Highest Paying Jobs In Arizona without a Degree 2022

Clicking on this link suggests that you are looking for the highest paying jobs, careers and positions in Arizona without a degree. 

Many careers may necessitate a college diploma. A bachelor’s degree is the most prevalent requirement. However, this is not true for all professions.

You might be surprised to learn that in Arizona, you can find a variety of high-paying occupations without a degree! 

Whether you’re looking for a new job or changing careers, Arizona has plenty of options for job searchers without a degree.

In this page, you’ll find a comprehensive list of employment opportunities for the highest-paying jobs in Arizona that don’t require a degree.

In this article you will find the jobs you can earn quite handsomely from in Arizona without a degree. 

Many of these jobs can become permanent jobs for you if you deem it fit. However, a college degree can add a little topping to the salary.

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Can you find a great job in Arizona without a degree? 

While having a college diploma can open many doors, there are a variety of reasons why you may not have one.

According to the United States Census Bureau, persons aged 25 and up have completed high school. 

College is not an option for some people once they graduate from high school. 

Perhaps your learning style isn’t compatible with a college program’s structure. Or it could be the simple fact of the price.

While individuals with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree earn more on average, there are some reasonably high-paying jobs available for those without a college diploma.

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What You Should Know About Arizona

The Grand Canyon, a mile-deep gorge created by the Colorado River, is the most famous feature of Arizona, a southwestern US state. 

Flagstaff is a ponderosa pine–covered mountain hamlet that serves as a key Grand Canyon entrance. 

The major economic sectors of Arizona are the real estate and rental businesses, the broad tourism sector, and government. 

Because of the state’s tremendous growth in recent years, the construction sector is likewise especially substantial in comparison to the national average.

Highest Paying Jobs in Arizona Without A Degree.

Many vocations keep society functioning, providing power, security, transportation, and a variety of other essential services. 

Many of the professions on our list are in this category because they pay well without requiring a degree.

Getting into one of these fields will almost certainly provide you with the financial rewards you seek, if you are committed to seeing it through.

Many employers value skills that may be obtained outside of a degree program, allowing you to build a successful career without a college diploma.

We’ve put up a list of careers in Arizona that don’t require a degree.

The bulk of these positions only require a high school diploma, not a college diploma.

Without further ado, here is a list of the highest-paying non-degree-required jobs in Texas.

#1. Commercial pilots.

  • Average salary per annum: $93,850

The pilot is in charge of piloting and navigating fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters on non-scheduled air carrier routes. 

Certification as a commercial pilot is required but not a college degree. Air ambulance and tour pilots, as well as charter pilots with equivalent certification, are included.

Pilots from regional, national, and international airlines are excluded. The average yearly wage in Texas is $93,850, making it one of the best-paying positions in the state.

You can get a job offer if you have a high school diploma or equivalent.

#2. Managers of Transportation, Storage, and Distribution.

  • Average salary per annum: $104,360

These supervisors are responsible for planning, directing, or coordinating transportation, storage, and distribution activities in accordance with corporate policy as well as applicable government rules and regulations. Logistics managers are covered.

To make an annual average income of $104,360, you’ll need a high school education or equivalent. Even if you don’t have a college diploma, this is one of the highest paying jobs or careers in Arizona.

#3. Police and detectives’ first-line supervisors.

  • Average salary per annum: $107,280

Supervising and coordinating the work of police officers is the responsibility of first-line supervisors.

The average annual salary for this position is $107,280. For entry-level positions, you must have a high school diploma or an equivalent certification.

#4. Detectives and criminal investigators.

  • Average salary per annum: $87,160

This profession can be a good fit for you if you want to undertake some actual policing.

You will be in charge of conducting investigations into probable violations of federal, state, or municipal laws in order to prevent or solve crimes.

With merely a high school diploma or its equivalent as an entry level educational requirement, the annual mean pay for this occupation is $87,160.

#5. Non-retail sales workers’ first-line supervisors.

  • Average salary per annum: $87,210

Supervisors of non-retail salespeople on the first line.

These first-line supervisors are responsible for overseeing and guiding the actions of non-retail salespeople.

They may be responsible for budgeting, accounting, and people in addition to their managerial duties.

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#6. Property, Real Estate, And Community Association Managers.

  • Average salary per annum: $92,640.

Planning, directing, or organizing the selling, buying, leasing, or governing of commercial, industrial, or residential real estate holdings are among these managers’ primary responsibilities.

This category also includes managers of homeowner and condominium associations, rented or leased housing units, buildings, or land (including rights-of-way).

#7. Postmasters and Mail Superintendents.

  • Average salary per annum: $88,250

Postmasters and postal superintendents are in charge of planning, directing, or coordinating the operational, administrative, management, and support services of a United States post office.

As well as the acts of employees who work at their assigned post office doing postal and related work.

Even without a degree, this career has the potential to pay as much as $88,250, placing it among Arizona’s highest paying positions and careers..

#8. Distributors and Dispatchers Of Power.

  • Average salary per annum: $95,650

By coordinating, controlling, or distributing power or steam, power distributors and dispatchers assist consumers.

Despite the fact that power plant operators are not required to have a four-year college degree, anyone interested in working in this field can anticipate having years of on-the-job training in order to be competent. 

From 2016 to 2026, employment in the field is expected to expand at a relatively sluggish rate of 1.3%.

#9. Repairers of Electrical And Electronic Equipment, Powerhouses, Substations, And Relays.

  • Average salary per annum: $88,370

The main responsibilities are as follows: The main operations and responsibilities include inspecting, testing, repairing, or maintaining electrical equipment in generating stations, substations, and in-service relays.

This is a great opportunity for any diligent worker who wants to take advantage of Arizona’s highest paying jobs without a degree.

#10. Farmers, ranchers, and Other Agricultural Managers.

  • Average salary per annum: $83,350

Agriculture and farming are profitable in Arizona. As a result, if you have an interest in something, you should think about it. 

Planning, directing, or coordinating the management or operation of farms, ranches, greenhouses, aquacultural enterprises, nurseries, forestry tracts, or other agricultural establishments would be among the responsibilities. 

To carry out the day-to-day duties of the managed operation, the manager may engage, train, and supervise farm workers or contract for services. 

Planting, farming, harvesting, and financial and marketing tasks may be performed or supervised.

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#11. Power Plant Operators

  • Average salary per annum: $83,070

Power plant operators are in charge of generating electricity through controlling, operating, or maintaining machines. 

Auxiliary equipment operators are included.

#12. Real Estate Brokers

  • Average salary per annum: $81,160

Oversee real estate transactions as the owner of a real estate office or as an employee of a commercial real estate agency. 

Other responsibilities include selling or renting real estate and obtaining loans.

With such a pay, this job enlists as one of the highest paying jobs and careers in Arizona.

#13. Aircraft Mechanics And Service Technicians

  • Average salary per annum: $73,120

Mechanics and service technicians for aircraft Engines and assemblies, such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems, are diagnosed, adjusted, repaired, or overhauled.

#14. First-line Supervisors Of Construction Trades And Extraction Workers.

  • Average salary per annum: $72,740

You can work as a first-line supervisor of construction trades and extraction employees if you have a high school diploma or equivalent.

You’ll be in charge of supervising and coordinating the work of construction or extraction employees.

#15. Gas Plant Operators

  • Average salary per annum: $71,160

This position’s tasks include regulating compressors to maintain specified pressures on main pipelines in order to distribute or process gas for utility companies and others.

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Getting a job without a degree in Arizona is possible. Therefore, a high school leaver can actually live a semi comfortable life on a quite average salary. 

So, if you do not have a degree, you can take advantage of these highest paying jobs, positions and careers in Arizona.



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