20 most popular jobs in Russia with high salary

20 most popular jobs in Russia with high Salary

Officially known as the Russian Federation, Russia is a transcontinental country in Eastern Europe and North Asia.

Jobs are available in Russia the benefits of working in Russia are worth looking for and include pension available to workers on retirement, several education benefits in the form of free tuition for international students.

Additionally, after the birth of a kid, Russian kid benefits are paid out in specific conditions, for instance, for low-pay families, kids conceived while a parent was serving as a soldier or parents on maternity or kid raising leave (in spite of the fact that parents who come back to work can get a higher measure of up to 40 percent of a normal pay).

Low-earning families might be qualified for different advantages under specific conditions. The measure of the honour will be founded on your salary statements for the past a quarter of a year. Together with individuals on handicap benefits, you are qualified for certain legal and health advantages.

The Russian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection named the most highly paying jobs in Russia as of the first half of 2017. According to the data from vacancies the top 3 positions are taken by Ship Captain (with a monthly salary of 500,000 RUB , or about $8,500), Aircraft Commander (320,000 RUB, or about $5,500), and Chief Technologist in the gold mining industry (312,000 RUB , or about $5,400). For comparison, the average monthly salary in Russia is 38,700 RUB (about $661) according to Rosstat.

Russia’s Most Popular Jobs

What does it mean for a job to be popular? One might ask. Popular jobs are jobs that are common among the general public and is generally accepted.  For a job to be most popular, it means that the job is high ranked in the rating by the populace. Getting popular jobs make you known by everyone and beyond that, gives you high salary and takes your pride up high in the same time. Most popular jobs are those that are in the most wanted list, which can be differ from one country to another. Sometimes, those are also the job that many people do, despite how much salary can be received from these jobs, many people do them.


These jobs include:

1. Risk Manager

Salary: 200,000 RUB

As per evaluations, this job is set at seventh position for the lucrative occupations in Russia. In the event that you aren’t at present acquainted with this job, it’s really an occupation where individuals deal with any risk at all. They recognize dangers, including both the advantages and the dangers. This assessment will be utilized by associations to stay away from such hazard to occur. The further treatment will deal with the hazard lastly, decreasing the dangers. It’s a significant activity that ensure the life of the associations.

2. Dentist

Salary: 200,000 RUB

Indeed, maybe the entirety of the yummy Russian sweets during holiday and most famous chocolate in Russia are those that cause the popularity for this job. Be that as it may, there are a great deal of Russian women who contemplates in medicinal fields. Being a dental specialist is one of the activity that they’re focusing on. Dental specialist are the individuals who deal with people’s teeth to know if there’s any problem that needs special care. For most kids, they may be startling, however they’re very useful.

3. Ship captain

Salary: 500,000 RUB

If you have never had the ambition of not working in an office, yet, over the water, this may be the right job for you to grasp. The activity of a ship chief is to explore the vessels and to ensure the vessels’ wellbeing. The degrees of oxygen, air pressure, hydraulic fluid, are all the piece of their obligation. A ship chief ought to likewise have the option to peruse the climate with the goal that they can likewise ensure everything is correct.

4. IT staff

Salary: 190,000 RUB

Recently, technology keeps improving, growing new and entire present-day innovation that individuals can’t envision route previously. By this, each industry would require somebody who has much knowledge about IT. It’s almost not possible for an organization to manage their job easily without the power of the IT, correct? This is the reason, an occupation as an IT staff is very well known and the requests are likewise high. All things considered, you can say it’s one of the most well-known activity in Russia. In the event that you like whatever are identified with PC and technology, at that point this is the very right job that you may be searching for all this time.

5. Accountant

In this period, technology nearly beat humankind. A great deal of occupations are never again required, due to the machine that can supplant them. In any case, there are scarcely any occupations that can never be supplanted by machine. Would robots be able to supplant the job of specialists? All things considered, that is very inconceivable at any rate until further notice. This is the reason the interest for this activity is very high. In case you’re a major fanatic of science and therapeutic things, you don’t need to stress, however. Doctor isn’t the only occupations you can do. There is a heap of famous occupations in Russia for science graduate.

6. Air plane Co-pilot

the duty of this employee is to assist the pilot with taking off and landing the plane. He/she assumes the command of the aircraft if captain is incapacitated. He/she flies airlines that transport people and cargo on a fixed schedule. He/she flies air plane for other reasons, which include charter flights, rescue operations, firefighting, aerial photography, and crop dusting.

7. Electrical engineering

Salary: 195,000 RUB

In Russia, an occupation as an electrical engineering is very mainstream. What is electrical engineer? They’re those individuals who are responsible for structuring the electrical hardware. They additionally create and administer those hardware that they design. This is very significant for most organization. Another point is, that they can not be supplanted by any robots of machine on the planet up till now. Need to get this position? You ought to be somebody who thinks basically and consistently finds for effectiveness and wellbeing.

8. Programmer

These days, everything include applications. There are huge amounts of applications that are utilized for different employments. Close to, a ton of site that help organization, shop, and so forth are getting greater. This implies, developers are required. They’re expected to grow new thoughts, creative innovations that can be useful for the humankind. Game software engineers can likewise be one of the models on purpose of this mainstream work. Obviously, you should be imaginative, creative, can thoroughly consider of the crate, and obviously, think about programming matters.

9. Clinical Psychologist

Salary: 484,603 RUB

Clinical therapists meet with customers to recognize issues—passionate, mental and conduct—in their lives. They recognize mental, passionate or social issues., analyze mental, enthusiastic or conduct issue, create and execute treatment plans and the therapeutic procedures.

10. Surgeon

Salary: 436,576 RUB

A surgeon is mindful to address the distortions, fix wounds, and treat diseases by performing surgeries. They should give extremely proficient and compelling surgical services to the patients. They investigate the physical condition and afterwards decide the best methodology for surgery.

11. Dietitian

Salary: 331,525 RUB

Dietitians and nutritionists regularly do the following: Assess patients’ and customers’ nourishing and wellbeing needs. Guide patients on nourishment issues and smart dieting propensities. Create meal and nutrition plans, considering the preference of two customers’ and spending plans

12. Immunologist

Salary: 280,242 RUB

Medical immunologists typically work in private offices, clinics or hospitals, coordinating with other providers to diagnose and treat immunological issues. Job duties include conducting and evaluating diagnostic tests, balancing risks and benefits to establish treatment plans and conducting immunological therapies.

13. Maternity Services Director

Salary: 252,975 RUB

Liable for the maternity unit and all sub-unit operations and staffing. Directs activities identified with work, delivery, recovery, postpartum, and the baby nursery. Deals with the departments operating budget and measures execution utilizing models built up by the medical clinic.

14. Marketing Manager

Salary: 250,179 RUB

Duties of the Marketing Manager include:

  • Managing all marketing for the organization and activities within the marketing
  • Developing the marketing strategy for the organization in line with company goals.
  • Co-ordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities.
  • Overseeing the organization’s marketing


15. Human Resources Directory

Salary: 235,425 RUB

HR directors are answerable for the smooth and beneficial activity of an organization’s HR division. Ordinarily, they administer and give consultation to the executives on vital staffing plans, remuneration, advantages, preparing and advancement, spending plan, and work relations.

16. Education Director

Salary: 233,424 RUB

Education directors inquire about and select textbooks, just as other instructive materials and arrange or approve the acquisition of provisions. . Other employment obligations of education directors incorporate tutoring new educators, showing workshops or courses and observing instructors in the study hall.

17. Head Coach ice hockey team

Salary: 300,000 RUB

A Head Coach assists student with building up an aggressive nature, show them moral conduct and great sportsmanship, and aid the advancement of leadership skills. A significant obligation of a Head Coach is to develop a program of talented players.

18. Construction site managers

Salary: 250,000 RUB

The responsibility of construction site managers is to ensure that a construction project is completed on time and within the stipulated budget.  They coordinate and supervise construction workers. select tools and materials. make security investigations and guarantee construction and site safety.

19. Chief Technology Officer in the gold mining Industry

Salary: 312,000 RUB

The CTO makes every single official choice with respect to the technological interests of an organization. They are liable for delineating the organization’s technological vision, executing technology strategies, and guaranteeing that the technological assets are lined up with the organization’s business needs.

20. Aircraft Commander.

Salary: 320,000 RUB

The responsibility of the aircraft commander is to ensure that the safe operation of the aeroplane and safety of its occupants during time of flight which is considered to begin when the aeroplane first starts to take off from the boarding area and ends when the engines are shut down at the end of the flight.

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