20 most reliable staffing agencies in Michigan

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 20 most reliable staffing agencies in Michigan

Staffing agencies are organizations that help facilitate job placement. The job seekers will be hired out for temporary or future work, for companies that require filling out the ranks but are having difficulty finding qualified employees.

Below are 20 most reliable staffing agencies in Michigan:

  1. Michigan Staffing

Michigan Staffing is known as one of the best premier recruitment, placement and Staffing agencies in Michigan that has provided a wide range of human resources, staffing and related services through personalized, professional care  for over 25 yrs. As a certified woman-owned Michigan based agency, the firm utilizes processes for screening, assessing and evaluating candidates to ensure top notch client and employee satisfaction by  handling  recruitment tasks such as administrative, workers compensation, and training, thus reducing risk to the client’s business, increasing returns, and adding value.

  1. Minute Men Staffing

Minute Men Staffing was Founded in 1968 and is known as one of the most reliable Staffing agencies in Michigan that  provides  companies and industries with employees who have the skills needed to get the job done.

  1. APS

APS is an independent Saginaw based Employee Staffing service and is one of the leading Staffing agencies in Michigan  that focuses on identifying and recruiting top talent for clerical, customer service, manufacturing and warehousing positions and help to candidates for temporary, full-time and executive positions. APS is a member of the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) for over 20 years and also the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce for over 24 years, as well as  members of Michigan Business & Professional Association, SHRM and Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Temporary Staffing Services


Temporary Staffing Services is a University of Michigan department Staffing agency that offers qualified temporaries to the Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Health System campuses. The agency  provide a cost-effective and efficient way to get the departments the right people with the right skills and talents and fills in  temporary positions and  also offer special services and solutions in special projects, events, workflow peaks, unscheduled absences, scheduled leaves or vacations as well as pending recruitment for regular positions. Temporary Staffing Services is always seeking qualified and talented candidates to fill in  positions like Administrative Assistant, Executive Secretary, Office Assistant / Clerk, Patient Services Assistant, Medical Assistant, Custodian and General Laborer.

  1. Sentech Services

Sentech Services is one of the top Staffing agencies in Michigan that connects dedicated and hardworking workers with top employers throughout southeast Michigan and northern Indiana. Founded in 1989, the agency has since then filled in positions for plant jobs and general jobs in Detroit and Port Huron, Michigan including a wide variety of industrial & skilled labor positions. Sentech Services offers special services in Skilled Trades, Light ,Industrial, Engineering, Professional Office , and Job Seekers who is offered temporary, temporary-to-hire, direct placement, customized pay-rolling and on-site management options.

  1. Strategic Staffing Solution

S³ is on of the most reliable staffing agencies in Michigan that provides staff augmentation, direct hire staffing, workforce programs, and outsourced solutions with globally industrial experts in energy,utility, healthcare, insurance, communications,  financial services and more. The agency is proud to have  more than 3,600 direct consultants in 49 out of 50 states in the U.S. and 15 other countries including Europe and the Americas.

  1. Venus Staffing

Since 2001, Venus Staffing has been one of the most reliable staffing agencies in Michigan that brings employers and employees together locally and internationally. the agency provides a network of dedicated, skilled and qualified professionals to a variety of industries which include automotive, construction, call center, administrative, manufacturing, accounting and finance, healthcare, culinary, entertainment, and events to fill in short term, long term, or for permanent hire

  1. Northern Staffing

Northern Staffing is one of the leading staffing agencies in Michigan that pride themselves as being more than a temp agency.Through their application, interview, and placement process, they  work with every individual to find the right job that fits their specific needs and  also help them with ongoing support as they continue to grow in their new career.Northern Staffing has many locations in cities across Michigan and partner with reliable and renowned companies who provide jobs for candidates that want to be part of their long-term team. Most of their positions are on a temp-to-hire basis.

  1. Aspen Search Group, LLC

Aspen Search Group, LLC is one of the locally owned and operated staffing agencies in Michigan. The agency specialize in Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Permanent job placement and works hard to make a difference in the lives of the people who have trusted them with their staffing needs and careers. the agency  develop and maintain professional networks of top tier candidates by utilizing cutting edge recruiting technology.  Thus providing clients access to the top talent in their field.

  1. The Advance Group Job

The Advance Group Job is one of the leading staffing agencies in Michigan with locations inToledo, OH and Monroe and Southgate, Michigan. The agency adapt the client’s workforce and workload with temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire solutions, customized to each client’s needs, and also Manufacturing, skilled trades,  and administrative staffing.

  1. Snelling

Snelling is one of the most reliable staffing agencies in Michigan that  has helped match exceptional people with exceptional opportunities and continues to set a standard of excellence around the nation. Founded in 1951 With more than 80 offices serving thousands of clients from coast to coast, the agency has combed their award-winning history with industry-leading technology and has what it takes to solve the most complex recruiting challenges or connect job seekers with the job opportunity they seek quickly and efficiently.

  1. Allison Personnel Service ,Inc

Allison Personnel Service ,Inc is A Boutique Insurance Staffing Agency based in Michigan that is dedicated to serving the personnel needs of the insurance industry. The agency was founded in 1959 and  has continued to provide placement and other insurance personnel services for a couple of insurance clients in Michigan, the greater Midwest, and Florida. The agency offers a level of expertise and personal attention not generally available from other agencies and continues to specialize in this one industry.

  1. LaborMAX Staffing

LaborMAX Staffing is one of the most reliable staffing agencies in Michigan founded in 2002. The agency began with one office in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has since grown to more than 105 branches in 31 states nationwide with many partners all over the country. they also focus on specific industries that drive the local market including where the best people are as well as understanding the area and can also deploy an on-demand staff from a local office, thereby offering the best services to clients and candidates without the red tape.

  1. Williamson Employment Services

Williamson Employment Services is known as one of the most reliable staffing agencies in Michigan. the agency’s love for staffing comes from building  an enduring relationships with  client  and  employees for years .For Williamson Employment Services Matching skills and experience is important, but it’s just the starting point because what matters is that right person is placed in the right job, be it in manufacturing , management, IT , skilled industrial, forklift  , accounting, administrative  , welding, CNC operator or warehouse clerk staffing as well as Temporary, Temporary-to-Hire, or Direct Hire, they are the employment experts needed.

  1. WorkOne Northwest Indiana

WorkOne Northwest Indiana is a staffing agency in Michigan that is considered a valuable one-stop for job seekers and employers when it comes to career and employment resources. The agency is there to help job seekers with everything they need to get a great job and employers to beat efficiency and cost effectiveness through their services which includes Offering free job postings, recruitment, pre-screening, job applicant testing, and resources for training grant and tax credits, with just a little or no cost. WorkOne is as well a local contact for unemployment insurance, including special services available to job seekers over the age of 55, veterans, and those with specific barriers to employment.

  1. Allegiance Staffing

Allegiance Staffing is one of the most reliable staffing agencies in Michigan whose  number one goal is to help client companies improve its operating reality by supplying a reliable, skilled labor force. founded in 2002 the agency works strategically with partners to optimize the hiring process and meet profitability goals. Allegiance Staffing is really one of the best agency with experience in the light industrial and administrative staffing industries.

  1. West Michigan Recruiting 

West Michigan Recruiting  is one of the most reliable staffing agencies in Michigan that specializes in matching employees with the right temporary or full-time job opportunities with a variety of employers in all businesses and industries. the staffing agency takes pride in building long term relationships with  client employers and job seekers in order to fully understand their needs and goals and they treat clients as individuals, and work to meet each one unique employee recruitment needs.

  1. Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals is one of the leading staffing agencies in Michigan has the resources to match job seekers with a job that fits their desires and abilities as well as make Business decisions come down to time and money for employers. For employees Full-time, part-time and flexible work schedules are available but they focus more on helping them find permanent full-time work and also find qualified workers for employers in a wide range of Office Services, Light Industrial, Advanced Manufacturing and Professional positions.

  1. Spherion

Spherion  is one of the staffing leaders in Michigan with local roots and a passion for placing the right person in the right job. The agency was Founded in 1946 and has taken a firm grasp on what it takes to build a strong workforce and a successful career. Spherion makes their clients and candidates feel like they are working with a locally owned business because of their unity but they are part of the world’s largest HR and staffing agency they provide resources or support needed to conquer goals.

  1. Aerotek

Aerotek is one of the leading staffing agencies in Michigan, who has built a unique culture that yields advantages for their clients and rewards for their candidates. They match qualified talents to the best companies and organizations in the world and understands what is suitable for both their clients and candidates.

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