Best Insurance Companies in Nevada 2022

Are you looking for the best insurance companies for your car, business, homeowners and your health in Nevada?

Here’s a detailed guide that gives you information based on facts on the best Nevada’s insurance providers.

We compiled this list based on the ratings by NAIC, AM Best and J.D Power.

Also, we considered the customer satisfaction and the company’s record of excellence.

If you would like to compare Nevada’s insurance companies against some other companies in other US States such as Idaho, then click on the related posts below.

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5 Best Car Insurance Companies in Nevada

Car insurance is the second largest important insurance anyone should have.

In Nevada, there are many car insurance companies that are affordable and offer the best policies.

They include;

#1. Geico

Geico is an insurance provider that gives you an affordable cost for your car.

It’s one of the car insurance companies that has a strong financial strength and high customer satisfaction records in Nevada.

Although Geico has limited coverage options you can add a few add-ons to your existing car insurance plan.

With 16 total discounts, Nevada drivers can save through options such as bundling, having a group affiliation or insuring a new car.

Car insurance cost at Geico is $1,116 per year. 

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#2. State Farm

If you’re looking for an insurance provider that helps you via independent agents, then State Farm is recommendable.

Also, if you are seeking a modern insurance experience State Farm has that in stock as well. 

In addition, you can use the State Farm’s mobile app for quick policy management and claims filing. 

Now, you know why State Farm made it to the list.

However, the annual car insurance cost at State Farm is $1,668.

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#3. Farmers

With Farmers car insurance plans, Nevada car owners can get guaranteed value protection, new car replacement coverage and other options for their vehicles for up to 10 years.

Generally, Farmers are ideal for classic and collectible car lovers.

Also, if you’re a Nevada driver who works with rideshare companies, Farmers is your best car insurance plug.

Additionally, you can save up to 15% for each policy renewal.

Farmers car insurance costs $3,369 per year.

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#4. American Family

American Family is one of the best car insurance companies you can get satisfying coverage in Nevada.

Using the MyAmFam app, American Family clients can have direct access to their plan and 24/7 claim support. 

In addition to standard auto insurance, you can get a classic package.

The classic package allows Nevada drivers to drive their classic vehicles to their heart’s desire without mileage caps.

However, the car insurance costs $2,146 in a year.

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#5. Allstate

Allstate is one of the car insurance companies that helps customers low their coverage cost in Nevada.

Car coverage is cheap and customer service highly rated.

Also, using the app and website, you can easily file and track your claims digitally. 

Nevada drivers looking for an insurer that checks several boxes should certainly go for Allstate. 

With Allstate, car insurance costs $2,457 in a year.

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5 Best Business Insurance Companies in Nevada

Owning a business and having insurance is like being ready for financial losses.

With business insurance, your insurance company can take up the damages caused by your business decisions.

Hence the reason why we put up this list for the best business insurance companies in Nevada;

#1. Hortica Insurance 

Hortica Insurance company gives you the best value for your cash.

If you own a small-scale business, Hortica Insurance is an ideal place to get an insurance quote.

Besides that, their wide network of agents make them easily accessible.

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#2. National General Insurance

National General Insurance offers one of the best coverage for your business in Nevada.

You have a surety of good customer service in addition to affordable plans and many discount options.

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#3. State Farm 

State Farm is one of the business insurance companies in Nevada that is accessible 24/7.

You can trace this to the availability of agents in the 20 Nevada cities.

Also, with its website and app, business owners can choose their coverage options and plan. 

Basically, it’s one of Nevada’s most popular and reliable options for many Nevada business owners.

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#4. Nationwide 

Looking for a business insurance company with the best rates?

Are you interested in getting an insurance plan for your business regardless of how big or small?

Here’s one of the best business insurance companies in Nevada.

With Nevada business insurance plans, clients have access to all types of business coverage.

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#5. Farmers Insurance 

Farmers Insurance helps her business insured clients to get the most out of their money.

Business owners get full financial protection for their business.

With their 15% savings program, you can save on each policy renewal.

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Best Insurance Companies in Nevada 2022
Best Insurance Companies in Nevada 2022

5 Best Health Insurance Companies in Nevada

Aside from being careful, having an insurance plan for your health is one way to keep fit and healthy.

If you’re looking for the best companies in Nevada to get an insurance quote for your health, you just clicked the right link.

Below is a list of the best health insurance companies in Nevada;

#1. Anthem

Health insurance with Anthem comes with several options via the Nevada Health Link and local employers. 

With Anthem you can choose health plans with a lower premium but higher out-of-pocket costs.

Also, the company has tools to simplify your healthcare plan.

Furthermore, it’s easy-to-navigate website and digital identification card makes getting an insurance quote easy.

Why many Nevadans love Anthem is that clients can get prescriptions delivered at their homes.

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#2. Aetna

Aetna has the highest health plan NCQA ranking in Nevada. 

At Aetna, Nevada residents can get Medicare Advantage plans as well as employer-sponsored health coverage.

And interestingly, you can get a Medicare plan that has no monthly premium. 

If you want insurance for fitness and prescription delivery, then Aetna is it.

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#3. Health Plan of Nevada

Health Plan of Nevada is one of the top rated insurance companies in Nevada for your health coverage.

This insurance provider offers coverage via the Nevada Health Link and local employers. 

With the Health Plan of Nevada you get virtual visits through the NowClinic app.

Also, through its online portal, you can keep track of your health information. 

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#4. Ambetter

One reason Ambetter may be the ideal health insurance company for you is its rewards program. 

This program allows you to gather points by annual checkup or a flu vaccination.

Later, you convert your points into dollars and pay for doctor copays and deductibles.

Also, Ambetter had a user-friendly website.

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#5. Sierra Health Insurance

With Sierra Health Insurance you get 24/7 health coverage on all medical plans.

Besides health insurance, Sierra offers other product coverages which makes them one of the best companies in Nevada for bundling services.

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5 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Nevada

Homeowners in Nevada are prone to flooding, fire outbreaks, wildfires and smoke damage, hailstorms and thunderstorms and earthquakes.

With this, not having home insurance is risky and poses a lot of financial havoc.

Therefore, since homeowners insurance is important, we bring you a detailed guide on the best companies to insure your home in Nevada.

Most of these companies are affordable and have flexible packages.

#1. American Family

The No. 1 company in the list of best homeowners insurance companies in Nevada is American Family.

Homeowners get all the basic coverage you can expect from a homeowners insurance policy at American Family.

In addition to that, you can add endorsements for protection if need be.

However, the cost is relatively cheap, you can still lower your premium just by qualifying for discounts.

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#2. Country Financial

If you don’t want to get an attitude with all your questions for clarity on an insurance plan, then you need to go to County Financial.

Country Financial has the highest customer satisfaction rate in Nevada.

However with this comes an expensive premium.

But you can personalize your policy to suit your budget. 

Also, there is a slot for add-on coverage such as for sump pump failure, countertop burns, identity theft and more. 

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#3. Farmers

Farmers is one of homeowners insurance companies in Nevada with an average premium that is higher than Nevada’s average.

However, the opening to personalize your policy makes it attractive to most clients.

Also, you should know that Farmers’ home insurance policies come in three levels: standard, enhanced and premier. 

Whichever package you go for, you have access to discounts and add-on endorsements. 

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#4. State Farm

State Farm is the biggest home insurance company in USA.

However, they only offer standard homeowners insurance coverage.

Also, you can save up through State Farm’s discount offers.

In addition, State Farm has a helpful online tool and resource in addition to a user-friendly mobile app. 

With this clients can have access to homeowners insurance policy. 

Also, State Farm offers optional coverages such as few endorsements, musical instruments, jewelry and lawn decorations coverage.

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#5. USAA

USAA is one of the cheapest homeowners insurance companies in Nevada.

Although cheap and flexible, USAA only offers coverage to active duty and retired military personnel and their families. 

Sadly all the excellent customer service, reliable coverage and discounts goes to the military.

However, if you’re eligible you will enjoy one of the best homeowners coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Insurance Companies in Nevada

What’s the Average Car Insurance Cost in Nevada?

Car insurance in Nevada is far more expensive than it is for other USA states. 

However, the average car insurance cost in Nevada is $2,246 for full coverage. 

What’s the Average Health Insurance Cost in Nevada?

In Nevada, individual health coverage costs $1,355 per year.

On the other hand, families pay about  $6,252 per year for family coverage.

What’s the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Nevada?

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Nevada is $822 per year for a policy with $250,000 in dwelling coverage. 


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