Shell 2022 – Salary Structure| How to Get In And All You Need To Know

Shell 2021 - Salary Structure| How to Get In And All You Need To Know
Shell 2022 – Salary Structure| How to Get In And All You Need To Know

Are you interested in working with Shell and you probably don’t know how to go about it? Or are you wondering if the salary structure at Shell is worth it? Do you seek information on how to work in this multimillion company? If your answers are “Yes” then this piece is for you. We are pleased to announce that at the end of this piece, we will answer the questions that plague your mind about Shell.

Meanwhile, we included the skills graduate recruiters look out for. Also, working in this company requires you to have employability skills as well as top notch work performance. However, it might interest you to know that the company provide the best jobs for graduates. Therefore to make it in, there are 5 Best Skills to Include in your Resumé that will Get You Hired. Let’s Start!!!

About Shell

Known as one of the leading multinational oil and gas company, Shell have been in existence since 1907. Officially known as Royal Dutch Shell plc, this firm has its headquarters in the Hague, Netherlands. However, it is incorporated in the United Kingdom as a public limited company. Kindly note that Shell is one of the oil and gas “supermajors” and the fifth-largest company in the world.

However, with over 114 years of existence, the company maintains her products. Although with a little expansion here and there. Her products include the production and supply of LNG, lubricants, natural gas, petrochemicals and petroleum.

Just like KPMG, Shell welcomes employees from all nations. Also, research in 2021 states that her employees are over 86,000. With great organization, the company has two major divisions

  • Chemicals division
  • Gas & Power division.

With many outlets all over the world, her major subsidiaries are in Australia, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, Nigeria, India, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines and Tunisia. If you would like to know more, visit her official website at

Why Work With Shell?

Here are some reasons to work with shell;

  • Great retirement plan
  • Comprehensive financial rewards and benefits
  • Also, employees get training and development pacakages
  • You get to interact with foreigners from different walks of life.

What Graduate Opportunities Does Shell Offer?

I know that feeling!!! Almost every graduate wants to work with the multimillion company. Who doesn’t want that?! However, Shell welcomes graduates too via their Graduate Programme. But there are certain ropes to pull to make that a reality. The Graduate Programme is designed to give candidates trainings and experience in business. But then, graduates application should centre on any of these three areas of interest:

  • Technical (Engineering disciplines, geoscience, logistics, and research and development)
  • Commercial Business (Trading, supply chain and distribution, and sales and marketing.)
  • Corporate Functions (Finance, human resources, communications, and contracts and procurement)

Kindly know that this is usually an epic opportunity for graduate trainees. Now depending on the area chosen, graduates join a 2-5 year development programme that equips them for the job effectively. (Not many companies offer that!!!)

Frequently Asked Questions About Shell

Does the Company Accept Interns?

Yes, Shell accepts Interns. Internship here is open to students in their penultimate year at a recognized university. These internships last from 10 to 12 weeks. They offer Interns who perform well a position on the graduate programme. (Express job landing!!! That means No job hunting or job search after graduation!!!)

What Qualifications and Skills Does Shell Look For?

We do not have the full qualification Specifications for all roles. However, we have outlined the most important skills Shell recruiters look out for.

Kindly note that all candidates for technical roles must have a Master’s degree or equivalent. Or is in a process to acquire one. However, for commercial or corporate roles, candidates must have Bsc. or its equivalent. There are no specific qualification for grades at A-Level but Shell expects all candidates to have a strong record of academic achievement.

What’s the Assessment Criteria for Employment?

Peculiar to the company is the CAR assessment process. Shell assesses all candidates against three key criteria throughout the application process. And that’s the CAR assessment. CAR assessment is explained below;


This is the ability to absorb information, analyse problems, make and take effective decisions. Your decisions should be base on facts available. Also, candidate should be able to come up with innovative solutions on the problems analyzed.


This is an assessment of how efficient you get things done. They assess this by observing your drive, resilience, confidence and organizational skills.


This assessment is very crucial as it determines your interpersonal skill. They tend to find out how well you work in a team. This includes your ability to communicate and treat others with respect.

How well you pass this CAR assessment determines if you will be part of the company.

How Do I Apply?

Applying to Shell is as easy as any other job application. However, Federal Government Recruitment differ from Shell recruitment. You need a good CV and a LinkedIn profile. To apply for the steps

  • Apply via the website
  • You will receive an invitation to take two online assessment (1hr 30mins)
  • Proceed to stage one to complete the online assessments and video interview
  • This is followed by the final Assessment which covers a live online session with two Shell professionals

Note: The first assessment is a timed cognitive test supplied by Cubiks. The test is made up of three sections: Verbal, Numerical and Abstract reasoning skills. (4 minutes for each section)

The second assessment evaluates your behaviours and attitude to working across what it refers to as the ‘big five’ personality factors. These are drive, creativity, assertiveness, adaptability and supportiveness.

The On-Demand Video Interview is a short video interview where you will respond to a set of five interview questions pre-recorded by Shell.

How Much Does Shell Pay?

Your salary at the company depends on your location, position and job title. Shell pays in hours. The Assistant Manager earns $10.30 per hour. Same as other others.


We hope this information answers your question about the multinational Company: Shell. Share with friends and family!!!


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