Best Insurance Companies in Florida 2022 – All You Need to Know

If you’re living in Florida, USA and you’re seeking the best car, health, business, or homeowners insurance companies, this guide will help you do that effortlessly.

After our article on the best insurance companies in California, we thought it wise to help our Florida readers get the same information.

In Florida, there are many insurance companies that offer good rates. 

However, some have poor customer service. And others are really expensive.

But in this piece, we have considered the best both in rates, policy, and other factors. 

However, if you don’t find your perfect fit because of cost, we recommend you take a look at the affordable insurance companies in Florida.

To that regard, let’s show you some of the best insurers in Florida.

For clarity, we have outlined this article into sections to help you get the best. 

4 Best Auto Insurance Companies in Florida.

If you’re living in Florida, you sure do need insurance for your car. 

By nature, Florida roads are always crowded. And the number of drivers was more than 131 million in 2019.

Considering a car insurance policy is a golden idea in this kind of environment. It’s also an important aspect of your health. 

From research, we have outlined the largest auto insurance companies in Florida. 

#1. Geico

Geico is one of the auto insurance companies you can trust in Florida, USA. 

They’re the best if you’re on the lookout for lower-than-average premiums, strong digital assets, and a long list of discounts.

At Geico, you can have a reduction in your insurance premium. But you must be a federal employee, an active or retired military member or a student with good grades.

The average annual premium at Geico costs $2,085.

According to the 2021 J.D. Power U.S. Insurance Digital Experience Study, Geico is highly rated for good customer service in the. 

AM Best, rates the financial strength of this Floridian auto insurance provider A++ (Superior). 

#2. State Farm

In addition to car insurance, State Farm offers younger drivers and students an opportunity to take defensive driving courses. 

Also the 2021 J.D. Power Auto Insurance Study for Florida ranks State Farm highest for customer satisfaction.

Also, State Farm carries an A++ (Superior) financial strength rating from AM Best. 

Because State Farm has agents in differ towns in Florida, they can be easily accessed.

Also, this makes them one of the most reliable insurance companies in Florida.

The average annual car premium at State Farm costs $1,739.

#3. Progressive

Just so you know, progressive car insurance does not come cheap. 

However, it’s advantages and benefits outweigh any cost. 

Progressive is one of those insurance companies in Florida that will offer the best using digital tools.

Their ease of service gives them a high place in the customer satisfaction column. 

However, compared to other auto insurance companies in Florida, progressive do not have high financial strength. AM Best rates them A+ (Superior).

The average annual premium for cars costs $2,573

#4. Allstate

Allstate is one of the best auto insurance companies in Florida. It’s average annual premium costs about $2,441.

One peculiar thing about Allstate auto insurance is that you have a lot of coverage choices.

Also, drivers who have insurance with Allstate save by managing their policy digitally. 

In addition, you can install safety equipment and use safe driving habits to join the company’s safe driving club. 

Also, AM Best satisfies Allstate A+ (Superior) in financial strength.

5 Best Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies

Talking about homeowners insurance, the kind of insurance you get will depend on the community you live in Florida. 

Finding a standard coverage may be easier for homeowners living in lower-risk areas.

However, those at the coasts get to pay much higher premiums. And secondly, they might struggle to get insurance from private carriers.

Having done our research on that, we bring you a list of the best homeowners insurance companies in Florida.

#1. Allstate

Allstate offers you the best homeowners and auto insurance. Subscribing for both packages can come with a great discount. 

This insurance company is one of the excellent property insurers for homeowners. 

It’s coverage is underwritten by its Castle Key Insurance Company Florida subsidiary. 

A peek into the average annual premium for homeowners at Allstate costs $1,410.

#2. Chubb

Chubb’s annual premium for homes in Florida cost about $1,417. 

Many say that Chubb is a good choice for homeowners with high-value homes in Florida. 

It’s insurance policies include extended replacement cost coverage or rebuilding your home.

Also, you can choose the cash settlement option if you decide not to rebuild after a covered loss. 

#3. Security First

Security First is a Florida-based regional insurance provider that offers home insurance at a cheap rate. 

The insurance cost is about $451 in a year. It actually offers the lowest average premium on our list. 

Also, Security First offers insurance based on the age of your home.

In addition to this you choose whether to have coverage for flood damage, golf carts and screened enclosures or not. 

#4. State Farm

State Farm offers homeowners an in-person insurance experience. Its incredible customer service reviews state that they offer the very best.

However, the company’s average annual premium is higher than Florida’s average.

It’s premium costs about $1,404.

#5. Travelers

Travelers is one of the best homeowners insurance companies in Florida. 

Its average home insurance premium costs $918 in a year. 

An insurance with Travelers comes with savings. Also, customers who have protective devices installed get discounts.

Other homeowners insurance companies in Florida include;

Best Insurance Companies in Florida 2022 - All You Need to Know
Best Health Insurance Companies in Florida

5 Best Health Insurance Companies in Florida.

As you have insured your car and home, what about your health?

To give you an idea of what health insurance companies in Florida have to offer. Here’s some information on the best five; 

#1. Aetna Health Insurance Company

Aetna is licensed with the Florida Department of Insurance. This means if Aetna cannot pay their claim, FDI gives you protection. 

Besides health coverage, Aetna also offers insurance for large and small businesses.

As a surety, they have been in the business for 150 years, and their customer satisfaction review speaks well of them.

#2. Assurant Health Insurance Company

Next on our list of best health insurance companies in Florida is Assurant.

Assurant health insurance companies prefer to insure people who are in temporary situations. 

Besides that, you’re likely to get a lot of discount from this insurance provider if you’re self-employed, retired, or waiting for new insurance coverage to begin. 

Also, this health insurance provider guarantees the same insurance rates for at least one year. 

This guarantee covers both traditional plans and for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). 

#3. Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Florida 

This is also one of the health insurance companies who have affiliations with the Florida Department of Insurance.

Also, this healthcare insurance provider has a medicare supplement insurance plan for Florida residents who are 65 and older. 


CIGNA Health Insurance Company has stood the taste of time for over 200 years. 

Since its inception, the company consistently scores an “A” or “A-” from Standards and Poor’s independent rating company. 

Also, this healthcare insurance provider offers insurance for individuals and groups. They can choose from an HMO, PPO, or POS plan.

However, they focus majorly on providing fast claim service and referral responses. 

#5. Avalon Healthcare Company

Peculiar to Avalon is strategy in offering individual customers a choice. You can choose either a co-pay plan, health savings account plan or a high deductible plan. 

Also, this is one of the medical insurance companies in Florida that offers an on-call nurse service for 24 hours.

In the list of best health insurance companies in Florida, Avalon tops the chart because of their amazing plans and services. 

7 Best Small Business Insurance Companies in Florida

If you own a business in Florida and you want to insure it, here are a few options you can choose from;

#1. State Farm

State Farm offers business owners and companies varieties of insurance coverage in Florida. 

Also, the insurance policies for business owners in State Farm are designed for each stage of a company’s growth cycle including general and professional liability.

#2. Hiscox

Hiscox is a business insurance company best for independent contractors.

Also, this insurance company offers customized solutions for 180+ different industries

Such includes; salons, fitness instructors, consultants, therapists, janitors, and acupuncturists.

#3. Nationwide

Next on our list of best business insurance companies in Florida is Nationwide.

Nationwide is best known for general liability insurance.

In addition to general liability, Nationwide offers insurance covering business property, commercial auto and BOP.

Also, their services extends towards workers’ compensation, EPLI, equipment breakdown coverage, and umbrella insurance. 

#4. The Hartford

Hartford is best known for insurance on workers’ compensation.

Although it was founded as a fire insurance company, this insurance provider has grown into a Fortune 500 company.

Hartford offers many types of business insurance including general liability, BOPs and data breach coverage.

Also, they offer commercial auto, umbrella, business income, and professional liability coverage. 

#5. Travelers

Need commercial property insurance? Travelers are your best bet. They are one of the top business insurance companies in Florida.

Business such as transportation, manufacturing, construction, retail, and public entities can be safely insured by Travelers.

Also, the company has developed expertise in commercial property insurance as well. 

Travelers operates on international bases. Therefore, it’s well-suited to provide coverage for companies that do business internationally.

Beyond this list, other top business insurance companies in Florida you can count on include

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Insurance Companies in Florida.

What are the best Insurance companies to work for in Florida?

If you recently relocated to Florida for studies or to live, and you want to work for an insurance company.

Here are a few we consider the best for you;

  • NCCI.
  • AvMed
  • HCI Group
  • HealthPlan Services
  • FCCI Insurance Group
  • People’s Trust Insurance
  • Citizens Property Insurance
  • Universal Insurance Holdings
  • Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Co
  • American Heritage Life Insurance Company

Kindly note that the above list comes in no particular order. However, we made this list based on worker’s satisfaction reviews, salaries, and company reviews.


Finding the perfect insurance plan for you in Florida can be quite a task.

With the amazing offers, each insurance company offers, making a choice could be tasking.

However, with the list we have outlined above, you just know where to go for your car, business, health as well as homeowners insurance.

We believe this article has given you insight into the best insurance companies in Florida for 2022.

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