20 Most Popular Jobs in Indonesia 2020

20 Most Popular Jobs in Indonesia in 2020

Searching for most common jobs in Indonesia 2020? the great news is, we have prepared 20 most popular jobs in Indonesia 2020. So, do you reside in Indonesia or are you intending moving to Indonesia? this opportunity is for you.

Securing good jobs for many has been a serious issue, I can say, the reason behind that is lack of information.

Jobs in Indonesia

jobs in Indonesia

After you must have finished your elementary school study, and then going to the middle school, then high school and eventually a college, we would like to be one thing that we have a tendency to continuously wish for.

Finding a career isn’t a simple factor, as a result, you would have to carry out at least a research 1st on the actual job. Additionally, as an adult, we want to calculate the payment, if it will fulfil our expenses or not.

Being a job with a really sensible level of wage isn’t the only factor that individuals are trying to find. although most of them wish to get a job with a really high payment (which is like not possible on the start), the strain level in a very specific job is additionally involved.

Stress can cause depression and suicide at its highest level. So, if you’re confused about what reasonably job you would take, then perhaps our list of the popular jobs in the Republic of Indonesia will assist you:

Benefits of Working in Indonesia

Employment laws are required to shield employees from arbitrary or unfair treatment and to guarantee efficient contracting between employers and employees.

Mandatory edges for workers in Indonesia include:

  • Sick Days

Paid leave just in case of ill health should be proven by a medical certificate. illness pay is paid by the leader with a speed of 100 per cent of the employee’s pay for the primary four months. the proportion of the pay decreases after.

Female staff are entitled to two days of menstrual leave throughout the first and second day of menstruation.

  • Vacation Days

Employees are entitled to twelve paid holiday days after one year of employment.

  • Social Security

Social security payments are necessary by the law.

Percentages are often found within the chart below:

 Employee employer
Work accident _ –0.24%-1.74%
Death/life insurance 0.3%
Old age 2% 3.7%
Pension 1% 2%
Health insurance 1% 4%
Total 4 % 10.24%-11.74%

This is dependent on the industry

  • Termination Notice

The notice of termination or pay in part of notice thought doesn’t apply in-country. Labour laws solely give that if termination of employment is inevitable, the employer and therefore the worker is obliged to conduct bipartite negotiations to succeed in agreement for the settlement of the termination of employment.

The negotiations could surface inside an amount of thirty days. throughout such thirty-day amount, the employer is obliged to tell the workers relating to the explanation of termination (and alternative connected issues) and to present the worker a chance to debate the explanation for termination and therefore the termination payment.

Any termination should be approved by Labour Court.

  • Pension Fund

Contribution to the pension fund is necessary by the law. The employer contribution is 5.7% from gross pay and worker contributes 3%.

  • Severance Pay

The amount and kind of severance to be paid to a worker will vary counting on the idea of the dismissal. If the dismissal is due to the employee’s fault, the worker is entitled to the following:

° Standard severance pay. One month’s pay for each year of service, up to 9 months’ pay.

° Service appreciation pays. 2 months’ pay for the first 3 years of service, followed by an extra one month’s pay for every 3 years of service thenceforth, up to a most of 10 months’ pay for twenty-four years of service.

° Compensation. financial compensation should be paid to hide the subsequent (Labour Law):

√ annual leave that has not invalid or been taken;

√ relocation expenses (that is, expenses to relocate the worker and their family to the place from that they were recruited);

√ medical and housing allowance

√ other edges provided below the individual contract, the corporate laws or the collective labour agreement (CLA); and

√ other compensation amounts as determined by the economic Relations Court (this will embrace special arrangements between the employer and employee).

If the dismissal isn’t due to the employee’s fault (dismissal while not cause), the worker is entitled to 2 times the severance pays the amount and the quality service appreciation pay and compensation.

  • Income Taxes

Income tax rates in Indonesia as represented below:

Tax rate financial gain (INR)
5%  up to 5,000,000
15% 5,000,000 – 250,000,000
25%  250,000,000 – 500,000,000
30% 500,000,000 and over

20 Most Popular Jobs in Indonesia

  1. Teacher

Being a lecturer is one noble job within the world. The teacher is truly the one that is answerable for the success of their students. Those children grew up to be no matter they require, as successful as they will be. And with their teachings, all the nice things in life, as well as social life and education, maybe cited for several generations.

The teaching job in Indonesia encompasses a pretty high level of security. Having a comfortable education isn’t enough to be an honest teacher.

Well, manner and additionally patient are the necessities that almost all individuals ought to consummate initial before truly applying to be a lecturer. Teaching children with power in making learning strategies that are apprehensive is additionally a crucial side.


Here is the different article you can read alongside this list of Jobs in Indonesia 2020.

  1. Bank workers

Of course, to urge a high pay a.k.a money, one ought to work wherever the money keeps current. and therefore, the good place for that’s Bank. In Bank, there’s cash coming back in and popping out every day. the money cycle ought to be understood within the initial place if you would like to use to essentially any bank in each country, as well as Indonesia.

There’s tons of bank in Indonesia, owned by either government or individual. Usually, the works in Bank need an ability in the accounting field. Besides that, the management and analyst ability are hunted. It’s pretty truthful because once you’re operating in a very Bank, particularly government-owned ones, you’ll be able to have a correct pay and plenty of supports for your terribly diligence.

  1. Government workers

The next one that additionally enclosed within the common jobs in Indonesia is Government workers. Operating in a very bank that is owned by the government additionally generally needs individuals to try to check initially to be a government worker.

Throughout a year, there’ll be a check, complete control for the folks that interested to be one. many folks would like to be government worker, as a result of it’s significantly high pay.

But, the check is extremely strict although. Not many folks will pass it. That’s why, before the check truly happens, many folks would really like to check initial in learning establishments, or by themselves with reading books regarding the govt check. Also, once you’re finally enclosed as a government worker, you must be able to be placed everyplace in Indonesia.

  1. Marketing

You can become wealthy if you’ll be able to sell. So, mercantilism methodology or ability is that the most significant demand to be a successful person, particularly if you would like to be an entrepreneur and build your own company. But, if you would like to assemble some skills initially and need to feel what quite an expertise they need in a very company, perhaps operating in promoting division will suit you.

At first, the most company would require its employees to “go outside”. Yes, most of them can check your marketing skills outside. It’s an ideal place although for anyone United Nations agency would like to pay their days outside the corporate.

You’ll be required to sell some stuff outside, altogether specialize in the client. when passing that check, you’ll be able to finally add the corporate once more to be targeted on the company’s promoting strategy.

  1. Indonesian Migrant staff

For the folks that don’t have the chance to experience studying in high school or university, don’t worry because you’ll be able to even have a probability to create some cash operating outside Indonesia. Yes, to become an Indonesian Migrant staff. This work is truly quite common in Indonesia, most of the people from villages are coming back to town only for attempting to be one.

Even individuals from cities are additionally interested in this job. the most reason is, as a result of the payment may be huge once you’re operating as an Indonesian migrant staff. After applying and do some check and paying for administration, you’ll be transported to foreign countries to work at your new workplace. Your pay depends on what’s the currency of that country.

  1. IT

Many say that it’s terribly confusing. But, if you are aware of it, the necessity of IT keeps up during this year and therefore the future. we tend to as human cannot be divided from technology. Our laptop, phone, and even some applications contained inside our phone are in fact vital to support our life during this terribly fashionable lifetime.

And many firms need this rare ability within the world of IT. That’s why, the IT staff are forever required in a very company, particularly if that company need growth.

The chance is wide open for essentially everybody with this explicit ability, particularly for the contemporary graduates who have an improved or the latest ability in IT.

  1. Journalist

The next job could be a journalist. Being a journalist isn’t that straightforward. once you’re doing AN interview or a live report, there’ll be uncommon events. And as a newsman or journalist, you must capture those moments. transportation AN exclusive news for your station could be a nice purpose and for your career. So, a journalist could be a terribly sophisticated and nevertheless revered job.

Like a teacher, the journalist may be enclosed as a noble job. Because, you’ll bring the news, particularly created for the audience everyplace around the country, in any condition. That’s why, besides it’s a fun job, as a result, you’ll be able to be in a very place of event that placed outside of the station and telling individuals regarding the event there, being a journalist is additionally an awfully risky job.

Not solely owing to the folks that forever mocking the journalists, however additionally the danger that may hunt the journalist within the place of the event.

  1. Accountant

Money, number, and calculation, that’s solely a tiny low a part of being an accountant. many people can suppose that studying accounting means you can only become bank employees or clerks, that isn’t true in the slightest degree. Besides being an accountant is a very company, you’ll be able to additionally become an enclosed auditor, tax planner, or external auditor if you would like it.

Maybe owing to the styles of job and additionally the opportunities that appear to be wide open for contemporary graduate in accounting, The Economy and Business college in some universities in Indonesia is often being a favorite one. once you’re finally being an accountant, you’ll have tons of duties. But, the reward for its forever worthwhile.

  1. Doctor

The other noble job that you simply will notice during this world could be a doctor. Being a doctor isn’t simply curing the diseases of individuals, however, additionally, offer them understanding regarding their diseases in a calm manner and a clear mind. A doctor can’t simply merely provide a random drug to the diseases that are unknown to them. they need to try tons of analysis first about that particular disease to search out the cure.

In Indonesia, being a doctor is often turning into a dream of each child. It’s truly one in every of several common jobs in Indonesia, several oldsters would dream that their children may be a doctor sooner or later.

However, the factor is, being a doctor isn’t a straightforward job. It’s regarding passion and willingness. Once you’re passionate about treating someone, you’ll not simply surrender and forever try and notice the solution to cure them.

  1. Nurse

And for the tenth job that additionally enclosed as a 1 of the many common jobs in Indonesia is Nurse. although the work of a nurse appears to simply serve to the doctors in treating a patient, however, it’s truly not that straightforward.

They’re additionally the vital individuals within the hospital. Their field of labor isn’t simply truly serving to doctor, however additionally getting ready something and serving to the patients.

With the dedication of labor and seriousness, being a nurse will offer you a fairly sensible pay, a minimum of higher than the typical. Not everybody may be a nurse although. As a doctor, teacher, and essentially each job, the individuals would like an honest ability. they have to be told all data regarding health too, at least to prepare them to contend with the patients.

  1. Workers of SOEs

State-Owned Enterprises or abbreviated to SOEs are mushrooming all over it has amounted to over a hundred and twenty SOEs. For the productive workforce to figure as a BUMN worker is an added advantage and pride of its own. Not solely high salaries however additionally allowance and career ways that are promising were seen in view.

  1. Civil servants

Who doesn’t need to work as a civil servant? additionally to obtaining a basic regular payment this profession additionally offers several edges. There’s additionally a pension fund which will be obtained once the civil servants are not any longer productive.

In fact, once the communication CPNS opened the number of candidates ready to penetrate the amount of tens of thousands of individuals.

  1. Peddlers

Peddlers are traders who monger their merchandise from village to village. a number of them still carry their wares on foot, however, some others have bought vehicles like bicycles, motorcycles, or perhaps cars.

In Indonesia, this profession becomes the foremost chosen job to survive. No surprise if you’ll be able to realize hawkers in each corner, particularly in varied massive cities of Indonesia.

  1. Driver

Such an obligation and a crucial customary is the profession of an expert driver – either a daily driver, driver monthly, driver of wedding, on-line driver or driver even offer service or best service to each client or shopper who delivered it where and at any time like driver company who deliver workers to the corporate, the wedding driver who delivered the family unit. Nowadays, this profession becomes the foremost favorite in Indonesia.

  1. Waiter/waitress

The waiter is someone who works in restaurants, bars, or cafes to serve guests who come. This work belongs to the service sector. The waiter records the visitor’s order then bring the food or drinks to the customer’s table. an honest waiter will facilitate guests by recommending the simplest menu.

Many of the waiters requested by his employers wore uniforms. Giving tip to waiters was suggested by Western and Middle Eastern countries, whereas waiters in Asia-Pacific principally don’t receive a tip.

  1. Salesman

This profession also can be classified as a profession with air mass and stress. the salesperson is that the spearhead of financial gain from a corporation in exchange for incentive bonus alias if the sales reach the target. Their success is truly back to what they’re mercantilism. once the merchandise is in demand by the community, the mercantilism is straightforward and therefore the stress level won’t be high.

  1. Mill staff

Workers are folks that work for others, whereas employees work for an agency or company. whereas the worker during a contract works with a company or agency. workers solely have and bond with Human Resources or Personnel Section. Her regular payment is regulated by individuals of this section who have a similar standing as another person within the company: as a worker. In Indonesia, there’s a minimum of 15% of the laborers work on the mill daily.

  1. Farmers

A farmer is a person engaged in agriculture, principally by managing the land for the aim of growing and maintaining crops (such as rice, flowers, fruits etc.), within the hope of getting the income of the crops for his or her own use or mercantilism them to others.

They can additionally offer industrial raw materials, like cereals for alcoholic beverages, juice, and wool or cotton for weaving and covering. Indonesia is associate degree farming country, no surprise many folks are farmers.

  1. Fisherman

The fisherman is a term for folks that work daily catch fish or different biology that sleep in the bottom, column or surface waters. Waters that become the realm of fishing activity is fresh, briny water and ocean.

In developing countries like Southeast Asia or Africa, there are still several fishermen who use easy instrumentation to catch fish. Fishermen in developed countries sometimes use fashionable instrumentation and huge ships equipped with advanced technology. Since Indonesia is a marine country, numerous individuals become fishermen.

  1. Street performer/singer

Street performing artist or in Bahasa Indonesia famed with “Pengamen” is a profession that you just will realize in any central city in Indonesia. On the bus, on the facet of the road, even within the center of the gang, you’ll be able to simply realize them.

Pengamen is the most vivacious profession in Indonesia. Not occasionally, their existence is even thought-about heavy. The profession of singers is typically chosen by somebody who is forced to sing as a result of unemployment.

Those are the foremost common jobs in Indonesia Dutch East that you’ll be able to realize all over in Indonesia. If you propose to remain in Indonesia, check to decide on the roles that suit you.

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