Apple Computer Company 2021 – Join the League of Great Apple Earners in 5 Easy Steps

Apple Computer Company 2021
Apple Computer Company 2021

Do you need a job? Are you seeking rest to job hunting? Do you wish to work with a multimillion multinational company? Are you an IT geek? What if I told you of a company where your passion can find expression. This is a detailed and exclusive expository about the company: Apple. If you’ve ever heard of the magical iPhones and wondering who makes them, then this post is for you. Also, within this scribbles of words, is the average salary structure of a worker at Apple. Although the stakes of working with this famous company is high, we have outlined the best possible steps that will get you hired. However, you must know that your employability skills must be high-class. Find out more below!!!

About the Firm: Apple

Established in 1976 as Apple Computer Company, in 1977 it was renamed Apple Computer incorporated. The company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Today, Apple company is known as the world’s largest tech company, Apple has a total revenue of $274.5 billion in 2020. When you talk about the Big Five information technology in America, Apple is one. Others include Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. However, the firm is in great competition with IBM.

In 2021, they recognized the firm as the world’s most valuable company. Also, in the same year, it was reckoned the world’s fourth-largest PC vendor by unit sales. Furthermore, it is also regarded as the fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer. Interestingly, the company is known to have a high level of brand loyalty.

With headquarters in Cupertino, California, U.S., the firm has 511 retail stores worldwide. It prides in over 147,000 employees with 9 subsidiaries. More information about the firm is @

What is the Firm Known For?

This American multinational technology company specializes in consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Also, the firm has a variety of products and services that makes them unique. Some of Apple products include; Macintosh, iPod, iOS, iPadOS, iPhone, iLife, iWork etc. They offer these products in service such as App Store, Apple Arcade, Card, Music, News+ etc

Generally, the firm produces computer hardware, software, semiconductors and consumer electronics. Also, they involve in cloud computing, digital distribution, fabless silicon design and artificial intelligence. Her products and services are sold via the company’s media and retail stores.

List of the Company Subsidiaries

Basically, the company has just 9 subsidiaries. They include;

  • Claris
  • Anobit
  • Beddit
  • Apple Services
  • Braeburn Capital
  • Beats Electronics
  • Apple Energy, LLC
  • The Apple Sales International
  • Apple Worldwide Video.

Is Apple the Biggest Computer Company in the World?

Well, partially yes. In the information technology world, it is the biggest company with a marker capitalization of $ 2,252.30.

Why Should I Work With the Firm?

Working with Apple is the groundbreaking point of many tech careers. Trust me when I say many job applicants desire to work here. Here are some reasons why you should work with the company;

  • Workers get great compensation and benefits.
  • Employees say that working with the firm is fun and exciting work.
  • Regardless of your race and colour, you have a spot in the company.
  • Employees get the opportunity to go for further trainings and development. Courtesy of the firm.

How Do I Land a Job with Apple?

Without mincing words, getting a job with the company is hard. However, there is nothing an expert’s advice can’t fix. Here’s what to do to increase your chances of getting employed.

To land a Job,

  • Visit the company’s official website.
  • Click on the job links to applications of choice.
  • Answer the question: “Why do you want a job here?” ( Avoid these answers: “It is my dream job,” or “ I saw an ad”. It’s obsolete. They’ve gone way beyond that.)
  • Follow the instructions and fill in the form.
  • Expect a reply form the firm’s HR.

If your application is impressive, they will select you for interview. The interview typically consists of three stages: the phone interview, an assessment test, and the final interview. You need to prepare for it.

How Much Does the Firm Pay Her Staff?

Multinational companies like Halliburton, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Unilever pay well. So does Apple. Interestingly, the firm pays on hourly rates. Here are some annual salaries of some workers at Apple!

  • Database Engineer $152,550
  • Network Security Engineer $154,526
  • Senior Data Science Manager $179,534
  • Software Engineer $60,000 to $243,000

Does Apple Accept Interns?

Yes, the Lagos Nigeria outlet accepts interns.


Working here is interesting. However, getting into the firm is challenging. You have to be creative and not the regular kind of applicants. We hope you found this piece enlightening. Good luck in your job search !!!


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