Best Insurance Companies in Minnesota 2023

Are you looking for the best business, car, homeowners and health insurance companies in Minnesota?

Then, this is certainly the right article. 

Everything in life is risky, therefore getting protection for unforeseen losses in the form of insurance is indeed a worthwhile venture. 

This article will let you know the best business, car, homeowners and health insurance companies in Minnesota.

In addition you will get to know how much it costs to purchase insurance policies.

Also, the insurance providers we listed here have been selected based on company track records,customer reviews, as well as satisfaction rates.

But before you go on, you may want to check out other articles on the best insurance companies in other states in the USA including New Jersey.

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4 Best Homeowner Insurance Companies in Minnesota.

Property owners in Minnesota are likely to be a victim of unexpected perils such as windstorm, snow or ice etc.

This is because Minnesota is a northern state located adjacently to the Great plain region.

Hence, the reason why homeowners need to purchase insurance for their homes..

Based on research, the average cost of homeowners insurance in Minnesota is $1,952 annually.

This amount is considered more expensive when compared to other states in the US.

Looking further let’s look at the five best insurance companies for homeowners in Minnesota that are affordable and mostly used by the citizens.

#1. Travelers.

Travelers is known as one of the best homeowners insurance companies for most people in Minnesota.

It provides a standard insurance homeowner policy that is affordable and covers a lot of dangers. 

Some of these dangers include hail, fire, wind etc.

However, the cost of home insurance in Travelers in a year is approximately $1,369.

Nevertheless, Travelers have a way of minimizing cost for their policyholders through fair and attainable discounts.

You can get discounts and save up if you;

  • Do not have an  unclean insurance history.
  • Bought your home within 12 months of the start of your policy.
  • Equip your home with protective devices such as burglar alarms and so on.
  • Bundle your policy with a car insurance policy from Travelers, etc.

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#2. Chubb.

Chubb is one of the best homeowner insurance providers in Minnesota that offers coverage for high-value homes.

If you have an expensive home you are looking forward to insure then Chubb is the right click for you.

This insurance provider is renowned for the quality of its claims service.

Chubb’s masterpiece homeowners insurance package is designed to appeal to its policyholders in such a way it has higher limits for property protection and liability.

It’s cost is about $2,000 in a year.

Also, Chubb offers some additional benefits such as replacement cost coverage and cash out option. 

This means in case of any property damage you can decide to keep your payment instead of rebuilding your home.

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#3. North Star Mutual.

This is the most affordable best homeowners insurance companies in Minnesota.

Insurance with North Star Mutual enables you to save a more reasonable amount of money.

Its service cost per year is $962 which is 50% cheaper than the mean cost of coverage in Minnesota. 

Also, they offer discounts that enable you to lower your premium by a maximum of 13%.

North Star Mutual is a homeowner insurance company that can help you save if you are retired and over 55 years.

It’s basic package covers most perils such as theft ,fire and vandalization. 

Nonetheless, you can opt for more protection such as extended replacement cost coverage. 

However this comes with additional cost.

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#4. Allstate

This is also a top-rated homeowners insurance company with affordable charges.

It charges about $1,430 in a year.

Allstate brings to the table the best and easiest online experience for its users.

With it’s online form you can get a quote and purchase coverage in few minutes. 

Also, through its app you can manage your claims, pay your bills and make an inventory of your personal property.

In addition you can also optimize your policy with Allstate endorsement opportunities.

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4 Best Car Insurance Companies in Minnesota.

There are different car insurance companies in Minnesota from which car owners and drivers can purchase auto insurance.

Getting the best auto insurance varies from person to person, depending on their needs and circumstances.

However, this guide will take you through the list of four best auto insurance companies in Minnesota.

These four have been selected based on average rates, coverages, discount, market share and consumer satisfaction reviews.

#1. State farm.

This is one of the best car insurance companies in Minnesota. 

Over the years, they have been able to build up a good reputation in the United States. 

State Farm is known to be patronised more by drivers than any other company.

Also, they provide many endorsements that enable drivers to personalize their policy.

On average, State Farm charges $424 for coverage in a year which is more expensive than other companies’ premiums.

However in Minnesota, it is considered the cheapest for full coverage, minimum liability and young drivers.

So, as a young driver you can take advantage of State farm’s teen and safe driver discounts and save money.

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#2. Geico.

Geico is one of the cheapest auto insurance companies in Minnesota. 

It is rated above average for overall customer satisfaction in the 2021 J.D Power’s U.S. Auto insurance study for the central region.

This car insurance company offers great discounts for military personnel, safe drivers, federal employees, etc.

If you are a Minnesota driver in need of a bare-bones policy at the lowest rate then Geico might be the right company for you.

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#3. Allstate.

Allstate has made a name for itself in the auto insurance industry.

It provides add-ons such as new car replacement coverage, accident forgiveness, rental car reimbursement and sound system insurance.

To that regard, Allstate would be a very good choice for Minnesota drivers who want to add to their coverage with endorsements.

Also, with an Allstate insurance policy you can also save money by bundling your policies or qualifying for discounts.

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#4 Progressive.

Progressive is an auto insurance company in Minnesota known for offering some of the best car insurance discounts.

They enable you to save by bundling your policies, paying your premium in full, being a safe driver, etc.

Progressive’s policyholders enjoy their online resources such as Name your price tool that enables the policyholder to build a policy within their budget.

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Best Insurance Companies in Minnesota 2023
Best Insurance Companies in Minnesota 2023

4 Best Health Insurance Companies in Minnesota.

Getting health insurance is very essential, because good health is a necessary element of a good life.

There are many health insurance providers in Minnesota. However, this section would give you four top best health insurance companies you can patronize.

#1. Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota.

This health insurance provider is known as BCBS Minnesota for short.

It provides you with high-quality care and affordable health plans and programs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield creates a platform that enables you to save money by choosing in network doctors, pharmacies and facilities.

It also has a wide network of Specialists, hospitals and Doctors.

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#2. PreferredOne

PreferredOne is a good health insurance provider in Minnesota. 

It contracts with almost 99% of clinics and hospitals in Minnesota. 

This makes it easier for you to find an in network doctor and facility close to you.

Also, this health insurance company is a subsidiary of Fairview Health Services

They have produced innovations such as combining ;health plans, specialty pharmacy, mail service and pharmacy benefit management within a single organization.

This makes it one of the best health insurance companies in Minnesota.

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#3. HealthPartners.

Just according to its name, HealthPartners offer health plans that fit your budget and needs.

HealthPartners offer thoughtful and useful benefits such as job dress, mental and emotional health counselors. 

Furthermore before you enroll, HealthPartners allow you to take a slight look at their in network doctors and covered prescription drugs.

This helps you understand if that’s the perfect insurance partner for you. 

They also help their policyholders save on things such as fitness and food. 

Amazingly you can get paid just to go to the gym.

Hence the reason it is one of the best health insurance companies in Minnesota.

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#4. UnitedHealthCare

UnitedHealthCare is also a good insurance provider in Minnesota that offers online health coaching modules. 

It provides  health and wellness resources to both individuals and employers.

Furthermore, it also offers personal health records and online health assessments.

Also, this insurance provider allows you to choose a specialist without a referral. 

But you must only make use of health providers that are in their plan.

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4 Best Business Insurance Companies in Minnesota.

Whether you have a small or large scale business in Minnesota, there is a business insurance policy that can keep you insured.

Besides that, employees and federal government workers can also partner with the best business insurance companies in Minnesota to protect their rights and interests as staff.

Below, you will find a list you can pick from depending on your budget;

#1. Hiscox

Hiscox is one of the business insurance providers in Minnesota.

They offer business insurance for small businesses.

Some of their package include;

  • General liability insurance.
  • Professional liability insurance.
  • Business owners policy.

This insurance provider works with different professions such as Engineering, Architecture, health and wellness, real estate etc.

Hiscox provides you with flexible payment options with no additional fees, a worldwide coverage and tailored insurance.

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#2. InsuredOn

InsuredOn is a good licensed business insurance provider in Minnesota.

It provides a range of insurance services including; cyber liability insurance, professional liability insurance, general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance and commercial auto insurance.

This makes it one of best business insurance companies in Minnesota.

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#3. Progressive 

This is one of the insurance companies in Michigan that is best known to cover self employed business people.

Using the Progressive Advantage® Business Program, customers get access to the types of insurance products small business owners need. 

However, it’s expedient you know that Progressive insurance policies are offered through 3rd party carriers. 

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#4. The Hartford

When you refer to a top business insurance company in the USA as a whole, you might be talking about Hartford. 

Seeing the stellar reviews from clients is enough to make you get insurance coverage for your business.

Hartford boasts a 4.8 out of five stars, based on over 17,000 reviews for business insurance. 

Also, regardless of what you do, Hartford has an insurance plan to accommodate your business whether big or small.

From our analysis based on J.D power rating, A.M Best analysis and financial strength, we came up with the list above.

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