Top 10 Skills Graduate Recruiters Look out for in 2021 – Skills That Will Impress Your Employee

Top 10 Skills Graduate Recruiters Look out for in 2021 - Skills That Will Impress Your Employee
Top 10 Skills Graduate Recruiters Look out for in 2021 – Skills That Will Impress Your Employee

It’s no longer news that employment is likely assured for job applicants who are employable. Increasing your employability is a 90% surety that your employers will hire you. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to set yourself apart from the rest of the candidates, then this piece is for you. We have outlined the top skills graduate recruiters look out for. Your job search goes beyond your degree, certifications, a striking CV or résumé, or passing an interview.

At the end of this piece, you will get knowledge on how to gain the skill set graduate recruiters look out for in 2021. I’m sure that’s your thought as well. Let’s start!!!


Most job applicants have the nuts-and-bolts training they need to do the job. However, jobs today require more than that. Many hiring managers agree that soft and employability skills put you at the top of the list. What this means is that you stand a better chance of recruitment if you have skills: “the strawberry topping”. I would refer to skills as “Spices”. Although spices are not the actual food or what makes food edible, they add taste to the food. No matter how well food tastes, a little spice makes it more tasty. And most times preferable.

That being said, we reiterate that there are some hard skills as well as soft skills that can up your employment game. Therefore, if you want to impress your recruiter on a first sight, let your CV contain the skills that make you invaluable. Let’s proceed to the skills graduate recruiters look out for in 2021.

Top 10 Skills Graduate Recruiters Look Out For In 2021

We do not a list based on our thoughts. Rather from the desk of many graduate recruiters, we bring you the skills they look out for. So count in these as a legit information that will keep you in the front lines of demand. Also, this applies to part-time jobs for undergraduates. The top skills graduate recruiters look out for are:

Digital Literacy

Trust me when I say no employer wants to employ a handicap. Yeah, if you know nothing about the digital world, you might as well be referred to as a handicap. Graduate recruiters look out for prospective employees that have digital intelligence. If you are abreast with the digital world, then that’s an advantage. Therefore, we recommend you develop skills or learn applications that are related to your job. E.g. AutoCAD, Inverter, conversion ai, etc This keeps you above the water when other job applicants are sinking.

Also, they want flexibility in taking jobs home. According to them, the only way to continue collaborating and monitoring joint projects is to manage them digitally. Moreover, it helps beat deadlines.

Social Media Marketing

Like it or not, digital media is the “in thing”. If you want to compete in the job market during job hunting, you need to be cognizant with the social media. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. While it may be comfortable to stick to what you know and ignore the new trend, that will leave you and your résumé in the trash can.

Adaptability or Survival Skills

Here’s a fact, graduate recruiters look out for adapters not complainers. Wondering what that means? For instance, after a year of dramatic change and enforced acclimatization (2020), it is not surprising that things changed. Including in the work environment. Flexibility and openness to changing methods are vital in this unpredictable times. One of the skills graduate recruiters look out for is your ability to adapt with changing trends and still delivering effectively.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Need I remind you of the popular mantra “It’s the AI age”. Graduate recruiters look out for applicants who have a solid understanding of AI. Interestingly, this is a vital edge in a tough job market, esp. In computing and robotic firms.

Thriving In A Virtual Environment

It’s no longer news that many jobs are going remote. Most companies prefer you to work from home in 2021. This is therefore the need for survival skills in a virtual environment. Visibility in the virtual world can include offering a critical skill set, collaborating across teams, leveraging tech tools, offering impeccable responsiveness, being in alignment with key business priorities, promoting team success, and more. If you can be able to thrive in a virtual environment, you are will be hired.

Time Management & Discipline

Your effectiveness in managing time is a significant advantage in the employment world. Also, you don’t have to wait for your boss to breathe down your neck for you to complete a project. Graduate recruiters will employ job applicants who are disciplined and can manage time. So start working on managing time.

Creativity and resilience

With the many changes and growth, being creative can put you in the driver’s seat. Creativity aids you in finding solutions and new ideas that get measurable results for your company. And here’s the truth, companies will pay to have anyone that will solve the company problems. If your résumé says you’re creative, then you’re up for an interview. Therefore, this is one skill that graduate recruiters look out for. A skill that will keep them company.

Written Communication Skills

Also, graduate recruiters look out for hyper written communication skills. This is the ability not to be misunderstood without face-to-face communication. Also, it refers to the ability of other people to understand your written project work even when you’re not there. So, if you possess this skill, it’s a significant advantage.

Critical Thinking

Research has it that businesses will continue to face challenges that will require teams to be innovative in their problem-solving. Therefore, that’s the need for hiring critical thinkers. That’s skills graduate recruiters look out for in 2021.


Dedication is the ability to show up daily, regardless. It’s a commitment to the company regardless of how you feel. You will be hired, if you’re 100% dedicated. Wondering how they will find out? Your previous jobs are mirrors to that finding.


These skills graduate recruiters look out for will not only aid you get a job, it will help you improve your work performance. Also, it makes job hunting easier even if you’re working from home.

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