Best Insurance Companies in Georgia 2022 – All You Need to Know

With all the shouts of uncertainty screaming from ear to ear, it’s not out of place to seek insurance. Therefore, in this guide we bring you the best business, health, car and homeowners insurance companies in Georgia.

We do not base our list on some random research. However, we considered factors such as the best customer service and J.D Power scores.

So you can be sure these companies we bring to the table are worth your cash.

5 Best Business Insurance Companies in Georgia

Business owners should take advantage of the affordable insurance rates insurance providers in Georgia offer.

Interestingly, Atlanta Georgia, has business insurance offers for both small-scale and large-scale businesses.

Even if you want to secure your job as a 9-5 worker, you will find the insurance package that will suit you in Georgia.

But before you check out the insurance companies, it’s ideal you know the type of business insurance you want. 

They include;

  • General Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Workers’ Compensation

Following this is a list of best business insurance companies in Georgia;

1. The Hartford: Best Overall for Business Insurance

Hartford is one of the insurance providers in Georgia which has been recognized 12 times as the World’s Most Ethical Company by the Ethisphere Institute. 

Now, no matter what business you do, Hartford has an insurance policy for you. 

Basically, they provide business coverage for legal liability, employee-related risks and property damage. 

Also, many people choose Hartford because of its business owner’s policy (BOP). 

Hartford’s BOP covers general liability, business income and commercial property insurance all in 1.

2. Hiscox: Best for Small Businesses

Next on our list of best business insurance companies in Georgia is Hiscox.

Hiscox is the leading small business insurance provider in Georgia. 

Also, research this insurance company is protecting over 180 professions. 

Some of its coverage options include professional and general liability (E&O) and business owners policy (BOP) insurance.

Also, they extend their insurance policy to short-term liability, cybersecurity and workers compensation insurance. 

Another peculiar thing about Hiscox is that they give clients the opportunity to find the kind of coverage they need.

They do this through Hiscox’s 20-second quiz. You can leverage that tool.

3. Simply Business: Best for Sole Proprietors

If you’re a sole proprietor looking for insurance for your business, then this is it. 

With Simply Business Insurance, you can narrow down the recommended insurance options based on your type of work. 

Also, this insurance company offers coverage for the risk of your industry, including photography, accounting or landscaping.

4. Progressive: Best for Commercial Auto Coverage

Although progressive is one of the car insurance companies in Georgia, it also offers insurance for business-owned vehicles.

In addition, Progressive is America’s No. 1 commercial auto insurer of business owned vehicles. 

Through its Progressive Advantage® Business Program, its licensed agents offer first-class services that suit their clients’ kind of work.

Also, progressive is one of the business insurance companies in Georgia that offers flexible payment plans with a 15% discount.

5. biBERK: Best for Umbrella Insurance

Just like the name signifies, biBERK offers extra coverage for your business and assets should in case a claim exceeds your current policy limits. 

However, securing an umbrella coverage at biBERK will require you to have an appropriate underlying insurance policy. 

For the first $1 million of umbrella insurance at biBERK, it will cost your business $200 to $400 per year.

So, whether you’re a small or large scale business owner in Georgia, you can find the best insurance policy for you in either of the above we’ve listed.

4 Best Car Insurance Companies in Georgia

When looking for an auto insurance company, the cost is not only the most important factor to consider. 

It’s also wise you consider the insurance company ratings. Usually, it’s best if you look out for the customer’s satisfaction using the J.D. Power scores.

Also, the AM Best financial stability score rating will also give the best options to choose from.

Therefore, following these criteria, we have come up with a list of the best insurance companies in Georgia for your car.

1. Auto-Owners

Although Auto-owners is not a national insurer, it’s one of the best auto insurance companies you can count on in Georgia. 

Even though this company offers Georgia drivers low average full coverage premium as well as a long list of discounts.

Also, with this insurance provider in Georgia, you can be able to save by paying in full and on time.

2.  Geico

Although Geico offers other forms of insurance aside from cars, it’s best known for car insurance in Georgia.

AM Best rates the company A++ in financial strength.

Also, Geico is known for offering a multitude of discounts.

So just by ensuring your car is safe with Geico auto insurance, you can save more.

However, you stand a better chance to insure your car if you’re a federal employee, or a member of the military or just being a good driver.

It’s top-notch customer service makes Geico one of the best insurance companies in Florida as well.

3. State Farm

Here’s another top insurance company in our list of best car insurance companies in Georgia. 

With State Farm you get the cheapest insurance rates. 

Also, this insurance provider offers several discounts that help you save even more on your car insurance. 

With the State Farm mobile app, customers can do just about everything. 

You can file a claim and can also request roadside assistance.

4. Allstate

Allstate is one of the best insurance companies in California

A car insurance with Allstate comes at a competitive price. 

Also, customers have access to plenty of digital tools that make the service easy. 

Peculiar to this insurance vendor in Georgia is the amazing discount offers. 

Allstate discounts include; new car, safe driver and smart student discounts.

Best Insurance Companies in Georgia 2022 - All You Need to Know
Best Insurance Companies in Georgia 2022 – All You Need to Know

4 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Georgia

If you’re looking for the best insurance rates for your home in Georgia, then you just clicked right. 

Insurance for homeowners comes at an average cost in Georgia. 

To help you streamline your search, we have put together the best insurance companies homeowners can take advantage in Georgia. 

The list includes;

1. Farmers: Best homeowners insurance for most people

Do not even think that this is a home insurance company for farmers. 

It absolutely has nothing to do with that. 

Farmers’ homeowners insurance is literally a standout insurance company in Georgia.

It has enhanced, standard and premier homeowners packages.

This means regardless of your kind of home, you will find an insurance policy fit for you. 

Additionally, Farmers’ insurance rates are affordable and convenient.  

Talking about cost, homeowners insurance costs about $1,100 per year. 

It’s literally cheap!!!

2. Cincinnati: Most affordable homeowners insurance

Looking for the best cheap homeowners insurance company in Georgia? 

It’s definitely a Cincinnati insurance company. Insurance costs about $936 per year.

At Cincinnati, you can choose to reduce your premium or not. You do this by taking some strategic steps like outfitting your home with a security system or fire alarm.

Although they’re a small insurance provider, their customer service is well-regarded. 

Also, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Cincinnati does not have many complaints.

3. Country Financial: Best homeowners insurance for complete coverage

Country financial is one of the best insurance companies for homeowners in Georgia.

With Country homeowners insurance, you can get many discounts to personalize your coverage.

Actually, we recommend Country Financial for people who want insurance coverage with many endorsements. 

Also, this insurance provider standard homeowners insurance costs about $1,230 per year.

4. USAA: Best for military families

This is the best insurance company that Georgia’s military families can get in the state.

USAA’s homeowners insurance policies are only open to retired or active military service members and their families. 

Because it’s military, it comes at a cost. 4% less than the statewide mean. 

However, you can be sure of its high-quality customer service.

Other insurance companies homeowners can trust (though they are not the best) in Georgia include;

  • Chubb
  • Allstate
  • Travelers
  • State Farm
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Georgia Farm Bureau    
  • Auto-Owners Insurance Co.

4 Best Health Insurance Companies in Georgia

With health insurance, you can pay for your medical care without much stress.

Purchasing a health insurance plan from any health insurance company is one way to start this journey.

However, it’s not ideal to purchase an insurance policy from just any company.

To that regard, we bring you the list of the best insurance companies in Georgia. 

Each and everyone has their peculiarity. So it’s best you find the best for you and your budget.

However, before we start out on that, you need to know the types of health coverage plans

The types includes;

  • Bronze: covers 60% medical costs. 
  • Silver: covers 70% medical costs.
  • Gold: covers 80% medical costs.
  • Platinum: covers 90% medical costs. 
  • Catastrophic: These are high-deductible plans designed for people 30 and younger. 

Below is a list of the best health insurance companies in Georgia;

1. Alliant Health Plans

This is one of the insurance companies in Georgia that offers health coverage for individuals, families, and groups.

Besides this, Alliant health plans, you can include all forms of health policies including dental benefits.

You can count on Alliant dental insurance because they have a partnership with Dominion National. (a dental insurer and provider of dental and vision benefits)

2. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

Blue cross blue shield is one of the biggest health insurance companies in the USA. 

Many mistake it as “Anthem“. But the truth is, they’re just one and the same.

Besides offering health insurance policies for employers and individuals, BCBSGA also serves seniors with Medicare Supplemental Insurance and group life.

Also, their services extend to dental, vision,  disability insurance and 360° Health.

3. Ambetter from Peach State Health Plan

In Georgia, Ambetter is known for its cheap health insurance.

It’s premiums are lower than Alliant as well as other health insurances. 

This is one of the best health insurance companies in Georgia.

4. United Healthcare

Next on our list of best health insurance providers in Georgia is United Healthcare.

In America, United tops the chat as one of the largest and best known insurance providers.

Besides that, customers can get coverage for doctor and hospital visits as well as accidents and short-term policies.

At United Healthcare, you can find the perfect insurance policy that works for you.

5. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser is the best healthcare insurance if you’re living in Atlanta and Athens. 

With Kaiser Permanente, you get more than a health insurance provider.

They have provision for visitation to an urgent care center, general practitioner, hospital or even a yoga facility.

All these are part of the package.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Insurance Companies in Georgia

What Are The Best Insurance Companies I Can Work For In Georgia?

If you want to work with an insurance company in Georgia and don’t know which to apply for, then we have helped you get a list ready.

From research, we found out that most of the best insurance companies in Georgia do not make it to the list of the best you can work for. 

If you want the best when it comes to salary, good employee relationship and work stability, then apply to either of these companies;

  • Wise
  • Aflac
  • Crawford & Company
  • American Safety Holdings
  • OneDigital Health and Benefits
  • The Swett & Crawford Group
  • Custard Insurance Adjusters
  • ZC Sterling Insurance Agency
  • Allen Insurance Group
  • Directline Communications
  • Engle Martin & Associates
  • Atlantic American
  • Builders Insurance Group
  • Proudfoot Reports
  • Atlanta Casualty Group
  • Palmer & Cay
  • J. Smith Lanier & Co.
  • Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

Keep in mind that increasing your employability is one way to stand a chance to make it into any of the above mentioned companies.

What’s the Average Cost of Insurance in Georgia?

No doubt insurance policies come at a price. And the cost depends on the type,kind of insurance and what is being insured.

For instance, cars don’t have the same insurance cost as homes and businesses. 

Also, insurance costs depend on the insurance company. 

Here’s a peek into the average cost of the best insurance companies in Georgia;

Cost of Health insurance companies Georgia

In 2019, the average cost for a health insurance bronze plan is $354.

Silver: $460 and $538 for a Gold plan.

On a general note, health insurance for Georgian residents costs about $6,587 per year 

Cost of Business Insurance 

The kind of business you do in Georgia will largely determine the cost of the insurance. 

We do not have an estimate for this information. 

Cost of Car Insurance Companies in Georgia

Car insurance in Georgia costs a little over $300 more than the average annual cost of car insurance in the USA. 

Georgia residents get to pay about $1,982 per year for car insurance. 

Cost of Homeowners Insurance companies in Georgia

A typical home in Georgia has an average insurance cost of $936 per year. 


With this detailed guide, I believe you can find the perfect insurance policy, rates, and company for your cars, homes, businesses and your health.



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