Best Insurance Companies in Arizona 2022

If you are on the lookout for homeowners, health, car or business insurance companies that offer the best services in Arizona, then this piece is for you.

From the loud screeching of tyres on the road to the loud shouts of uncertainties from natural disasters, one way to guarantee safety to an extent is by getting insurance.

Making a choice from the long list of insurance companies in Arizona can be quite a task.

Therefore, we thought it wise to assist you.

In a bid to assist you, we have analyzed the best insurance companies for health, business, car and homeowners.

However, we base our list on J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction scores, the cost of their packages in Arizona and their ability to pay claims based on AM Best’s financial stability ratings.

Besides that, you can check out other related articles in Other USA states such as Nevada.

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4 Best Business Insurance Companies in Arizona

If you’re an Arizonian looking for general liability, product liability, commercial property, workers’ compensation or professional liability coverage for your business you need to get the best.

Below is a list of the best business insurance companies in Arizona suited to tally your business needs;

#1. The Hartford

Basically, Hartford is known in Arizona as the best overall for business insurance.

With over 2 centuries of service, Hartford offers all you need to protect your Arizona business. 

At Hartford, you can bundle three business coverages such as BOP, general liability insurance and business property coverage. 

Also, you can customise your business insurance policy.

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#2. Hiscox

If you have a small business in Arizona, Hiscox is probably your best bet in the list of Arizonian business insurance companies.

Also, just by choosing your state, Hiscox recommends coverage options suitable for your business assets and future earnings. 

Also, you have a chance of customizing your business insurance policies to tally your business needs.

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#3. Progressive

Progressive is one of the business companies in Arizona best known for its selection strategy.

Also, what makes them outstanding is the affiliation with other insurers to offer a choice of up to 4 providers for your needs.

Regardless of the business coverage you need, you will find a handful of options at Progressive.

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#4. biBERK

If you’re looking for a business insurance company that will offer you a fast coverage with the speed of light then BiBERK is what you’re looking for.

BiBERK is one of the best insurance companies in Arizona that specializes in business coverage.

Basically, with a simple 3-step process, you can get your business insurance policy in an instant. 

Besides the common business insurance options, you can customise your insurance types.

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5 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Arizona

Making a choice of the best homeowners policy from the list of insurance companies in Arizona for your home can be quite a task.

To help you we have come with a list that will help you choose;

#1. Nationwide

Nationwide offers a standard homeowners coverage in addition to other options depending on your need.

Also, it is one of the insurance companies that allows Arizona homeowners to add other coverages such as drain or sump pump, sewer backup, earthquake, equipment breakdown, fraud and replacement cost.

Besides that Nationwide offers a lot of discounts in accordance with your chosen coverages and personal factors.

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#2. State Farm

If you’re a homeowner who needs an insurance company with a strong online quoting platform, then State Farm beckons on you.

All you have to do is use their online platform to pay for claims and seek your insurance needs.

Just in case you had an accident in your home, State farm covers the guest medical payments, other structures, personal property, dwelling and replacement value. 

Hence why it’s one of the best homeowners insurance companies in Arizona.

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#3. Farmers 

At Farmers, clients are allowed to select customizable packages which could include coverage for Eco-Rebuild, identity management, multi-policy and home contents. 

Also, you can make use of a few add-ons such as household inventory tool, online claims application, bill payment, mobile app and online rate calculator. 

However, to get multiple discounts at State Farm, you have to be selected by the company.

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#4. American Family

A home insurance with American Family offers coverage for fire and smoke, tornadoes and damage from the weight of ice.

Furthermore, coverage extends to snow or sleet, leaking roofs, lightning, theft, hail and windstorms, falling objects etc. 

Also, you can choose to buy additional protection for home maintenance, wear and tear, floods, earthquakes, sewer/septic backup and sump pump backup.

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#5. Allstate

Allstate is one of the best homeowners insurance companies in Arizona.

With a standard home coverage at Allstate, you can pay repair costs for damages such as falling objects, fire, smoke, hail or windstorm, frozen plumbing, theft or water etc.

They have good customer service as well as affordable prices.

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Best Insurance Companies in Arizona 2022
Best Insurance Companies in Arizona 2022

5 Best Car Insurance Companies in Arizona

An auto insurance is one of the ways to protect your car from all the road risks.

In 2020, Arizona saw 98,778 vehicle crashes, which resulted in nearly 30% of those crashes injuring someone,  according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. 

Basically, it’s a very important insurance policy to possess.

Because there are too many of them to choose from in Arizona, below is a list best car insurance companies for Arizonian drivers;

#1. Geico

Geico offers car coverage at low prices with diverse discount options to help clients save more.

Also they have a strong digital tool both mobile apps and website that allows you to pay bills, file claims, request roadside assistance and more. 

This makes it one of the top-rated car insurance companies in Arizona.

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#2. State Farm

State Farm is the largest personal auto insurer in the U.S.

They have a wide network of agents to assist their clients as and when needed.

However, you have a few chances for customization. 

Also, you can use either of the two safe driving programs, Steer Clear for teens and Drive Safe & Save for adults.

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#3. American Family

American Family is one of the car insurance companies in Arizona that has a high customer satisfaction score.

Besides car insurance, this insurance provider offers home, renters, condo, farm and ranch, business, boat and RV insurance coverage.

With American Family, you have an array of coverage options to choose from.

Also, the company offers several discounts to help you save on your car insurance.

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#4. Allstate

If you like to handle your car insurance in person rather than online, Allstate is the company you need.

Allstate has numerous insurance agents across Arizona. 

Besides that, Allstate has several options to allow you tailor your policy to your needs. 

Does Allstate offer discounts?

Yes, such even includes safe driving discounts, teen driver discounts and various payment-type discounts.

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#5. The Hartford

Hartford is one of the car insurance companies in Arizona ideal for AARP members.

AARP members get exclusive rates and discounts.

Also, Hartford offers standard auto private passenger insurance policies in addition to insurance options for your classic car and RV.

With Hartford, getting a quote is not streamlined to talking to an agent, you can as well use the online platform.

Therefore, Hartford discounts options for drivers makes them one of the best car insurance companies in Arizona.

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5 Best Health Insurance Companies in Arizona

Are you looking for the best health insurance companies in Arizona?

Below is a concise and detailed list;

#1. United Healthcare

Since its establishment in 1995, United Healthcare has been offering health coverage to Arizona residents.

In 2012, United Healthcare had a premium value of $2.5 billion.

Therefore, with a strong financial strength, you can be sure you get your premium back if things go sour.

In fact it’s one of the best health insurance companies in Arizona and USA at large.

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#2. Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Arizona

If you’re looking for affordable yet quality health coverage then BCBSA is a good place to get a quote.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona has a unique health plan that is convenient for all.

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#3. Metlife Of Arizona

MetLife is one of the health insurance companies in Arizona that offers both coverage to individuals, groups and workplace insurance.

It’s an ideal insurance company for clients who want a customized policy to tally with their health needs.

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#4. Health Net Of Arizona Inc.

Health Net of Arizona is known to offer just health insurance policies.

Sadly, this makes them not ideal if you want to go for bundling services. 

However, their unique health plan makes them one of the top-rated health insurance companies in Arizona.

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#5. Aetna Health Inc.

Aetna is one of the best insurance companies in California as well as in other states of the US when it comes to health coverage.

Although they are not very stable when it comes to financial strength, their services are top notch.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Insurance Companies in Arizona

What is the Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Arizona?

The average cost of car insurance in Arizona is $1,547 per year for full coverage and $555 per year for minimum coverage. 

What’s the Average Cost of Business Insurance in Arizona?

Business insurance premiums in Arizona can cost about $50 per month or less.

However, rates vary based on business type, insurance type, history and size. 

What Is the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in  Arizona?

Home insurance in Arizona costs about $1,982 for a dwelling coverage baseline amount of $250,000.

What are the Best Insurance Companies I Can Work For In Arizona?

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona
  • Londen Insurance Group
  • Security Title Agency
  • Scottsdale Insurance Company
  • Capital Title Agency
  • Dental Genie
  • Diversified Claims Management
  • Repwest Insurance
  • Integrity Outsource
  • O’Neil Printing
  • MJ Insurance
  • LeBaron & Carroll


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