inclusive business insurance company that caters for all your business needs. 

Regardless of the kind of business you do or the coverage you want, Hartford has a slot for you.

Also, with over 30 years of experience in this venture, Hartford can be trusted to handle your business risks.

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#2. Thimble

If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all policy for your business then Thimble policies bid you welcome.

Therefore, with Thimble, you can buy policies only for the duration you’re new to it, be it a month, a day or even in an hour. 

And also, once you have a quote, you can choose to extend your policy, change or even cancel it right from the app.

This feature makes them one of the best business insurance companies in Virginia.

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#3. State Farm

In Virginia, State Farm is one of the best business insurance companies for the self-employed or those who run their business out of their home. 

Therefore, with State Farm, you get an affordable home-based business add-on coverage which is cheaper.

Also, when you get a business policy from this provider, you also get coverage for up to $5,000 of business property. 

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#4. AIG

AIG offers coverage to manufacturing or distributing company’s.

They are best known to offer product liability insurance that helps to protect you against lawsuits resulting from injuries or errors caused by your products, as well as recalls.

Also, AIG has an extensive business coverage which includes a liability audit that will help you locate potential areas where you might run into a liability.

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#5. Nationwide

Nationwide insurance company is best known as one of the business insurance companies in Virginia that’s best known for bundling services.

At Nationwide, you have an option to save money when you bundle your business insurance with another type of protection. 

Insurance is affordable and easy to get a policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Insurance Companies in Virginia

What’s the Average Cost of Car Insurance Cost in Virginia?

Auto insurance companies in Virginia have varying coat costs. 

However, the average annual premium for minimum coverage in Virginia is $441 whereas the Average annual premium for full coverage in Virginia is $1,304. 

What is the Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Virginia? 

The average cost of home insurance in Virginia is $828 per year. 

What’s the Average Cost of Health Insurance in Virginia?

In Virginia, employer health coverage costs $6,635 per year whereas employers pay $4,889 on the average.

What’s the Cost of Business Insurance in Virginia?

General liability costs about $46 per month, professional liability $42 per month and workers’ compensation costs $68 per month.

What’s the Best Insurance Company in Virginia that I Can Work For?

  • Genworth Financial
  • Markel
  • CW Bollinger Company
  • QBE Holdings
  • Professional Service
  • Hilb Group
  • Kinsale Insurance
  • Chas Lunsford Sons & Associates
  • The Frieden Agency
  • Fireline
  • American Press
  • Carter Printing
  • Guernsey
  • Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America
  • Universal Leaf
  • Piedmont Community Health Plan
  • Compass Rose Benefits Group
  • The Supply Room
  • Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance
  • Payroll Solutions Plus
  • Vienna Insurance
  • Southern Title Insurance


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