IBM – An Insider’s View On Salary and Job Recruitment Process at IBM 2021

IBM 2021 - An Insider’s View
IBM 2021 – An Insider’s View

Are you passionate to know how computers are made? Do you seek a job with a computer producing firm? Are you an IT geek? If yes, then this piece is for you. Here is an insider’s view of the No. 1 computer company in the world: IBM. If you love computers and its components, then you need to stead this piece till the end. Let’s explore together!!!

About IBM

Although it’s popularly known as IBM, IBM is an abbreviation for International Business Machines Corporation. It is an American multinational technology company established in 1911. Although it was founded as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR), they renamed it “International Business Machines” in 1924. With its headquarters in Armonk, New York, it runs operations in over 177 nations.

Also, the company is a research organization, holding records as the U.S. patents for 28 years. It might interest you to know that the company invented the ATM, mainframe computers, floppy disk and hard disk drive. Also, the company invented the magnetic stripe card, relational database, SQL programming language, the UPC barcode, and dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) to its credit.

Also known as the Big Blue, IBM is one of the world’s largest employers, with over 345,900 employees in 2020. At least 70% of of the company spreads across 177 countries with the largest number in India.

For more information, visit the company’s official website @

What is IBM Known For?

Unlike KPMG, Deloitte, Shell, Halliburton or Schlumberger, IBM is a tech company. Since its inception, it has a track record in producing and selling computer accessories. Now, these accessories include hardware, middleware and software. Also, the company provides hosting and consulting services in nanotechnology. However, when the firm gains a company, it forms another production line. Such products and services emanated from acquiring companies such as PwC Consulting (2002), SPSS (2009), The Weather Company (2016), and Red Hat (2019).

In other words, we know the firm for cloud computing, artificial intelligence, computer hardware and software productions. Also, the firm offers services such as outsourcing, professional and management. So when you think about computer, computer accessories and IT related products, think IBM.

Why Should I Work With the Big Blue?

Although, IBM is a company of international repute, here are some reasons to work with the firm.

  • Workers learn to become excellent team players.
  • The company provides a productive and creative work environment.
  • Also, IBM gives her workers the opportunity to develop their career.
  • At the firm, creativity and innovation are top-notch skills. (See the Skills graduate recruiters look out for!!!)
  • Also, integrity and collaboration with clients is key to management and every worker.
  • Workers tour from country to country. (Fun right!!!)
  • Here’s the catch, workers gain better understanding about cultural diversity. IBM is a culturally diverse workplace.
  • Also, you earn well despite the allowances and tours.

Is IBM Currently Hiring?

Yes, the firm is currently recruiting. However, the vacancies are limited. Although the company does not have a specific period it hires, there are some vacancies at IBM Nigeria. They include;

IBM Digital Nation Africa Internship

Location: Lagos

Mode: Full–time

Salary: ₦75,800–₦889,220 a month

HR Partner Intern

Location: Lagos

Mode: Full–time

Open to Interns only

Visit the company’s website for more vacancies.

How Do I Apply to to the Firm?

If you are looking for entry-level jobs in big blue click on the link Then search for the latest jobs for “Engineering Graduates” and “Management Graduates”. You will find a vacancy. But if you are looking for Internship click on the link

What are the Criteria for Employment?

Sadly, IBM doesn’t accept all candidates. For example, only full-time courses are considered. What this means is that if you did a part time or correspondence course, IBM will not employ you. Now to apply at IBM, you must possess.

  • B.E / B.Tech in any discipline they require.
  • M.Sc for graduates in Computer Science & Information technology.
  • MCA graduates can apply.

Documents required

  • Graduation certification (Note: It must be presented at the time of interview)
  • Updated resume. (Check out the worst mistakes to avoid in your résumé)
  • 3 Passport size photographs.
  • Original proof of identification by the government (Voter’s card, Passport etc.)

IBM Recruitment Policies

Now, unlike most firms, they have no binding policy as to how many times you can apply. But here’s the sad yet outstanding news, IBM does. From the very desk of the recruiters, here are the firm’s policies;

  • Do not apply if you attended an interview at the firm within the past 6 months from a new application.
  • Also, you’re ineligible to apply if you have been rejected in an interview with the firm before. However, this lasts for 6 months after the interview.
  • If the firm have ended your application before, then you’re ineligible to apply.
  • Also, if you missed your interview before you hold the right to apply again and attend the selection process.

Kindly note that they expect all candidates to have good communication & interpersonal skills. Also, possess a good command on technical subjects. Check out how to increase your employability skills. Also, your level of work performance has a lot to determine if they employ you.

How Much Does IBM Pay?

Now, so many factors influence the salary structure. Your earnings depend on your job title, location and department. For example, you do not expect IBM USA to have the same salary structure as IBM San Francisco. However, the company pays well regardless. Here’s an expected average salary range by department.

  • Nonprofit/Government $100,402
  • Sales $95,818
  • Engineering $84,680
  • Finance $84,124
  • Marketing $81,322
  • IT $80,431
  • Plant/Manufacturing $70,859
  • Retail $70,849

Salary Structure by Job Title

  • Research Staff Member $116,531
  • Solutions Architect $116,166
  • Program Manager $96,654
  • Management Consultant $96,231
  • Project Leader $95,862
  • Senior Software Engineer $95,759
  • Lead Technician $94,137
  • Project Manager $92,263
  • Information Technology Architect $91,848
  • Executive Assistant $89,603


If you seek to work with a company which captures the true value of cloud and AI for businesses, then IBM is your best bet. Since its inception, the company holds a track record in bringing together security, enterprise scalability and open innovation for increased agility and continuity. Apply now!!!


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