Top Paying Companies in Ogun for Corpers 2023 – All You Need to Know

Although many Corpers are reluctant about going to the West, many testify that Ogun State is a great destination. It will be more interesting if you secure a space in a great NYSC PPA in Ogun. Also to that regard, we deem it fit to shorten the journey for you by articulating top paying companies in Ogun for Corpers.

Contrary to popular opinion, Ogun pays her Corpers well. Although this largely depends on the company and location in Ogun State. Find out more as you read on. Let’s Started!!!

Top Paying Companies in Ogun For Corpers 2021 - All You Need To Know
Top Paying Companies in Ogun For Corpers 2023 – All You Need To Know

What Do Top Paying Companies Look Out For in Corpers in Ogun State?

First thing you should know is that working as a Corper is the same as normal employment. Fact is most Corpers are retained after service. Hence, this is the reason the recruiting process is the same as that of normal employment.

Therefore, to stand a chance to make it into one of the top-paying companies in Ogun as a corper, follow the requirements. We have divided these requirements under soft skills and documents category. They include;

Soft Skills Needed by Top Paying Companies in Ogun for Corpers;

  • Creativity
  • Leadership traits
  • Have Good morals.
  • Possess great interpersonal skills
  • You must be computer literate. Ensure you know how to use the basics like Excel, Microsoft Word, etc. Any other computer skills will be an added advantage.
  • Corpers who want to thrive well in Ogun should possess great oratory and good communication skill.

Documents Required by Top Paying Companies in Ogun for Corpers;

  • Evidence of educational qualification. At least you must possess a second class upper. (You will also attach other certificates such as WAEC or its equivalent)

Kindly note that any other additional qualifications will be a significant advantage. Therefore, if you have other certifications, add them. Those who possess it have a higher chance of being recruited.

How Do I Apply To Top Paying Companies in Ogun State?

Following the pattern, you’re supposed to be posted to a PPA by the committee. However, if you have an open cheque to choose a PPA because of your active participation in camp, then you have to play your cards well. By playing your cards well, I mean you should make yourself presentably employable as a corper. Top Paying Companies in Ogun look beyond certificates to what you can offer for employing corpers.

Therefore, to apply to any of these top paying companies in Ogun, follow the steps below. Interestingly, those who have used our platform say it’s credible and easy. Here’s what to do to make it into the top paying companies in Ogun for corpers.

  • Write an application letter to the company of interest.
  • Attach all your credentials, results and certificates.
  • In your cover letter, sell yourself. What this means is that you have to state that you are a corper and unambiguously explain how you intend to contribute to the firm or company.
  • They will call qualified candidates for an interview.
  • While awaiting that, follow up your mails

Note: Ogun State has some rules and regulations governing youth corpers. Ensure you acquaint yourself with them to avoid breaking rules.

What Kind Of Companies Pay Well in Ogun State?

Not to dissuade you, but Ogun State does not hold enough promises with industrialization. This is the reason the number of companies, industries and firms in the State is low. However, some sectors thrive well in the State.

To that effect, we have articulated the sectors where you’re likely going to secure top paying companies for corpers in Ogun.

They include;

Manufacturing Sector

Companies under these sectors are among the top paying companies in Ogun that accept corpers. This is actually the highest paying sector in Ogun State. Although we do not have a direct estimate of the salary structure, testimonials say they pay NYSC corpers well in Ogun State.

Media companies

This includes Tv and radio stations, newspaper and magazine publishing companies. These sectors highly seek corpers in Ogun state.

Engineering Companies

These companies readily accept corpers in theirs firm. But the corpers accepted here are mainly corpers that are engineering graduates. These companies are highly sought after by corpers because they’re among the top paying companies in Ogun.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Government Agencies

Health Sectors

You’re sure to get an amazing pay from these sectors. However, below we have listed the companies for specificity and to help you streamline your search.

How Much Are Corpers Paid in Ogun?

There is no specificity to the salary structure of Corpers in Ogun. However, we can boldly say that these top paying companies, as we will list below, pay handsomely. Also, from our research, companies in Abeokuta pay higher.

What Are the Top Paying Companies in Ogun State for Corpers?

  • Architectural Production LTD
  • Arvee Industries LTD
  • Ashmount Insurance Brokers LTD
  • Brick Field Properties LTD
  • Capital Express Insurance Company LTD and its Security Sector Affiliate
  • CEEVINA Nigeria LTD
  • Century Dyes and Chemicals LTD
  • Frigoglass Industries Nigeria Limited.
  • SATO Engineering Nigeria LTD
  • Sesantech Industries Nig LTD
  • Shakiti Industries
  • Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company LTD (SNEPCo)


  1. I will like to get a job in the above listed companies… a copper with 2nd class honors lower .. do I have a chance of getting it.. thanks

  2. Am a civil engineering graduate with second class lower, what’s the possibility of me getting any of those above mentioned companies as my PPA

  3. I am a corp member, a graduate of Business management with a first class degree, I was posted but the PPA said they have reached the number of corpers they want, so I was rejected. I am looking for a PPA now, if anyone can help me. I am currently in Abeokuta south. Thank you

  4. I need a WhatsApp group to join to get more info, the one available is filled up
    Anyone with any can add me up pls 08141102671

  5. Am a civil engineer redeploying to Ogun State with good qualifications, please how can i get a good ppa in Ogun State

  6. I am a coup member,am an accounting student ,graduated with upper credit ,I was redeploy to Ogun state and am in need of ppa please.

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