FCSC Recruitment 2021 – Comprehensive Guide on How to Apply

FCSC Recruitment 2021 - Comprehensive Guide on How to Apply
FCSC Recruitment 2021 – Comprehensive Guide on How to Apply

When citizens rebel against the law, the Nigerian Police, EFCC, Army or any other executing agency sees to their discipline. Now if the Civil Servants defaults, who disciplines them? Here in Nigeria, it’s the job of the FCSC to do that. This is a guide on how to apply for the FCSC Recruitment.

Also, other information about this organization is within this piece. However, we also embedded the salary structure of workers in FCSC. Let’s start!!!

About the Federal Civil Service Commission of Nigeria

Abbreviated as FCSC, the Federal Civil Service Commission of Nigeria (FCSC) is an agency who has the power to make appointment and enforce discipline on all civil servants. Interestingly, the agency has the full support of the Nigerian constitution. Although they mete out discipline to all civil servants, they have specification on those that are under the payroll of the federal Government.

Also, before anyone in Nigeria gets employed into the civil service, the FCSC must approve of it via recruitment.

Functions of the Federal Civil Service Commission:

Now, do not mistake the FCSC for the Nigeria Civil Service Commission. Let’s take our time to remind you of the FCSC function and core objectives. They include;

  • The FCSC oversees recruitment processes in the country.
  • Also, they have the sole mandate of accessing the quality and experience of staffs that organizations will employ.
  • In addition, they oversee everything that has to do with promotion of staff in Nigeria.
  • They are to discipline staff when they default.
  • Also, they are vested with the responsibility of interviewing, examining and promoting staffs

Therefore, this is not related to the function of the Nigerian Civil Service Commission.

What Requirements Do I Need to Apply for FCSC Recruitment?

For such a high-profile job, you need the right requirements during application. Although the requirements for FCSC recruitment are minimal, you still have to get it right. Contrary to popular opinion, the right requirement is a surety to pass the FCSC recruitment.

To apply for this job opening, possess the documents and meet the criteria. They include;

Criteria For FCSC Recruitment

  • All applicants must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • If you do not possess good moral and sound character, do not apply.
  • Age wise, FCSC Recruitment is only open to citizens between 18 to 25 years.
  • Also, all applicants must possess the ability to adapt in extreme circumstances quickly.
  • You should be fit both physically and medically. To that stead, you will need a certificate of medical fitness to validate that.

Document Requirements

  • You must be a University degree holder with 2.1. However, a first class will make you a hot cake. Also, you can apply if you have a HND degree from a reputable institution.
  • NYSC discharge certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions About FCSC Recruitment 2021

Is The FCSC Recruitment Still Ongoing?

Currently, the sale of Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment form for 2021 is over. Therefore, disregard any form of advert you come across stating otherwise. Rather, we recommend you stick to this site for an update on the next recruitment.

Where Do I Apply For the FCSC Recruitment?

Although most FCSC recruitment process is online, it is not the only mode of application. Applicants can also use the offline application method. For the offline method, submit only hard copies of your documents like CV. Note, you send all applications to the Honourable Commissioners or to the Honourable chairperson of FCSC. If you desire to use the online method, visit the official website @ http://www.fedcivilservice.gov.ng. Then, follow the instruction.

Where is The Location of FCSC Offices?

Sadly, the FCSC Offices are only found in six states of the federation. Each office in the six geo-political zones. Their locations are;

  • North-West (Kaduna)
  • The North-East (Yola)
  • North-Central & Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mabushi (Abuja)
  • South-East (Owerri)
  • The South-South (Port Harcourt);
  • South-West (Ibadan).

However, the FCSC Headquarters is at No 4 Abidjan Street, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja. Also, it is only at these locations you can get forms from chairpersons of the States Civil Service Commission.

What’s the Cost of The FCSC Recruitment Application Form?

It’s no longer news that many place a price on FCSC Recruitment Application Form. However, we bring to your notice that the form is free. Also, you need not pay anyone for recruitment. All you have to do is to send your CV and wait for their response. However, this can take a few weeks.

What’s the Salary Structure of Workers After FCSC Recruitment?

Because of the departmental divisions in FCSC, the salary structure differs. Therefore, each department receives payment base on their order of placement in an ascending manner. For a civil and force job intertwined, the salary structure is really high.

We know FCSC as one of the highest paying Government agency in Nigeria. Therefore, this has made many Nigerians to seek for employment with them. However, many apply not necessarily because of the wage rate but also the job security that comes with the job.

Although we do not have a complete list, here is what we found out from our research. Here’s the salary of workers in Grade level

  • 1 step 1 226,800
  • 4 step 1 242, 994
  • 6 step 1 316, 229
  • 7 step 1 517, 965
  • 9 step 1 780, 656
  • 8 step 15 978, 663
  • Director 454, 344


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