Federal Government Recruitment – All You Need To Know About Federal Government Jobs

Federal Government Recruitment - All You Need To Know About Federal Government Jobs
Federal Government Recruitment – All You Need To Know About Federal Government Jobs

Are you currently looking for a job? Do you wish to work with the federal government of Nigeria? If yes, then you need to apply for any of the federal government recruitment now!!! Also, if you wish to know about most of the on-going FG recruitment, then keep reading.

Strategically, we also included the list of FG agencies you can apply to. Also, tips on how to secure a federal government job is inclusive. Furthermore, this post will give you all you need to apply for any FG recruitment here in Nigeria without stress.

What Are Federal Government Jobs?

In Nigeria, many parastatals make up the nation’s workforce. Nigeria is characterized by different firms, organizations, industries and paramilitary forces that see to the smooth running of country’s affairs. Interestingly, this have been a rescue to unemployment.

Therefore, we say that federal government jobs are job openings in federal agencies across the country. Also, these agencies carryout recruitment on different federal government firms. Therefore, If you’re interested in one, then you have to read till the end.

What Are the Requirements for FG Job Recruitment?

Like earlier established, many parastatals come with their requirements. However, there are major requirements that each parastatals require. Instead of separating them, we have given you a highlight below. They include;

  • All applicants must be a Nigerian by birth or descent.
  • Age wise, applicants must be between 18 – 35 years.
  • Also, you must have a means of national Identification. E.g NIMC, Voters’ card, drivers’ licence, International Passport etc
  • Furthermore, you need a proof of educational qualification. E.g. O’level/SSCE or higher degree certificate.

How Do I Secure A Federal Government Job?

All federal government jobs go through recruitment process. Therefore, all applicants must first indicate interest and apply. However, most citizens complain of not having access to the information of FG recruitment. In response to that, we have put together how you can secure a federal government job and apply during recruitment.

Here’s how to find out about federal government job;

  • Search for Jobs at a Specific government Agencies
  • Visit our blog at searchthatjob.com for different federal government recruitment jobs.
  • Furthermore, you can explore local and virtual federal hiring events and training opportunities.
  • Also, former employees would have access to FG current recruitment. What this means is that a former federal employee will have access to such recruitment information.
  • Interestingly, students and recent graduates will have first hand information. As students have graduate entry jobs open to them.

Instead of waiting for the the job to come to you, these steps above will lead you to the job. Also, it’s expedient you know that federal government recruitment jobs are hot cakes!!!

How Do I Apply for a Federal Government Job?

Although there are different parastatals under the FG, their recruitment process is almost the same. However, we do not suggest a peculiar method of application because of difference in requirements and criteria. Instead, we will give you a direct link to many FG recruitment in the country

However to apply, you have to follow these steps;

  • Search for jobs that interest you. (Explore http://Searchthatjob.com for that)
  • Next, review the job announcements to see if you qualify.
  • If you qualify, you have to prepare to send in your application.
  • Visit the peculiar Federal Government Recruitment Agency official portal to kickstart your registration.
  • Carefully, fill their application form and submit.

These steps will aid you have a smooth registration!!! Note: Visit the peculiar federal government agency recruitment portal to apply!!!

Which Federal Government Jobs Can I Apply For in 2021?

For the records, the FG of Nigeria have made available 774,000 jobs for her citizens. In other words 774,000 jobs are up for recruitment. However, you have to apply to the federal government agency of interest.

The available federal government jobs cuts across different labour force. They include the Force, Law Enforcement Agency, Food and Drug Agency, Poverty Eradication schemes etc. Also, agencies in charge petroleum, light and gas are open for recruitment.

Below is the full list of ongoing Federal Government of Nigeria job recruitment. Interestingly, you can apply for any of them today. They include;

What’s the Cost of Applying for Federal Government Jobs?

Kindly note that no amount or fee is attached to any of the federal government recruitment jobs. Disregard any information or process that seeks cash in exchange for registration. The application process for all federal government recruitment jobs is free. Also, the FG offers job base in merit and not by “kind”.

When is FG Recruitment Deadline?

We do not know the deadline for Federal Government recruitment jobs. This is so because each agency have it’s own job recruitment deadline. We recommend you visit the website of the agency of interest for more details.

What’s the Salary Structure of Federal Government Jobs?

Without mincing words, a job with the federal government equates to a good pay. Different parastatals have their peculiar payment structure. However, you need not worry if the federal government pays well. Because yes, after recruitment, the federal government pays her workers well.


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