10 Best NYSC States and How They Treat Corpers

Just before you go about adding your 4 best states in your NYSC application, you need to read this article first.

The NYSC program is a one year exercise and it will be best if you select states that will favour you.

Besides that, most corps members end up continuing their life in the state where they were posted to.

So you see how important it is for you to take your time to select from this list of best states for your NYSC program.

Things to consider when selecting the best states for NYSC

When it comes to selecting the best states for your NYSC application, here are a few things you have to consider.

1. Security of the state

With the high rate of insecurity in the country, the first thing you want to think of is your security.

When selecting a state during your NYSC application, make sure you know the security status of the state.

In case you don’t know, all corps members are government properties.

As a result, you will become a target for bandits and kidnappers whose aim is to hurt the government.

God forbid that you were posted to such state with the incessant crisis, kidnapping, banditry etc. you will have to be on the run all the time.

2. Job opportunities in the state

Having confirmed that the state is saved and secured for you to live in, the next thing to consider is the availability of jobs in the state.

There are some states in Nigeria that consume more than they produce while many others are mostly rural.

In a state where it is difficult to find job vacancies, it will be very difficult for you to find a job after your service year.

Unless you are an entrepreneur who sees opportunities and harnesses them efficiently.

3. Cost of living in the state

Does the cost of living in the state make it one of the best states for NYSC?

This question is very pertinent because no matter the amount you receive as allowance or salary, you will still spend all.

When measuring the cost of living in a state, the first thing to consider is housing cost and then transportation cost.

Another import parameter for measuring the cost of living is the cost of food.

You need to know whether food is affordable in the state and other options you have if otherwise.

4. How much do corpers earn in the state?

In fact, you can say this is one of the most important criteria for many corps members when selecting the best states for NYSC service.

The more the allowance from the government of the state, the more attractive the state is for corps members to select.

Different states have different amounts they pay to corpers, and that has nothing to do with the federal government.

The only thing you should expect from the federal government is your standard N33,000 monthly allowance.

If your state does not give you any other allowance, you are on your own as the state government is not compelled to do so.

In the past, corpers were paid N6,000 monthly in Niger state however, this current administration no longer pays corpers anymore. 

5. Distance away from home

Finally, you want to consider how far the state is from your home.

It’s okay to think that your service year is a time to prepare your self for life after school and life away from home.

However, some persons with disabilities or health issues may still need to get frequent attention from home in case of emergencies.

As a result, people in such category will consider the distance of their state of primary assignment away from their home.

List of Best States for NYSC Service

Best nysc states for corpers

If you are just about to apply for your NYSC service year and you are thinking of the best states to choose, then this guide will help you.

This article takes into consideration factors such as security, cost of living (including transportation and housing cost), salaries and standard of living.

Also, we will be considering how much each of these states pays corps members serving in the state.

So, in no particular order, here is the list of the best NYSC states to serve in as a corper in Nigeria.

1.  Enugu State

Enugu state is one of the best states you can possibly choose for your NYSC service.

That’s because Enugu state has a lot of job opportunities and vacancies for graduates.

However, these opportunities are being clustered in towns and urban areas.

To compensate corps members who choose to serve in villages, the Enugu state government pays more monthly allowance to them.

Those serving in rural areas and villages get N4,000 from the state government whereas those in urban areas get only N1,000.

The cost of living in Enugu state is pretty fair.

They have one of the cheapest transport fares, and their food is also cheap.

In addition, the state has a good road network and very tight security.

One of the major problem you will likely face while serving in Enugu state is the lack of water.

Although this is not the case everywhere in the state, most areas, have mountainous terrain.

As a result, it is usually tricky to drill a borehole which kind of makes water challenging to get. 

Besides that, Enugu state is one of the best states for your NYSC service.

If you are going to serve in Enugu state, here are the best NYSC PPA in Enugu state.

2. Kano State

You may not have expected to see a northern state in this list of best states for NYSC, however, Kano state made it.

Kano is one of the major cities and a major commercial hub in Nigeria.

At a time Kano state was the most populous state in Nigeria, although it has lost that title to Lagos state due to the Boko Haram crisis.

But that was then.

Kano is now relatively peaceful and a safe haven for all and sundry.

Corps members can comfortably select Kano state as their state of primary assignment without fear of security issues.

Kano has more industries than any other state in Northern Nigeria, which provides job opportunities for both corps members and those who choose to remain after their service year.

The cost of living in Kano is quite affordable, yet the standard is high, which makes it a major attraction to people from other regions. 

The government of Kano state pays corps members about N5,000 monthly, which makes it one of the best northern states for NYSC.

If you are going to serve in Kano state, here are the best NYSC PPA in Kano state.

3. Ogun State

Even though Ogun state government does not pay corps members, it somehow made it to this list of best states for NYSC service.

The first reason being that food is exceptionally cheap in this state.

Probably because the state is home to the largest farm in Nigeria, that is Otta farm.

Also, Ogun state happens to have the best NYSC camp in Nigeria.

The camp features a lot of fun activities, games and a conducive environment for corps members.

As a result, you will start enjoying the state from the moment you get into the camp.

The cost of living in the state is relatively cheap.

The capital city of Ogun State, Abeokuta, as well as most areas in Ogun state, has several beautiful houses at affordable rates, transport fare is reasonable, and security is tight.

The state has several companies and several job opportunities for corpers. 

Here is a free tip; if you want don’t want to get posted to schools, try to go for service early in the year with Batch A

If you go for service early in the year, you may get posted to companies rather than schools.

Also, if you are going to serve in Ogun state, here are the best NYSC PPA in Ogun state.

4. Abuja

If you are going to select Abuja as your state of primary assignment during your service year, there are two things I will like you to know;

  • Firstly, the cost of living in Abuja is extremely high, in fact, it is the highest in Nigeria.
  • Secondly, the government of Abuja does not pay corps members any dime.

Transportation cost in Abuja is extremely high due to a lot of restrictions drivers have, and housing cost is on another level.

However, Abuja has one of the cheapest food markets in the country. 

Most indigenes of Abuja, especially the Gbagyis, are active farmers who grow yams and other crops.

So, you are most likely going to buy cheap food in the territory.

Abuja has good roads, electricity and amazing security, probably because it is the nation’s capital.

Despite the high cost of living in Abuja, many corps members till want to serve there. 

The reason is that it is very easy to make reasonable connections in Abuja if you play your cards well.

You can become friends with someone who only needs to make one phone call to put you in whatever job or position your desire in the country.

If you are going to serve in Abuja, here are the best NYSC PPA in the Federal Capital Territory.

5. Akwa Ibom State 

This is one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria and one where you will definitely enjoy your NYSC service year.

Akwa Ibom state government is the only state that pays corps members after their orientation course. 

Immediately after camp, corpers get paid, and according to the government, it’s to help them go to their various PPAs before their service year officially begins.

The state has no security issues and everywhere is so peaceful.

The people of the state are very nice and permit me to say that they have great cooks.

Feeding is very cheap in all parts of Akwa Ibom. 

You will be shocked at how cheap food is in the state.

The transportation cost is also very cheap and the housing cost is very reasonable.

Akwa Ibom state government pays corps members N5,000 monthly.

So, if you are considering serving in this state, then you are obviously choosing one of the best states for your NYSC service.

Also, if you are going to serve in Akwa Ibom state, then you should see this list of best NYSC PPA in Akwa Ibom state.

6. Niger state

This state is the second northern state in our list of best NYSC states for service in Nigeria. 

Arguably, it’s the most “secure” state in the north and unlike other northern states, Niger state doesn’t strictly enforce sharia law.

In fact, there are more Christians in Niger state than any other Northern states in Nigeria.

Generally, the cost of feeding and housing is cheap in the whole north and Niger state is not an exception.

While serving in the state, you will get to enjoy constant electricity probably because of the presence of Kainji power station.

You should not expect so much from Niger state in terms of job opportunities, however, it is not a bad place to serve. 

Just prepare your mind because you are most likely going to be posted to a school.

The most interesting thing about serving in Niger state is that the state pays a lump total of N60,000 at the end of your service year.

This is calculated at N5,000 per month.

So, when you are done with your service year in the state, you will have N60,000 to begin with.

If you are going to serve in Niger state, then here are the best NYSC PPA in Niger state.

7. Cross River

This state used to be the federal capital territory of Nigeria, so you should expect it to be a beautiful state.

They have good roads, rich culture and mouth-watering foods.

If you stay there during the Christmas celebration, you may get a chance to experience that biggest cultural carnival in Nigeria.

The cost of living in Cross River state is very affordable.

Transportation cost is fair, food is inexpensive, and housing cost is also affordable.

When it comes to security, the state has no issues at all.

There is a lot of job opportunities in the state especially for those who studied maritime or transport-related courses.

As for monthly allowance, the government of Cross River state pays corp members N3,000 monthly.

If you are going to serve in Cross River state, then here are the best NYSC PPA in the state.

8. Rivers State 

I believe you’ve been expecting to see Rivers state in this list of best NYSC states for service.

It’s no doubt because this is the rich oil state with many jobs available at the ports, refineries and offices.

But the problem with the state is that the cost of living is really high.

Transportation cost varies but on average, we can say it’s affordable.

Security in the state is will depend on the area where you live.

The best advice is for you to be careful of the places you go to and who you go with. 

Also, avoid staying outside too late because there are a lot of cultist activities in the state.

The cost of food in Rivers State is relatively cheap and varies from one local government area to another.

Usually, the cost of food becomes cheaper as you move away from Port Harcourt to other parts of the state.

For several years now, the government of Rivers state stopped paying corp members for a reason best known to them.

So, do not expect extra money when serving in Rivers State, but you should be able to get a good job if you have your way.

If you are going to serve in Rivers state, here are the best NYSC PPA in Rivers state.

9. Anambra State

Anambra state is one of the best states for your NYSC service because the government pays corp members a whopping N9,000 every month.

This is the state with one of the highest allowances from a state government to corps members.

Interestingly, the cost of living in Anambra state is very cheap.

Food is cheap, accommodation is affordable and transportation is also cheap.

In fact, Anambra state has one of the largest markets in West Africa, so, it’s okay to expect every other thing to be cheap as well.

As for security issues, Anambra state is a very safe place to stay.

Although, you must be very careful is you stay around Onitsha.

Because of the presence of the large market, there are thieves and pickpockets also everywhere.

Some may want to outsmart you and sell fake products to you at the cost of the original.

Regarding job opportunities, Awka has more professional job opportunities than any other town in Anambra. 

The reason is that Awka being the state capital has more government offices and other corporate offices. 

On the other hand, Onitsha and Nnewi have lots of industries, but you’re more likely to get posted to schools for your primary assignment.

If you are going to serve in Anambra state, then here are the best NYSC PPA in Anambra state.

10. Lagos state

The last, but not the least among the best states for NYSC service is Lagos state.

The only problem is that staying in Lagos isn’t cheap, the cost of living in Lagos is extremely high.

Accommodation is super expensive, transportation is deadly, and feeding cost is expensive as well.

The only compensation for this high cost of living is that  Lagos offers significantly higher job opportunities than most states in Nigeria.

And this is one thing that makes it a major attraction for many corps members.

In fact, it usually gets to the point where corps members from other states have to relocate to Lagos to complete their service.

As for security, Lagos is one of the safest places for a Corp member in Nigeria. 

Although you may still experience petty crimes like pickpocketing in crowded areas in Lagos, Corp members posted to Lagos need not worry about heinous crimes such as kidnappings, bombings, or any major security concern.

The most mouth-watering benefit of serving in Lagos is the fact that the state government pays corps members in ministries the sum of N10,000/Month while Corp Members in Local Government Offices are paid N5,000 monthly. 

If you are unlucky to get any of the government jobs, you may still earn higher working for other companies.

That’s because corps members in Lagos earn as much as N30,000 every month on average at their place of primary assignment.

Lagos may be one of the best states for your NYSC service, but the challenge is that it is too competitive.

Getting Lagos directly from the registration portal of more of a lucky bet.

So, don’t get your hopes too high.

But if you get a chance to serve in Lagos, you will definitely enjoy it.

If you are going to serve in Lagos state, here are the best NYSC PPA in Lagos state.

Summary of the list of best states for NYSC service

With regards to the states that pay corpers every month, you should note that the payment is only for corps members whose primary place of assignment is a state government organization.

This may include government schools, ministries and Local government jobs.

Note also that while some private organizations pay corpers, there are some that don’t. 

It depends on the company’s policy, but it is always a good idea to negotiate your pay if you are working at a private firm – at least, let them pay you enough to cover transportation cost.

Regarding states that pay corpers during NYSC, you should confirm from corps members currently serving in the state, especially the most recent batch because some states without warning, have stopped or will stop paying corps members.

Lastly, if you know any state that should be in this list of best states for NYSC service, kindly let us know in the comment section.

Tell us the state, the security situation, cost of living and why it is excellent for corps members.

See the list of best NYSC PPA for every state in Nigeria

  1. Pls when did Niger state start giving corp members 60,000 at the end of the service year because I served there at Niger state College of Agric. Mokwa. Till I left there after one year there was nothing like that.
    My friend served there at Paiko too two years ago and came back, there was no such scheme.

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