Schlumberger 2021 – How to Secure a Job and All You Need to Know About Schlumberger

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Schlumberger? Another meal? Or perhaps a burger? Whatever you think, you have clicked on the right link. We have articulated a piece on all you need to know about Schlumberger. Also, you get to see how you can earn a spot in the company. Let’s start!!!

An Overview of Schlumberger

Schlumberger 2021 - How to Secure a Job and All You Need to Know About Schlumberger
How to Secure a Job and All You Need to Know About Schlumberger

Founded by the Schlumberger brothers in 1926 as Electric Prospecting Company. SLB has been at the frontiers of energy services for 95 years. Schlumberger is an oilfield service company ranking No. 1 in the oil industry followed by Halliburton as 3rd. What this means is that SLB Limited is the King of oilfields in the world. Now, when next they pride themselves in that, give them the accolades!!!. Because there is a lot of hard work behind it. Nowadays, a lot of things have become much less energy- and labor-intensive, for example, you can simply type do my dissertation into a search engine, and you have a good grade in your pocket.

Also, with great hard work, SLB is a Fortune Global 500 company that ranked 287 in 2016. However, in 2016, Schlumberger ranked 176 in Forbes Global 2000. SLB spreads across 120 countries with over 140 employees in each country. Interestingly, this accounts for over 86,000 employees across the globe in 2020. SLB has four principal executive offices in Paris (France), Houston (Texas, U.S.), London (UK), and The Hague (Netherlands).

Unlike most companies, SLB believes in top standards in terms of character, professionalism, safety, teamwork, and perfection. Therefore, you have to be an A-grade job applicant to make it into SLB. Also, Schlumberger understands the importance of work-life balance. You need not worry about fatigue the company has plans in making you comfortable while working. If you desire to work with Schlumberger, visit the company’s office for details @

What Does Schlumberger Do?

In simple terms, where there is oil and gas there is Schlumberger. SLB is ubiquitous in fossil fuel operations and the oil world’s most secretive and sophisticated oilfield operator. What you don’t know is that Schlumberger doesn’t actually own any oil or gas fields. However, here’s what SLB does,

  • Cameron
  • Elimination
  • Production
  • Deep-sea drilling
  • Arctic exploration
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Re-fracking (a simulation to boost oil production)

Yes, although SLB does not own any company however they work with many of the nationally owned oil firms that hold most of the world’s reserves.

Why Should I Work With SLB?

Just like most other top companies such as KPMG, Deloitte, and Shell, working with Schlumberger is a significant advantage. Aside from its high level of international reputation, SLB prides in giving the best. Here are some reasons to work with SLB;

  • Workers learn to become good team players.
  • SLB provides a productive and safe environment to work.
  • At Schlumberger, there is a surety of high rate of job delivery.
  • Also, SLB gives her workers the opportunity to build their career.
  • Another name for SLB working environment is a platform to learn. Schlumberger gives room for new ideas and feedback from employees.
  • Also, at SLB, integrity and collaboration with clients is key to management and every worker
  • Workers have the opportunity to tour from country to country on water. (With increased work performance, you get to that level quickly!!!)
  • Here’s the catch, workers gain better understanding about cultural diversity. SLB is a culturally diverse workplace.
  • Also, you earn well with allowances and tours at SLB.

Does Schlumberger Have Subsidiaries?

Yes! SLB operates companies through subsidiaries. Her subsidiaries cuts across Netherlands, British Virgin Islands, Panama, Iran, Sudan, US as well as Nigeria.

What’s the Salary Structure of Workers at SLB?

If you’re wondering if SLB pays well, then the answer is yes. However, there are determinants of that fact. Now, depending on your location, job title and role at SLB, your salary might be higher or lower. However, we have articulated the salary structure of some job roles at SLB in Nigeria. Here’s what to expect at Schlumberger Nigeria;

  • Maintenance Technician #760,000
  • General Field engineer #520,000
  • Administrator #285,000
  • Field Engineer #210,000
  • Field Specialist Trainee #133,000
  • Security Advisor #103,000
  • Intern #72,000

This is the average monthly salary at Schlumberger Nigeria. Kindly note that this is aside allowance and Christmas bonuses. But the higher you go, the more you earn at SLB. However, a master’s degree or over 3 years professional experience in your field can mean more pay.

Does Schlumberger Accept Interns?

Yes, if you’re a 2:1 student in any engineering field, Schlumberger is looking forward to meet you. However, you must have basic knowledge of HSE, safety and engineering practices. Also, it’s expedient you know interns get the opportunity to work onshore and offshore as well. SLB pays her interns #72,000 per month. Here’s a piece of advice for interns, if you work well, SLB will keep you.

Do I Need Wealth of Experience to Work with SLB?

Well, yes, you do. However, it’s not stringent criteria for employment at Schlumberger. At SLB, there are 5.4% entry levels, 25.2% early career staffs, 27.7% mid career staffs, 13.5% late career staff and 28.1% experienced staff. Therefore, the company funds her staff for career advancement and development while with the company.

Do Women work in Schlumberger?

Yes, women work with Schlumberger. Both as engineers and in other professions. Although the gender difference is much, SLB employs women as well as men. Therefore, here’s what the gender difference looks like at SLB.

  • Male 69.3%
  • Female 30.2%

Kindly note that being a woman does not affect the salary structure at Schlumberger.

How Do I Apply to Schlumberger?

First is to send in your application. Attach your well written CV or resume and prepare for an interview. They shortlist you based on your resume, so it is important that you ensure your resume is good enough to impress. Also, explore our site at for details on how to write a top-notch résumé.

What Do I Expect From SLB Aptitude Test?

Yes, you will write an aptitude test. Here’s what to expect.

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Schlumberger Technical
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Verbal Test
  • Field Engineer Test
  • Presentation
  • Group Exercise

If you pass these tests, you’re up for an interview with Schlumberger. They will communicate the venue to you.


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