Highest Paying Jobs In Alabama Without a Degree 2022

Clicking on this site suggests that you are looking for the highest paying jobs, careers, and positions in Alabama without a degree. 

Many careers may necessitate a college diploma. 

A bachelor’s degree is the most prevalent requirement. However, this is not true for all professions.

You might be surprised to learn that in Alabama, you can find a variety of high-paying occupations without a degree! 

Whether you’re looking for a new job or changing careers, Alabama has plenty of options for job searchers without a degree.

On this page, you’ll find a comprehensive list of employment opportunities for the highest-paying jobs in Alabama that don’t require a degree.

In this article, you will find the jobs you can earn quite handsomely from in Alabama without a degree. 

Many of these jobs can become permanent jobs for you if you deem them fit. 

However, a college degree can add a little topping to the salary.

Welcome aboard!!!

Can you find a great job in Alabama without a degree? 

While having a college diploma can open many doors, there are a variety of reasons why you may not have one.

According to the United States Census Bureau, persons aged 25 and up have completed high school. 

College is not an option for some people once they graduate from high school. 

Perhaps your learning style isn’t compatible with a college program’s structure. Or it could be the simple fact of the price.

While individuals with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree earn more on average, there are some reasonably high-paying jobs available for those without a college diploma.

What You Should Know About Alabama

The Grand Canyon, a mile-deep gorge created by the Colorado River, is the most famous feature of Alabama, a southwestern US state. 

Flagstaff is a ponderosa pine–covered mountain hamlet that serves as a key Grand Canyon entrance. 

The major economic sectors of Alabama are the real estate and rental businesses, the broad tourism sector, and the government. 

Because of the state’s tremendous growth in recent years, the construction sector is likewise especially substantial in comparison to the national average.

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Highest Paying Jobs in Alabama Without A Degree.

Many vocations keep society functioning, providing power, security, transportation, and a variety of other essential services. 

Many of the professions on our list are in this category because they pay well without requiring a degree.

Getting into one of these fields will almost certainly provide you with the financial rewards you seek if you are committed to seeing it through.

Many employers value skills that may be obtained outside of a degree program, allowing you to build a successful career without a college diploma.

List of Highest Paying Jobs in Alabama

We’ve put up a list of careers in Alabama that don’t require a degree.

The bulk of these positions only require a high school diploma, not a college diploma.

Without further ado, here is a list of the highest-paying non-degree-required jobs in Alabama.

#1. Distributors and dispatchers of electricity

  • Average salary per annum: $112,160.

The economy is dependent on facilities and systems that need power to operate, including our phones and devices.

This job role requires you to coordinate, regulate, or distribute electricity or steam.

Therefore, catering to these needs.

#2. Agents who sell insurance

  • Average salary per annum: $105,840.

The more interactive you can be, the more fit you could be.

This is an opportunity from the bank of high-paying jobs in Alabama without a degree.

Here you’ll sell life insurance, property insurance, casualty insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance, and other types of insurance. 

Clients may be referred to independent brokers, they may work as independent brokers, or they may work for an insurance firm.

#3. Managers of transportation, storage, and distribution

  • Average salary per annum: $102,650.

Managers of transportation plan, direct, or coordinate transportation, storage, and distribution. 

They ensure these activities comply with company policy and appropriate government rules and regulations. 

Also included are managers of logistics.

#4. Commercial pilots.

  • Average salary per annum: $99,970.

Being a pilot is great. With the many perks attached and freedom to fly around. 

This job role comes up as one of the highest paying as well and it doesn’t require a college degree to get started.

You’ll be tasked with navigating fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters on non-scheduled air carrier routes. 

Commercial Pilot certification is required.

Charter pilots with similar certification, as well as air ambulance and air tour pilots, are included.

Regional, national, and international airline pilots are not included.

This is one of the highest paying jobs in Alabama without a degree

#5. Repairers of electrical and electronic equipment, power plants, substations, and relays

  • Average salary per annum: $88,680.

Repairing stuff is cool. 

Here you’ll be into the inspection, testing, repair, or maintenance of electrical equipment in generating stations, substations, and in-service relays.

#6. Criminal investigators and detectives

  • Average salary per annum: $88,810.

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in Alabama without a college degree.

To effectively perform as a criminal investigator, you should be able to pay attention to details and connect the dots too.

To prevent or solve crimes, conduct investigations into alleged infractions of federal, state, or local laws.

#7. Postmasters and mail superintendents

  • Average salary per annum: $82,060

These positions form another one of the highest-paying jobs in Alabama.

These two different people work in the postal service.

Primarily, they plan, direct, or coordinate a U.S. post office’s operational, administrative, management, and support services; or coordinate the activities of postal and associated workers in an assigned post office.

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#8. First-line supervisors of firefighting and prevention workers.

  • Average salary per annum: $80,650.

This high-paying job role in Alabama requires the personnel to directly manage and coordinate the actions of firefighting, fire prevention, and fire control professionals.

#9. Installers and repairers of elevators and escalators

  • Average salary per annum: $79,760.

The duties of an installer are to assemble, install, repair, or maintain freight or passenger elevators, escalators, or dumbwaiters that are electric or hydraulic.

This is one of the highest paying jobs in Alabama without a degree

#10. Police and detectives’ first-line supervisors.

  • Average salary per annum: $79,380.

Supervisors of police officers and detectives on the front lines supervise and coordinate the actions of police officers on a daily basis.

You’d have to ensure that police conduct on a daily basis meet with laid down acceptable standards.

#11. Installers and repairers of electrical power lines

  • Average annual salary: $78,900

Installing or repairing cables or wires in electrical power or distribution networks is part of the job description. 

Poles and light or heavy-duty equipment may be erected.

In addition, pylons, poles, and small or heavy load transmission towers may be erected.

#12. Non-retail sales workers’ first-line supervisors.

  • Average annual salary: $76,020

Directly supervise and coordinate the actions of salespeople who are not retail salespeople. 

In addition to supervisory responsibilities, may conduct budgeting, accounting, and personnel activities.

#13. Sales representatives, wholesalers, and manufacturers

  • The average annual wage is $74,200.

Without having a degree, the only exclusions you get doing this job will be in handling technical and scientific products.

However, for most other fields you’ll sell items to businesses or groups of people on behalf of wholesalers or manufacturers. 

This is a great opportunity to make lots of money as commissions can come in per sale made besides basic salary.

However, you’ll have to be in for it. 

This work necessitates a thorough understanding of the products sold.

This is one of the highest paying jobs in Alabama without a degree.

#14. First-line supervisors of mechanics, installers, and repairers

  • Average annual salary: $73,800

Mechanics, installers, and repairers are of great importance in our society.

This job requires that they must be directly supervised and coordinated. 

Customers may also be advised on recommended services. 

However, Team or work leaders are not included.

So simply supervising their service delivery raises you to one of the highest paying jobs in Alabama even without a degree

#15. Inspectors of transportation

  • Average annual salary: $73,280

Quite frankly, transportation inspectors are surprisingly a high-paying job in Alabama and you can get in without even having a degree.

Inspection of equipment or items in conjunction with the safe transportation of freight or people is part of the job description. 

Inspectors of rail transportation, include freight inspectors, rail inspectors, and other inspectors of vehicles not classified elsewhere.

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Of all the high-paying jobs in Alabama that don’t require a degree, you can make any number of selections to fit your job desire.

Fill out applications and get started. 

Then see yourself soaring to bumper cash flows.



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