Andela 2021 – How to Apply| Salary Structure and All You Need to Know about Andela

Andela 2021 - How to Apply| Salary Structure and All You Need to Know about Andela
Andela 2021 – How to Apply| Salary Structure and All You Need to Know

Are you a software developer? Do you need a job? Are you interested in learning software development? Do you desire to change the world using technology? What if I told you you can via a company specialised in training and employing software developers? Well, no telling, but there is. Now, if your answers to the above questions are “Yes” then this post is for you. This is a detailed piece on the company Andela: a software development company. Wanna know what they do? Let’s find out together!!!

About Andela

Although most companies have no specific specialization, Andela has her one goal specified with no willingness of incorporating more. What do I mean? Andela is an American company with operational subsidiaries in Africa. However, the company headquarter is in New York City, New York, United States.

The company found its root in Nigeria in 2014. Her operational campuses in mostly in African countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, United States and Nigeria. Although poor, Andela has just 5 offices in the world with 1458 employees according to a 2018 statistics. Find out more about Andela via the company’s official website @

What is Andela Known For?

Since its 7 years of existence, Andela identifies and develops software developers. Also, the firm helps global companies overcome the severe shortage of skilled software developers. Little wonder the firm is called talent accelerator. In Andela, all you should possess is the passion and willingness to learn and voilà you’re in. Also, it offers services such as computer science education, programming, outsourcing and software training. Therefore, if you’re an IT geek, then you need to apply for their recruitment.

Why Work with Andela?

Although a geek company, Andela is fun to work in. Most job applicants think it’s a mean faced put on your glasses kinda work. But here are testimonials that will change that perspective. Here are some reasons to work with the firm;

  • You can work remotely.
  • Allowances and incentives make it worth the while.
  • Nice working culture. Workers work with little or no supervision.
  • Productive and fun environment with gaming tables, among other things
  • There’s work life balance, opportunity to learn and grow as an engineer.
  • Lots of learning and opportunity to work with world-class companies such as Haliburton, Deloitte, KPMG and IBM.

How Do I Join Andela as a Software Engineer?

Yeah, that’s the popular question when people get to hear about Andela for the first time. It’s good you want to know ASAP but you have to be informed. For starters, there are two ways to join the company as a software engineer. You could join as a;

  • Fellow
  • Senior Software Engineer

Joining as a Fellow

Just like most academic fellowships, Andela fellowship is earned. The fellowship program is a four-year program that opens you up to a new work experience. Through the course of these years, they train fellows on the integral part of global engineering teams while getting mentorship from senior software engineers. Contrary to popular opinion, Andela fellowship is not a school, training center or an NGO. It’s a job!!!

When you become a fellow, you become an employee of the firm. Fellows in the firm are part of a globally distributed team. Andela fellows leverage on technology to work remotely while collaborating with team members across multiple time zones.

Fellowship Application Process

This is simply a 5-step process which includes;

  • Home Study
  • Assessment Tests
  • Code Review & Face-to-face Interview
  • Boot Camp
  • Acceptance

The Home Study Program: Introduction to Software Development curriculum. Here, applicants are required to grasp the basics of Computer Science and build a solid foundation in programming. Kindly note that the curriculum is available for free online.

Assessment Test; This comprises a personality test called Saberr,a first and second technical assessment. The first requires you to develop an app. Applicants who pass the first assessment will get an invitation to take another technical assessment. It’s a mix of quizzes and practice tests.

Code Review & Face-to-face Interview; once you pass the assessment, they will invite you in person for an interview.

Boot Camp: This stage is for applicants who have passed the interview stage. Kindly note that the boot camp lasts for 2-weeks. They split the boot camp into two stages; One week of home-based learning, and the other for product development on-site.

Acceptance: Applicants who successful passes the above stages will be accepted into the Fellowship. Interestingly, it doesn’t stop there. Accepted candidates will go through an immersive onboarding process. That’s when their outstanding journeys as Andela Fellows begin.

Joining as a Senior Software Engineer

Andela hires senior engineers to work as team leads. Senior Software Engineers lead teams of Andela engineers and serve as the point person for our partner companies. Also, SSEs serve as mentors and coaches to junior software engineers.

How Do I Apply as a Senior Software Engineer?

The requisite skill set for an SSE is at least four years’ working experience. Visit the company’s website for details.

What’s the Salary Structure Like in Andela?

Software Engineer NGN 300,000/mo

Software Developer NGN 250,000/mo

Senior Software Engineer NGN 734,500/mo

Contractor NGN 5,000,000/yr

Partner Engineering Manager NGN 432,917/mo

Associate Software Engineer NGN 260,000/mo

IPC NGN 200,000/mo

Applications Developer NGN 7M – NGN 7M/yr

Consulting Hardware Engineer NGN 164K – NGN 178K/mo

Internship NGN 29K – NGN 31K/mo


Andela is ready to make you a guru in software engineering. Let’s kick-start the application process. Good luck!!!

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