Best Insurance Companies in Michigan 2022

Michigan is a great State in the US with varieties of top-rated best business, homeowners, health and car insurance companies.

If you’re looking for the best coverage for your health, business, home and car, this guide will enlighten you on the top companies for insurance policies in Michigan.

However, if you’re living in other states in the USA, take a look at the best insurance companies in the USA.

5 Best Health Insurance Companies in Michigan

Are you seeking health insurance coverage for you and your family?

Do you want the best plan for your aged parents or elderly ones?

In Michigan, most of the best health insurance companies are not just affordable, they have insurance plans and policies that can accommodate anyone regardless of their budget.

All you have to do is find the best plan and insurance provider for you. 

There are more than 180 of the Michigan health insurance companies. 

Below is a list of the top rated medical insurance companies in Michigan.

Compare the health plans side by side, make a choice, get health insurance quotes and apply.

However, if you’re looking for the cheapest health insurance company in Michigan, then you should go for Ambetter Balanced Care 12 (2021) plan.

Now here is the list of the best medical insurance companies in Michigan;

#1. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Mutual Insurance Co.

BCBSM is one of the most popular insurance providers in the USA as a whole. 

Most customers think of Blue Cross because of the health benefits they provide.

Furthermore, BCBSM has a track record in building lasting loyalty. 

Also, they have exemplary service and cost-effective, innovative products. 

At BCBSM, anyone can access healthcare coverage, regardless of circumstances. 

They partner with the state to cover more than 32,000 children through MIChild.

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#2. Priority Health

Here’s another medical insurance company in Michigan that is considered the second best in our list.

A.M. Best Rating of 2020 rates this insurance provider A+ in financial strength and customer service.

Also, the National Committee for Quality Assurance, rates the company as one of the best health plans in Michigan.

Priority Health is an award-winning health provider recognized in Michigan for creating innovative solutions that impact health care costs while maximizing customer experience.

Besides that, the company has a wide portfolio of products and services for groups and individuals.

This includes Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. 

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#3. McLaren Health Plan Community

If you’re looking for a Michigan health insurance provider that offers best value healthcare yet affordable then McLaren Health Care is a good consideration.

An outstanding factor about this provider is that they have a 24 hour service per day through their toll free telephone numbers.

Majorly, McLaren Health Plan covers large and small groups, individual and family, medicaid and medicare supplement.

Also, McLaren Health Plan (MHP) operates on Michigan-based licensed Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).

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#4. Ambetter from Meridian

Ambetter is one of the medical insurance companies in Michigan whose policies and plans are certified as Qualified Health Plans offered on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

This Michigan insurance provider has over 27 years of experience in the Managed Care industry and specialty in providing healthcare solutions.

AM Best rates it as one of the financial strong insurance companies.  

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#5. Health Alliance Plan 

Next on our list of best health insurance companies in Michigan is the Health Alliance Plan.

This insurance provider serves over half a million members across 23 counties in Michigan. 

Interestingly, they have product portfolios for individuals, companies, and organizations. 

Also, HAP focuses on providing customers high quality health insurance policies.  

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Other credible health insurance companies in Michigan include;

  • Physicians Health Plan
  • Total Health Care USA Inc.
  • Molina Healthcare of Michigan Inc.
  • Oscar Insurance Co.

5 Best Insurance Companies in Michigan for Homeowners

Living in Michigan comes with a lot of saddening perils that do not favour homeowners.

As a state in the upper midwest, most homeowners suffer risks such as storms a whole lot.

In facts storms is a key regional risk for Michigan residents.

And sadly, it can strike all year round. 

Also, homeowners in Michigan are at the risk of rainstorms and tornadoes in the warmer months.

However in winter, snowstorms and blizzards can cause significant damage.

These perils can lead to a lot of damages and wrecks in the home.  

Hence the reason why you need a homeowners insurance policy in Michigan.

How do you get one?

Here is a list of the best homeowners insurance companies in Michigan you can get a quote from;

#1. Auto-Owners Insurance

For homeowners in Michigan, the Auto-owners insurance provider is one of the cheapest rates you can get in addition to great customer service. 

Besides that, the company has an amazing customer service with a complaint index of 0.21 according to NAIC.

In addition to that, Auto-owners have a variety of home insurance coverages and discounts.

But sadly, Auto-Owners insurance services are not online. 

You can only access the company directly from an insurance agent.

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#2. Auto Club Insurance (AAA)

Up next is the AAA.

What’s that? !!!

AAA is one of the best insurance companies for homeowners in Michigan.

It presents a lot of benefits and savings for customers who go for bundling services.

This could be getting an all-in-one insurance policy for your home and car.

AAA offers a good price for homeowners insurance with coverages and discounts.

However, to buy insurance for your home from Auto Club, you must be a member of AAA auto club.

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#3. State Farm

State Farm is one of the best homeowners insurance companies in Michigan and Massachusetts.

However, it’s best known for their exceptional online tools and services. 

What this means is that you can purchase your plan anywhere regardless of your location.

This is best for customers who prefer to get their quotes and manage their insurance policy online.

Furthermore, the company has outstanding financial stability: A.M. Best rated it A++, which is the highest rating A.M. Best offers. 

Therefore, this means that State Farm is able to pay out your claim, even in situations of high claims demand.

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#4. Chubb

Majorly, Chubb offers coverage for exotic, high-end homes and high-value homes.

Although they have an affordable insurance policy for high-value homes, Chubb is best known for its coverages and customer service. 

In addition, Chubb offers several coverages that appeal to people with lots of assets.

And they guarantee replacement cost coverage and a cash out option 

Because it’s for exotic homeowners, this company may not be open to all and sundry.

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#5. USAA

Next on our list of top best homeowners insurance companies in Michigan is USAA.

USAA is an insurance company that offers coverage exclusively for people tied to the military.

Besides insurance, USAA offers other financial products such as checking and savings accounts, credit cards and loans.

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Best Insurance Companies in Michigan 2022
Best Insurance Companies in Michigan 2022

4 Best Car Insurance Companies in Michigan

Are you searching for Auto insurance companies in Michigan? 

Here’s is a list we compiled of the top car insurance companies in Michigan with affordable auto policies for your cars;

#1. USAA

This insurance provider is the 1st on our list of best car insurance companies in Michigan. 

However, because it’s not an insurance company for all, it’s not officially rated by J.D. Power.

USAA is an auto insurance company that sells insurance to either active or former military members and immediate family members. 

Consistently, they receive high customer satisfaction scores. 

Besides that, USAA offers great average insurance rates, strong online presence and numerous ways to save.

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#2. Auto-Owners

Here’s another car insurance company in Michigan that offers auto insurance policies.

Auto-Owners runs it’s services and products exclusively through independent agents.

That means this favours customers who prefer to get their quote and insurance plan face-to-face.

In addition to that, Auto-owners offers great add-on coverage options.

Such includes gap insurance, diminished value coverage and a common loss deductible.

But sadly, customers who prefer online services might be limited to use this service because they do not have an online quote tool.

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#3. Progressive

Next on our list of car insurance companies in Michigan is Progressive. 

Progressive is a good option for drivers with low budget. 

Also, drivers who want 24/7 customer support, unique coverage options and saving multiple ways can take this option.

In addition, Progressive is a good choice for high-risk drivers due to its nonstandard auto insurance program.

According to Bankrate’s analysis, this auto insurer has the second-lowest insurance rate in Michigan. 

But on the flip side, progressive receive a below-industry-average score from J.D. Power for claims satisfaction.

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#4. Allstate

Allstate is one of the best car insurance companies in Michigan. 

Usually, their average premium ranks high which is more than Michigan’s average.

However, it’s a good choice if you are looking for an insurance policy that you can easily customise.

Besides, personal customisation, Allstate offers other common auto policy endorsements, such as roadside assistance and ridesharing coverage.

Also, they offer more unique options like sound system equipment coverage.

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4 Best Insurance Companies for your Business in Michigan

Whether you’re looking for general liability, product liability, commercial property coverage, workers’ compensation or professional liability coverage, Michigan business insurance companies has a slot for your business.

But what we do recommend is that you should make your choice of business insurance provider base on the kind and type of business you do.

To help you streamline your search, here is a list of the best business insurance companies in Michigan.

Basically, we made this list base on customer satisfaction, track record of excellence as well as financial strength analysis

#1. The Hartford

Hartford is a business insurance company that offers mostly property and legal liability insurance policies.

Basically, they are the overall best because its business owner policy (BOP) bundles 3 coverages into 1 policy.

The bundle includes; commercial property, general liability and business income coverages. 

However, they offer workers’ compensation insurance as well if you have employees. 

And this covers any work-related injuries or illnesses. 

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#2. Hiscox

Hiscox is a business insurance company best known to cover small business adequately.

It provides coverage for over 180 different professions. 

Therefore, you’re sure to find perfect coverage for your small business. 

Also, Hiscox offers a BOP to combine general liability insurance and property insurance. 

Interestingly, Hiscox offers customers the ability to find out what they want through a quick Hiscox 20-second online quiz

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#3. Progressive 

This is one of the insurance companies in Michigan that is best known to cover self employed business people.

Using the Progressive Advantage® Business Program, customers get access to the types of insurance products small business owners need. 

However, it’s expedient you know that Progressive insurance policies are offered through 3rd party carriers. 

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#4. biBERK

If you need an expert coverage for your business then biBerk is a considerable option.

Although it’s a part of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway insurance group, it boasts of over 40 years of insurance experience. 

Insurance with biBerk comes with 20% in savings. 

Many say it’s a Better Business Bureau accredited provider with an A+ rating.

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#5. Travelers

If you’re looking for a business insurance that’s best for workers’ compensation, then Travelers should be your first consideration.

This is one of the business insurance providers in Michigan that has a nationwide network but still provides local expertise. 

Usually, they provide risk management solutions to clients. 

This means they can help protect your business and employees to avoid losses before they occur. 

Besides workers’ compensation, Travelers offers other services such as dividend plans, captive programs, managed care plans, bundled and unbundled loss sensitive programs and drug-free safety credits. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Insurance Companies in Michigan

Which is the Best Insurance Companies I Can Work For In Michigan?

Depending on what you’re looking for the best insurance company to work for might differ.

However, we have analyzed most of the insurance providers in Michigan and came up with a list of the best you can work for as a staff or as an agent.

We base our list on employee satisfaction and relationship, salary structure and track record of company excellence.

The list includes;

  • Auto-Owners Insurance
  • Priority Health
  • Conifer Holdings
  • Health Alliance Plan of Michigan
  • Hagerty Insurance Agency
  • Burns & Wilcox
  • Delta Dental Plan of Michigan
  • Meemic Insurance Company
  • Foremost Insurance Group
  • H.W. Kaufman Financial Group
  • The George B. Ford Agency
  • Musashi Auto Parts-Michigan
  • Frankenmuth Insurance
  • Insurance Data Svc
  • Jarvis Property Restoration
  • Auto One
  • Ottawa Kent Insurance
  • AJK Enterprises
  • Continental Identification Products
  • NuStar Insurance Agencies
  • Panel Processing
  • QRP Printing
  • Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Co
  • Husky Envelope Products
  • UnitedSign

What’s the Cost of Insurance in Michigan?

Cost of insurance will depend on the coverage you seek.

According to Bankrate’s 2021 study of quoted annual premiums, car insurance in Michigan costs Michigan drivers about $2,309 annually for full coverage car insurance.

Homeowners insurance costs about $1,493 per year in Michigan.

Business and health insurance costs differ with companies.

We do recommend you visit the company’s website for more details on the cost of insurance policies in Michigan.

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