Best Insurance Companies in South Carolina 2022

Are you in search of the best car, homeowners, business and health insurance companies in South Carolina? .

If yes, then search no more.

This article will get you informed on the best car, homeowners, business and health insurance companies in South Carolina.

It is always a good idea to get the right insurance for your health, homes, car and businesses.

However, getting the right insurance in South Carolina depends on your specific needs. 

This will determine the company you will get your policies from.

The companies mentioned here were picked based on coverage options, customer reviews, satisfaction rates. etc.

In this article you get answers to frequently asked questions at the end, so ensure you read everything.

However before you continue reading you might want to see other related articles on insurance companies in other states in the US such as Pennsylvania..

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4 Homeowners insurance companies in South Carolina.

Some common home damages that affect homes in South Carolina include; earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, theft and hurricanes.

As a homeowner getting homeowner insurance in South Carolina is not a do or die affair.

However it is quite expedient to get protection over these adverse events that can likely affect homes.

Below are four good homeowners insurance companies you can get inside from in South Carolina.

#1. Allstate

Allstate is considered as the most affordable homeowners insurance in South Carolina. 

It offers a standard policy for an average price of $988 in a year.

They also offer discounts that enable you to reduce the price of your homeowner insurance.

Allstate offers different unique endorsements such as sports equipment coverage, musical instruments coverage, yard and garden coverage etc.

If you want to personalize your policies with optional endorsements, Allstate could be a great option for you.

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#2. State Farm

State Farm could be a good choice for you if you’re looking for homeowners insurance with low rates, and good discounts.

They also have helpful online tools and resources.

State Farm is affordable for most South Carolina homeowners. 

With State Farm you are allowed to customize your policy to suit your specific needs.

For insurance if you live along the South Carolina Southeastern coast where earthquakes are most likely to occur. 

Then getting an earthquake endorsement as an add-on would be a wise thing to do.

Lastly, State Farm has an amazing customer service satisfaction review.

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#3. Cincinnati.

If you own a high-value home in South Carolina, then Cincinnati may be a good option for you.

Cincinnati also offers certain discounts and  endorsement for additional protection

This company sells three tiers of homeowners insurance namely

  • Executive Homeowner: This is for any home value.
  • The Executive Capstone: This covers homes with a rebuilding value of $1 million and above
  • Executive Classic: This policy covers homes with a rebuilding value of $500,000 and above

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#4. Auto-Owners.

Although this company sells auto insurance, it also offers good homeowners insurance coverage to residents of South Carolina.

Auto-Owners provide add-ons such as guaranteed replacement cost coverage, equipment breakdown insurance etc.

They also offer generous discounts which you can take advantage of and reduce your premium cost.

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4 Best Business insurance companies in South Carolina.

Our businesses are an important aspect of our lives and the source of our livelihood.

No reasonable person jokes with his or her business. 

This is because it takes much effort to build a flourishing one.

Here are some good business insurance companies you can work with to get your businesses insured in South Carolina.

#1. Taylor Agency Insurance

This is one of the largest and independently owned commercial insurance agencies in South Carolina

Taylor Agency Insurance knows that business is the bloodline of every community.

Therefore they maintain long lasting  relationships with top-notch casualty, property and surety insurance companies that provide Superior coverages.

Taylor Agency Insurance headquarters is located at Charleston, South Carolina.

At Taylor you will find coverage of every scope and size that meets every business risk exposure.

Some of the coverage types offered in Taylor include;

  • Commercial general liability.
  • Commercial property.
  • Business auto.
  • Workers compensation and employers liability.
  • Errors and omissions
  • Marine Insurance.

And many more. Kindly visit the website for more information.

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#2. Hiscox

Hiscox provides business insurance to small businesses in South Carolina.

Small businesses in South Carolina are doing richly well and pulling a lot of weight. 

According to research they make up to 99.4% of all businesses in the state.

Hiscox offers coverage that tailors  each insurance plan to each small business’s specific risks and needs.

Professions that can be insured by Hiscox include businesses in technology, cleaning services, home repair industries etc.

Some of the policies offered by Hiscox are General liability insurance, professional liability insurance,etc.

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#3. InsureOn

InsureOn is another company that provides affordable commercial insurance to small businesses in South Carolina.

They specialize in offering business policies such as

  • Workers’ Compensation insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Cyber Liability insurance
  • General liability insurance

And many others, kindly visit the website for more information.

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#4. Next Insurance

Next Insurance gives you an easy, fast and accessible platform to get business insurance quotes online.

Their services enables you to;

  • Get customized business insurance to protect you and your clients.
  • Also, you get covered in 10 minutes and save up to 30%
  • Get instant proof of insurance and easy monthly payment.

They offer coverages such as Workers’ Compensation insurance, General liability insurance etc.

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Best Insurance Companies in South Carolina 2022
Best Insurance Companies in South Carolina 2022

4 Best Car Insurance Companies in South Carolina. 

#1. Auto Owners

This is a good regional insurance company in South Carolina.

Auto Owners offer high-quality localized coverage, based on customer satisfaction it is the highest ranking insurer.

They also have peculiar endorsements like purchase price guarantee that covers your vehicle at its value before depreciation.

Another endorsement is the Auto Owners optional package that has more than 10 add-ons.

Although Auto Owners is not available nationwide it is known to rank high across all the regions it serves.

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#2. Geico 

Geico is another great auto insurance company in South Carolina.

 If you are a South Carolina driver on a budget, Geico may be the best option for you.

You can easily estimate your payments and how much car insurance you can afford using their coverage calculator.

Geico offers different discounts such as savings for ensuring customer loyalty, good students, federal employees and multiple vehicles.

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#3. Progressive

As a policyholder in Progressive you can take up the Snapshot program to learn safer driving habits and save more.

One peculiar thing about Progressive is they are willing to take on drivers that other companies may consider high risk.

With its Name your price feature you can pick the coverages that suit your finances.

This very feature makes it one of the best car insurance companies in South Carolina.

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#4.State Farm

State Farm has excellent online and mobile tools that make purchasing their policy easier.

They also have good local agents that can help you with one-on-one service for your personalized policy.

State Farm also provides good opportunities for you to save through generosity discounts.

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2 Best Health Insurance Companies in South Carolina. 

#1. Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina is a health Insurance company with headquarters located in Columbia, South Carolina.

It was founded by South Carolina Hospital Service Plan.

BCBS of South Carolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

It is a For-profit corporation that serves over 21.5 million people through private business and government contracts.

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#2. Bright Health

Bright health company of South Carolina is a health insurance company in South Carolina.

It offers affordable and simple insurance that connects you to top Physicians.

Bright Health provides you with outstanding  in- person, online and on-the-go care.

They work with good doctors to create a health plan that helps you achieve better health.

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Frequently asked questions on Insurance in South Carolina.

What is the average cost of car insurance in South Carolina?

The average cost of  car insurance in South Carolina is about  $1,361 per year which is 4.6% less than the US average.

What is the average cost of Homeowners insurance in South Carolina? 

The average cost of homeowners insurance in South Carolina is about $1,142 per year for $250,000 in dwelling coverage. 

For comparison, the national average home insurance premium for the same amount of coverage is $1,312 per year. 

South Carolina homeowners pay about 13% less for home insurance than the average American.

What are the best Insurance Companies I can work for in South Carolina?

Here are seven Insurance Companies you can work for in South Carolina.

  • Colonial Life & Accident Insurance 
  • BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
  • Sunbelt Rentals
  • Native Sons
  • Southeastern Paper
  • Herald Office Solutions


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