KPMG – All You Need To Know About KPMG| Salary Structure| How To Get Hired

KPMG - All You Need To Know About KPMG| Salary Structure| How To Get Hired
KPMG – All You Need To Know About KPMG

If you’re hoping to work in a reputable international company in Nigeria, then this piece is for you. We have brought together in details all you need to know about KPMG. You don’t just get to know the details but you get to find out how to get hired in few steps.

About KPMG

Popularly known as KPMG, however, that abbreviation stands for “Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler”. This United Kingdom Limited Company with headquarters in Amstelveen, Netherlands have stood the test of time for 34 years. It was established in 1987 because of the merger of Peat Marwick International and Klynveld Main Goerdeler companies.

KPMG is a multinational company with offices scattered across 147 nations. Aside from being a very recognized international company, it is one of the Big Four accounting organizations in the world. However, she focuses on professional services such as auditing (38%), advisory (40%) and tax (22%). As of 2020, her number of employees was over 227,000. KPMG has a track record of employing staffs from different countries. The pass mark should be that all applicants should be qualified.

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Why Should I Choose to Work with KPMG?

Being a reputable international company is not enough reason to work with KPMG. However, the company knows and has more than enough to offer her employees. From research, KPMG has proven to give her employees a wonderful working experience. Here are some reasons to work with this reputable company;

  • It is a good place for continuous learning and growth.
  • She lives up to its reputation of being a leader in developing it’s people.
  • You get the opportunity to work with different foreigners from other countries. This grooms your ability to understand and relate with other cultures. (That’s a great way to increase your employability)
  • Also, this company has a lot of grand projects. What this means is that you will never get bored!!?
  • If you desire a good salary(who doesn’t), KPMG offers enough besides allowances and many vacations. (If you increase your work performance though)
  • Working alone is boring. However, at the company, you get to work with smart team members and partners on different projects.
  • Also, work at KPMG is challenging and interesting.
  • After working with the firm for three years, you can work in other companies in reputable positions. That’s a plus!!!

Interesting right? But we do not limit the reasons to work with KPMG to these few. However, these have proven to have attracted many job applicants from all works of life.

How Do I Intern with KPMG?

If you’re wondering if you can intern with this prestigious company, well yes you can. KPMG receives over 27,000 intern application each year. However, it’s of necessity to know that that crumb doesn’t fall for all applicants. Therefore, this section enlightens you on how you can make it into the company as an intern.

After sending in your application, the recruiting team screens the resumes of applicants and selects students for on-campus interviews. Much of the criteria that recruiters look at is standard, such as GPA. All applicants must at least be a 2.1 student to stand a chance. Also, the company prioritizes applicants who can multitask and manage their time between competing priorities.

Graduate Recruiters also look out for skills such as excellent communications skills, which they assess in meetings with students. Writing skills are also paramount, even to email communications. Technology skills also sets applicants in the front row. Also KPMG wants to know the classes they’ve taken, leadership skills, extracurricular activities and organizations, honors, awards and scholarships–basically, the total package.

Now if you are selected, they will invite you into the KPMG office of their choice. The next stage of the process is typically a day-and-a-half program. Interestingly, you get to go for lunch or dinner hosted by new hires, partners and managers. (Don’t be deceived, they haven’t hired you yet! Lol). In the very words of the director of KPMG, “Students really had time to look at KPMG from the inside, and shortly thereafter we make offer decisions,” he said.

Students who receive offers will join the company by early December.

How Much Does KPMG Pay Her Workers?

You can trust the fact that KPMG pays well. However, many factors determine how much you earn. From research, factors such as location, department and job title determine how much you earn at KPMG. However, the lowest-paid workers earn not less than $54,000, while the highest-paid workers can earn over $139,000 per year. But to understand, we have outlined them in categories below;

Average Salary Structure According to Department

  • I.T $83,931
  • Finance $89,189
  • Marketing $79,874
  • Accounting $83,196
  • Engineering $102,354
  • Administrative $47,058

Average Salary Structure According to Job Title

  • Director $162,181
  • Manager $129,680
  • Finance Analyst $98,212
  • Senior Associate $93,781
  • Consultant $82,875
  • Business Analyst $79,765

Now depending on location, the amount might differ. You do not expect the salary of a Nigerian director to be same as a director at Washington DC. However, this gives you an insight into what the average salary is at KPMG.

Frequently Asked Questions About KPMG

Does KPMG Accept Engineering Students?

Yes, KPMG accepts engineering students. However, they frequently recruit fresh graduates who studied accounting and related finance-based courses. Just like other companies, they also recruit graduates from other professions to help run the affairs of the company other than those listed on their manifestos. Drivers too can apply.

What Qualifications Do I Need To Apply To KPMG?

Now, depending on what you’re applying for, the requirements might differ. What this means is that different roles or job titles come with different requirements. However, for an entry-level job applicant, the qualification is usually a 2:1 or first class. But for interns, you will require a 2:1 degree or an OND in any field. Most high-ranking positions require a master’s degree or a PhD.

Also, you need to keep in mind that KPMG Interview process is always a rigorous one. Job applicants whose CV or resumé makes it pass the HR’s table, then an interview will determine if you will join the company.

Does KPMG help employees pay to get an MBA degree?

Yes, they sponsor employees to get an MBA degree. In 2018, the company paid for 135 people to get a master’s degree in Germany. So yes, they do!!


We hope this piece answered your questions about KPMG. Share with friends and family!!!!

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