Nigerian Breweries – A Comprehensive Guide on All You Need to Know to Work Here in 2021

Nigerian Breweries - A Comprehensive Guide on All You Need to Know to Work Here in 2021
Nigerian Breweries – A Comprehensive Guide on All You Need to Know

If you seek to work with the Nigerian Breweries, then you just clicked on the right link. Many job applicants do not know how to go about the application with NBPLC. Not to worry about that. We have crafted a sequential step to follow to apply and get employed with Nigerian breweries. Also, within this post is the average salary structure of workers at NBPLC. Let’s explore these together!!!

About Nigerian Breweries

Just like the name suggests, Nigerian Breweries is the largest alcohol producing company in Nigeria. You can also refer to it as the country’s pioneer and largest brewing company. Interestingly, alcohols made in NBPLC not only serve the Nigerian market, the company also exports to other parts of West Africa.

We found the firm in November 1946 under the name Nigerian Brewery Limited. However, following a series of changes and modifications, they renamed it Nigerian Breweries plc. What most people don’t know is that the firm is jointly owned. This includes individual and partnerships. Here’s what the ownership shares look like Heineken Brouwerijen B.V (37.73%), Distilled Trading International BV (16.36%), Stanbic Nominees Nigeria Limited (15.53%) and other individuals & institutions (30.38%).

With headquarters in Iganmu, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, her products spreads evenly across the nation. Recent statistics show the firm has 3,195 employees (quite poor!). NBPLC is a recipient of many awards such as the NSE President’s Merit Award in the Brewery Sector, The NSE Quoted Company of the Year Award. These awards reflect the Company’s continued commitment to excellence. To know more about the firm, visit the company’s official website @

What is Nigerian Breweries Known For?

Obviously, NBPLC is not an oil firm like Halliburton. Also, you cannot certainly compare it with IBM: the computer company. However, her specifics make her an outstanding firm in the country. In resonance with the name, Nigerian Breweries is an alcoholic beverage company. Although alcohol is her primary product, Nigerian Breweries produce non-alcoholic drinks as well. Primarily, NBPLC is into the production, brewing, marketing and selling of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

List of Products by NBPLC

Like earlier established, the Nigerian Breweries brews drinks. However, they are not the only brewery in Nigeria. Most job applicants do not pass the NBPLC interview because they do not know the NBPLC brands. This section enlightens and equips you for the NBPLC interview by listing the NBPLC brands. Nigerian Breweries Plc has a rich portfolio of high quality brands which includes;

Alcoholic Drinks

Star Lager (launched in 1949) Pale Lager

Gulder lager beer (1970) Pale Lager

Legend Extra Stout (1992) 6.5% ABV Extra Stout

Heineken Lager (June 1998) Premium Lager

Sona Breweries (2011)

Including Gold, Tusk, Wilfort Dark Ale, and non-alcoholic Maltonic

Goldberg Lager (October 2011)

Life Continental Lager (October 2011)

Star Lite Lager (February 2014) Pale Lager

Ace Passion Apple Spark (December 2014)

33 Export Lager (January 2015)

Williams Dark Ale (January 2015)

Turbo King Stout (January 2015)

More Lager (January 2015)

Breezer (January 2015), in three varieties of fruit-flavoured bacardi drink

Ace Roots (April 2015)

Star Radler (July 2015)

Desperados (December 2020) Tequila-Flavoured Pale Lager

Ace Rhythm (September 2015)

Star TripleX (September 2015)

Strongbow Cider (November 2015)

Non-alcoholic drinks

Maltina (1976), (Maltina Classic, Maltina Strawberry, and Maltina Pineapple)

Maltina Sip-it (2005), in Tetrapak

Amstel Malta (1994).

Fayrouz, in pear, pineapple and exotic flavour (2006)

Energy Drinks

Malta Gold (October 2011),

Himalt (January 2015)

Maltex (January 2015)

So when you make it to the NBPLC interview, don’t say Budweiser is a product of Nigerian Breweries cos it’s your favourite drink. (Just gave you the tip of a lifetime).

NBPLC Subsidiaries

Of course, as the largest brewery in Nigeria, NBPLC has subsidiaries although they are limited. Currently, the firm has nine fully operational breweries in the country besides the two malting plants in Aba and Kaduna. These subsidiaries are in Aba (2), Kaduna, Enugu (2), Ibadan, etc. Besides these subsidiary firms, the company has Sales Offices and Distribution Centres across the country.

How Do I Apply for NBPLC Recruitment?

Although not a multinational company like KPMG, Nigerian Breweries accepts application from all nations. However, all applicants must follow and fulfill the NBPLC recruitment rules. Here’s what to expect before applying to the Nigerian Breweries;

  • NBPLC accepts only one application for a position. What this means is that submitting over one entry WILL jeopardize your chances of being considered for employment.
  • Depending on the position, aptitude tests may be conducted.
  • Once you make it pass the tests, they invite candidates for an interview assessment.
  • NBPLC will never charge applicants for forms or access to vacant positions.

Kindly note that they post all vacant positions on the company’s corporate website. Also, all applications made via this link are considered official.

Here’s a tip: Learn about the company through the website. Also, you can arm yourself well by reading the latest press releases. That way you can have a richer conversation with the NBPLC recruiters/interviewers.

How Much Does the Nigerian Breweries Pay her Staff?

Depends on what you mean by high salary, NBPLC pay their staff members considerably well. However, they may not be paying as high as Chevron and oil companies. Here’s a peep into the salary structure at Nigerian Breweries;

  • Sales representative earns between N121,000 and N146,000.
  • Management Trainee earns between N289,000 and N314,000.
  • Associate in the company earns between N143,000 and 157,000

Aside from their basic salaries, workers are given several benefits on a monthly basis. Interestingly, these benefits are monetized and added to their monthly salaries. Therefore, you can decide to liquidate the tour allowance to cash.

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