Best Insurance Companies in Idaho 2022

What are the best business, car, health and homeowners insurance companies in Idaho?

What’s the cost of insurance policies in Idaho?

If you’re an Idahoan interested in finding the best coverage for your car, house, health and business, then this piece is for you. 

Knowing how important insurance is on this dispensation, refusing to have one will leave with a lot of damages to pay for.

To that regard, we bring you a comprehensive list of the best companies you can insure your properties in Idaho.

We have made our assertion following the rankings made by J.D Power, AM Best, NAIC as well as the financial strength of the companies.

Also, if you’re living in other states in the USA like Washington, you might want to compare the best insurance plans.

4 Best Health Insurance Providers in Idaho

Here are some of the best health insurance providers for inexpensive plans in the Idaho

#1. Select Health

Select Health is one of the best health insurance companies in Idaho.

Since it’s 36 years of establishment, Select Health has met the health coverage plans of many Idahoans.

Basically, their health plan is HMO.

However, they have made this plan easier and more affordable by creating sub plans to help their user save.

The HMO plans at Select Health include; traditional plan, HSA plan, benchmark plan, catastrophic plan and the transition plans.

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#2. Blue Cross of Idaho

Blue Cross of Idaho is a separate company from Regence Blue Shield of Idaho.

An insurance coverage from Blue Cross of Idaho ushers you into 8 HMO plans.

Other health plans at Blue Cross of Idaho include a HSA, short-term health plan and catastrophic plan.

Another great feature of this insurance provider is the availability of discounts on gym memberships, childproofing products, contact lenses, acupuncture and massage therapy with the Blue Extras program.

That’s one of the reasons it’s one of the best health insurance companies in Idaho.

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#3. PacificSource

If you’re looking for a health insurance provider that has good customer service and customizable plan then PacificSource is ideal.

This is one of the best health insurance companies in Idaho.

PacificSource offers coverage to over 40,000 individual members. 

Also, it’s 4-state network allows clients to see doctors in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

However, their health plans are not available in all counties. 

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#4. Regence Blue Shield of Idaho

Regence Blue Shield is one of Idaho trusted insurance companies for health.

This insurance provider has a membership strength of  161,000 in Idaho.

Some of their coverage options include preventive care services, HDHP and HSA.

And if you don’t want to have direct contact with the Doctor, this Regence got you covered.

You can use the company’s MD Live, so you can talk with a doctor on video or the phone.


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5 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Idaho

Good news to Idahoans. 

The state is not prone to natural disasters and such alike.

That gives homeowners a bit of certainty that their homes are safe.

Although Idaho homeowners are not at risk of natural disasters, how about fire?

Many other factors can drive you into getting home insurance.

However, Idahoan homeowners do not need extensive home coverage.

To that regard we bring you a list of the best homeowners insurance companies you can insure your home in Idaho.

#1. Farm Bureau of Idaho

Homeowners can insure their home with the Farm Bureau of Idaho because of its personal, hands-on service with agents.

This stands in pretty well for their incomprehensible website where all you can do is just pay your bill or file a claim online. 

However, their other insurance products besides homeowners insurance makes them one of the best in Idaho for bundling services.

Members of the Farm Bureau can purchase affordable coverage with no frills.

The company’s average homeowners annual premium is $455 which is cheaper than most.

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#2. USAA

USAA is not the regular kind of insurance company but they’re sure one of the best companies in Idaho for homeowners.

However, it’s services are only open to active or retired military personnels and their families.

USAA’s customer service is top-notch but they do not offer discounts.

To insure your home with USAA, it costs about $1,166 annually..

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#3. MetLife

If you’re looking for a cheap homeowners policy then MetLife is a good consideration.

The average cost of coverage from MetLife is $604, per year.

Besides the cost, the most attractive endorsement MetLife offers is the ability to add other coverage options along the line even if the damage exceeds your policy.

However, keep in mind that you do not get discounts from MetLife.

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#4. American Family Insurance

American Family offers her policyholders a variety of endorsements.

Besides that they allow you to personalize your homeowners insurance.

Along the line, American Family Insurance offers other endorsement options for her clients.

Basically they are the best for customizing your protection.

Hence why it’s regarded as one of the best homeowners insurance companies in Idaho.

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#5. Mutual of Enumclaw

Mutual of Enumclaw Is best for bundling services.

That means you get the best insurance rates when you insure your home and your car or business.

Besides that, Mutual of Enumclaw has a hybrid package for bundlers called Member’s Best protection. 

A standard homeowners policy costs about $700, per year.

This is relatively cheap compared to other insurance companies in Idaho.

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Best Insurance Companies in Idaho 2022
Best Insurance Companies in Idaho 2022

5 Best Car Insurance Companies in Idaho 

Idaho has over 1.2 million licensed drivers.

With the almost congested roads, it keeps getting busier by the day.

Having car insurance in Idaho is more than a state requirement; literally it’s an important part of your financial planning.

Because car insurance is important we bring you a list of the best auto companies you can insure your 4-wheel buddy in Idaho.

#1. Auto-Owners

With Auto-owners, you can get insurance quotes easily by the means of independent agents.

Although Auto-owners have an online platform for users who prefer it, it’s online platform is not that strong.

Basically Auto-owners stand out because of its discounts, add-on options and high customer service.

Also, a good attribute of this provider is if a client has an accident with another driver covered by Auto-Owners, your collision deductible may be waived.

Hence why it’s one of the best car insurance companies in Idaho.

However, a car insurance plan costs $1,101 at Auto-owners.

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#2. Geico

Do you want an affordable car insurance plan?

Geico is a good place to start.

In addition to the low premium, Geico also offers discounts on good students, federal employees, military and loyalty etc.

The not-so-good news about Geico is that their optional coverages are limited.

So all you can ever get is a basic car insurance plan.

But on the flip side, they have a good mobile and website platform.

The car insurance cost at Geico is $1,077 per year.

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#3. Nationwide

Are you looking for an “easy-to-get-quote” insurance provider?

Are you the flawless gang who wants an easy process to make claims and huge discounts?

Nationwide offers those and more.

Through the On Your Side Auto Repair Network, clients can network at the auto repair shops online. 

After having your car repaired there, you get a guarantee of the work.

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#4. State Farm

State Farm is a household name when it comes to car insurance companies in Idaho.

They are the largest personal car insurance carriers in Idaho. 

Most of their transactions are done through their wide network of agents.

Also, we recommend State Farm if you have teen drivers.

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#5. USAA

Besides USAA being one of the best insurance companies in Texas, it’s one of the best for car coverage in Idaho.

USAA’s coverage cost is affordable and easy to customize.

However, only the eligible candidates can get insured by USAA.

You have to be an active or passive military personnel to be eligible to get an insurance quote from USAA.

Also, their family members are eligible as well.

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4 Best Business Insurance Companies in Idaho

What many business owners and employees do not know is that without insurance, your business’s revenues are at risk. 

With business insurance, your business is protected from hazards.

And interestingly, insurance bears the cost of damages if there are any.

Following these assertions, it’s not out of place to say that business insurance companies are ideal for Idaho residents.

In response to that, we bring you the list of top business insurance companies in Idaho.

#1. Travelers

Over the years, Travelers has been helping consumers meet their business insurance needs.

With Travelers in the picture, they will identify and reduce the risks Business owners face. 

Basically, the business insurance options here include; inland marine, workers’ compensation, and general liability. 

Besides professional coverage, Travelers also helps business owners foresee unpleasant events and help them recover as quickly as possible.

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#2. Stillwater

Stillwater meets the business needs of their client via business insurance plans.

Basically, Stillwater offers her clients a comprehensive BOP plan which comes quickly and easily. 

Also, they provide customizable liability and property damage policy.

In addition, Stillwater customers have the opportunity to combine their business coverage with other insurance policies.

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#3. Safeco Insurance

Safeco is one of the best business insurance companies in Idaho offering coverage since 1923. 

With a wide network of agents, Safeco covers almost all business owners in Idaho.

And when it comes to cost, Safeco is pretty affordable

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Insurance Companies in Idaho

What’s the Average Cost of Health Insurance in Idaho?

The average individual health plan costs about $231 per month. However, family plans cost about $814 per month. Although this is an estimate, the specific cost will be determined by family size, location and plan.

What’s the Average homeowners insurance cost in Idaho?

Although every insurance provider has its own proprietary formula for determining premiums, on a general note, the cost of homeowners insurance in Idaho is $936.

What’s the Average cost of car insurance in Idaho?

The average cost of car insurance for Idaho drivers is about $1,045 per year for full coverage. However, minimum coverage costs about $307 annually.


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