Top Paying Companies in Enugu For Corpers – Tips On How to Apply Inclusively

Blessed with good geography as well as the enticing “Okpa” breakfast, Enugu is an amazing destination for NYSC. This is a detailed piece on all you need to know about the top paying companies in Enugu for Corpers in the best NYSC PPA. Enjoying “Okpa” is easier if a salary structure supports that.

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What Type of Companies are Top Paying in Enugu State For Corpers?

Top Paying Companies in Enugu For Corpers - Tips On How to Apply Inclusive
Top Paying Companies in Enugu For Corpers – Tips On How to Apply Inclusive

Without ambiguity, companies differ in payment. Also, depending on the company Corpers can receive an extra stipend aside salary. However, some top companies in Enugu stick to the government 33,000 Naira. The only advantage here is that you get experience in your expertise.

Therefore, here are some of the top paying companies categorized under sectors for Corpers in Enugu State;

  • Engineering companies
  • educational institutions
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Health and Health-Related Organizations
  • Media companies: TV stations, radio stations, newspaper and magazine publishing companies

How Do I Find Out About Top Paying Companies in Enugu For Corpers?

Being here is a right step. We understand it’s pretty difficult to find out where to apply especially for non-Enugu residents. Hence the need for this section. Most Corpers worry about where to apply. But the learned man says “information is key”. Here are some of tested ways to find out about top paying companies in Enugu For Corpers.

  • Search for information on forums and sites such as ours
  • Trail online ad boards for such information.
  • Enquire from your family and friends. Interestingly, they may know a suitable company for you
  • Scan through the newspaper for advertisements.
  • Visit local offices to check in for vacancies.
  • Also, if you have any of these top companies of interest in Enugu, You can visit their website for direct and credible information. Never underestimate this tip.

With these few mentioned tips, you will find jobs in top paying companies in Enugu open to corpers in 2023.

Once you’ve found a company of interest, here’s what to do

  • Get an acceptance letter from the company you have applied to.
  • Ensure the letter gets to NYSC; they will take care of everything else.
  • And Voila!!! You will get your dream PPA in any of the top companies in Enugu for 1 year as a Corper.

How Do I Make It To Any Of The Top Paying Companies in Enugu For Corpers?

Most Corpers assume that it’s easy to make it into top companies in Enugu. Although possible, there are factors that surround that. It is possible to make it into any of the top paying companies as a Corper by NYSC assignment. However, most Corpers are not posted there by choice.

Therefore, there are certain reasons that might warrant a Corper to apply to these top paying companies. Here are facts on how you can get there. Corpers make it into top paying companies in Enugu.

  • By PPA assignment by NYSC.
  • If the primary PPA rejects an NYSC member, this can lead to him applying to company of choice.
  • Also, most Corpers make it into top-paying companies by writing a ‘change of PPA letter’ to NYSC board.

Either of these measures can get you an NYSC job in a top-paying company in Enugu as a Corper. However, before taking any of these drastic steps, read through the NYSC rules and regulations so as not to default.

How Can I Get the Contact Details of Any of The Top Companies in Enugu?

As we stated earlier, getting the contact details of any of the top-paying companies in Enugu is not a Herculean task. It’s as easy as visiting their website; however, for those whose visibility on the web is null, go to their office physically. Interestingly, most of their head office is in the Enugu capital.

What Requirements Do Top Companies Look For in Corpers in Enugu State?

Here’s a fact, requirements differ with companies. Therefore, these top paying companies in Enugu have unique job description. Therefore, this is their requirements for Corpers. However, the application and employment process is same regardless of who is applying.

Generally, here are some requirements that corpers in Enugu State must have or posses to be employed by any of the top paying companies:

  • Creativity
  • Good morals
  • Excellent communication skills
  • At least a second class upper
  • Ability to use a computer well
  • Any other certification will be a credit.

List of Top Paying Companies in Enugu State For Corpers in 2023

  • Aerocontractors Company Of Nigeria Limited
  • Aikon Engineering LTD
  • Bank Of Industry Limited
  • Bifex Consultants LTD
  • Chelis Bookazine LTD
  • Chemlap NIG. LTD.
  • Chevron Oil Nigeria PLC
  • Con Engineering NIG. LTD
  • Dextron Engineering LTD
  • Dezern Nigeria LTD
  • Equator medics International LTD
  • Expatcare Health International LTD
  • Federal Radio Corporation Of Nigeria (FRCN)
  • Globe Shipping Lines Nigeria LTD
  • Hardis & Dromedas LTD
  • Healthcare International LTD
  • Intercontinental Wapic Insurance PLC
  • International Health Management Services LTD
  • John Holt Distribution (Ventures) and Technical Products & Services
  • Nigerian Agricultural Co-operative & Rural Development Bank LTD
  • The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company PLC (NAHCO)
  • Nigerian Bottling Company PLC
  • The Nigerian Breweries PLC
  • Power Holding Company of Nigeria PLC (PHCN)
  • Reynolds Construction Company (Nigeria) Limited

To know more about these top paying companies in Enugu for Corpers, visit their website.

What’s the Salary Structure of These Top Companies in Enugu for Corpers?

Although there is no price Specification. However, many say they pay well with stipends and allowances inclusive.


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