Best Insurance Companies in Texas 2022

In this article we bring you comprehensive excerpts on the best car, homeowners, business and health insurance companies for Texas residents.

Basically, we compiled our list following the information in the company’s customer satisfaction records.

Also, we considered the J.D. Power and A.M. Best rating.

If you’re thinking of making a comparison of Texas insurance costs and other states in the USA, simply view the related posts and see more.

5 Best Car Insurance Companies in Texas

If you do not have car insurance in Texas, you are taking a big financial risk. 

What this means is that if you’re at fault in an accident, you will pay much for repairs and damages.

And as rule of law, Texas requires you to at least have minimum levels of liability coverages. 

That’s the essence of car insurance companies within and around Texas.

The list we have below was articulately put to help you make the best choice when it comes to auto insurance plans.

#1. USAA

USAA’s car insurance cost of $1,344 is relatively one of the lowest in Texas. 

This insurance provider provides coverage to just active and retired military members and their families.

Therefore, it’s only open to those who qualify for coverage. 

Also, they have a strong customer service, varieties of coverage options, financial strength and attractive pricing. 

Car insurance at USAA comes with optional coverages such as accident forgiveness or car replacement assistance.

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#2. Geico

If you want a company with good customer service, discounts, affordable price and wide range of coverage options, then Geico is a good consideration.

Besides the good service Geico offers, their online presence makes them one of the best car insurance companies in Texas.

In addition to that, with Geico, you get 24/7 attention.

Also, there are several ways for a Geico customer to save their funds.

The average car insurance cost at Geico is about $1,339 in a year.

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#3. State Farm

With State Farm, Texans can get standard and optional car insurance coverage.

In addition, Geico is ideal for Texans drivers who appreciate digital methods of getting a quote and handling their coverage.

All you have to do is get their mobile app. 

However, State Farm car insurance costs are one of the highest in Texas. 

Car insurance at State Farm costs about $1,411 per year.

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#4. Nationwide

Nationwide is one of the best car insurance companies in Texas.

This auto insurance company is best known for its wide coverage options and innovative programs.

In addition, Nationwide allows their clients to customize their policy according to their budget.

Also, you can take advantage of Nationwide’s  “On Your Side”’ claims service.

This allows you to have a free annual insurance consultation with a licensed agent. 

However, Nationwide’s car insurance costs $1,362 in a year.

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#5. Allstate

Allstate is one of the auto insurance companies in Texas that has a vast strong network of agents.

With Allstate’s agents scattered around Texas, their clients can easily access them to get auto insurance quotes.

Also, you can tally your car insurance plan according to your budget.

In addition, you can save on your premiums by qualifying for Allstate’s car insurance discounts.

But allstate’s car insurance is quite high, costs about $1,705 in Texas per year.

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5 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Texas

Homeowners in Texas are at the risk of hurricanes, storms and other home threatening situations that damages their homes.

Because of these uncertainties that lie in wait, it’s ideal to have home insurance.

Following this assertion, we bring you the best homeowners insurance companies in Texas. 

#1. Amica Mutual Insurance

Amica Mutual is an insurance company best for most people in Texas.

Many Texans choose Amica Mutual because of their solid prices and top-notch customer service.

The average cost of homeowners insurance at Amica Mutual is $2,252 per year.

Besides home coverage, this provider offers other insurance products including health insurance.

This makes them ideal for bundling services.

But keep in mind that they do not have wide-ranging endorsements.

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#2. UPC Insurance

If your home is at risk of hurricanes then you need home insurance coverage from UPC.

Ideally, we recommend this insurance provider for Texans who live near the Gulf of Mexico.

Basically, UPC specializes in giving coverage for hurricanes and other coastal storms. 

They are one of the best homeowners insurance companies in Texas.

Also, they extend their services to floods and other damages your home might experience.

Homeowners insurance costs $2,311 per year at UPC.

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#3. USAA

Military personnels who are homeowners can get the best home coverage from USAA.

Although USAA’s premium is low, only the military are eligible to get an insurance quote.

USAA’s homeowners insurance costs $2,030 per year.

Also, you can tick them good for great customer service, affordability and 24/7 access.

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#4. Chubb

Chubb is one of the best homeowners insurance companies in Texas ideal for high value homes.

If you have an exotic home and need an insurance policy, Chubb is your best bet.

Chubb has excellent customer service, high-level financial strength and vast coverages tailored to high-value homes. 

However, you should know that Chubb imposes minimum coverage when selling insurance. 

But to do that, you must buy a certain dollar amount of insurance to take advantage of their coverage options.

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Best Insurance Companies in Texas 2022
Best Insurance Companies in Texas 2022

5 Best Health Insurance Companies in Texas

Health insurance plans are one of the most considered coverage in the world.

In Texas, there are an abundance of Health Insurance companies. 

But the truce is funding the perfect insurance provider to cater for all your health needs.

Below is a list the 5 best health insurance companies in Texas:

#1. Oscar Health Insurance

One of the best health insurance companies in Texas is Oscar Health Insurance.

If you want a technology-driven insurance provider with focus on technological interfaces, then this is it.

Basically, Oscar Health Insurance plans include both individual, group and medicare advantage plans.

In addition, they provide coverage for businesses as well. 

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#2. FirstCare Health Plans

Next in our list of best medical insurance companies in Texas is FirstCare Health Insurance. 

FirstCare has a sole aim of making quality healthcare easily accessible to all.

In addition to easy access, FirstCare is affordable.

Also, of their services span through PPO, HMO, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and CHIP products. 

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#3. Ambetter from Superior Health plan in Texas

Ambetter is one of the best health insurance companies in Texas as well as Kentucky.

Most know Ambetter as Health Insurance Marketplace.

With a health insurance plan from Ambetter, clients get access to affordable health care services on a 24/7 basis.

Many love Ambetter because of their unique health plans.

But, to access their health insurance coverage, your household income must be between 100%-400% per year.

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#4. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is one of the best health insurance companies in Texas, USA. 

Also, they are the largest healthcare insurance provider in Texas with over 5 million members.

Basically, BCBSTX offers health coverage for individuals, groups, medicare and Medicaid plans.

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#5. CHRISTUS Health Insurance

Are you looking for health insurance coverage with quality medical coverage?

CHRISTUS Health offers that and more.

At CHRISTUS, clients receive affordable yet quality health coverage.

They offer coverage to individuals, families, medicare advantage and US family health plans.

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5 Best Business Insurance Companies in Texas

Small businesses play a crucial role in the overall economic health of Texas as a state.

Over 4.7 million Texas employees are employed by small business companies.

Although Texas maintains lax industry regulations to help these businesses grow, most business owners will feel more relaxed if their businesses are insured. 

Therefore, to cater for your business needs you need to get the best policy to protect your business from liability claims. 

How best can you insure them?

First is to get a business insurance quote from the best business insurance companies in Texas.

If that’s your take, you don’t have to look further, here is a list of the best business insurance companies in Texas.

#1. The Hartford

The Hartford is a business insurance company that protects the income, properties and financial assets of a business.

Also, Hartford has a 3-in-1 policy which combines commercial property, general liability and business income insurance.

Regardless of what you do, The Hartford has a policy that will suit your budget adequately.

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#2. B2Z

B2Z is a digital insurance provider best for trade and service-based businesses in Texas.

Basically, they specialise in sectors such as beauty, real estate, pet services, healthcare and more. 

Their online presence makes it easy for customers to get an insurance quote. 

That’s one of the reasons many tech-forward business owners go for B2Z.

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#3. Hiscox

With business coverage from Hiscox, small business owners are safe from risks.

Hiscox allows her users to tailor their insurance plans to their specific risks and needs.

Also, it may be worth it to know that Hiscox covers over 180 of Texas’s professions. 

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#4. Suracy

Suracy is one of the business insurance companies in Texas that’s ideal for the self-employed.

This business insurance provider offers coverage for small, large businesses, franchises, unions and other organizations. 

With Suracy, clients get well defined and fulfilled protection standards.

Another great feature of Suracy is the affiliation with multiple top-tier carriers.

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#5. Progressive

Progressive is one of the business insurance companies that best insure business-owned vehicles in Texas.

With progressive, clients get flexible billing and payment options as well as 24/7 policy service by phone or online.

Also, customers can customise their business coverage options to match their business exposure to certain risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Insurance Companies in Texas

What’s the Average Cost of Insurance in Texas?

Car Insurance Cost in Texas

Texan drivers get to pay an average of $524 per year for minimum coverage.

But for full coverage, you get to pay $1,823.

Home Insurance Cost in Texas

In Texas, the cheapest rate for a homeowners insurance policy is $2,030. 

But on a general note, the average cost of homeowners insurance in Texas is $2,451 per year. 

Business Insurance Cost in Texas

The average price for business insurance in Texas is $618 per year.

Of course, this depends on the type of coverage as well as the size of your business.

Cost of Health Insurance in Texas

Texas residents can expect to pay an average of $221.67 per year for a basic medical insurance plan.

What are the Best Insurance Companies I Can Work For In Texas?

  • Stewart Title Co
  • American National Insurance
  • HealthMarkets
  • Texas Mutual Insurance
  • McQueary Henry Bowles Troy
  • Social Security Administration
  • Insurance Management Services
  • American Income Life Insurance …
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
  • United American Insurance
  • BenefitMall
  • Sana Benefits
  • Bankers Financial
  • Houston International Insurance Group
  • Scott & White Health Plan
  • Texas Property & Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association
  • Globe Life
  • State National Companies
  • Citizens
  • Bestow Agency


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