20 Most Common Jobs in Nigeria in 2020-2021

January 15, 2020by gospel0

Most Common Jobs in Nigeria in 2020-2021

Have you been looking for common jobs in Nigeria? we have prepared this great article just for you. Take your take and go through this article. Who knows! this could be the answer to your long-awaited dreams.

What You Need to Know About Jobs in Nigeria

All things being equal, we can say that Nigeria is an accommodating home for a diversity of people from different races all having different capabilities, abilities and capacities. Even though jobs in Nigeria are mostly competitive, we can actually say that Nigeria provides a larger room and opportunity for creativity, especially amongst the small-scale ventures.


Based on our consensus, the most common jobs in Nigeria are not the white-collar jobs as most people might have not had the opportunity to be schooled; for those that might have even be schooled, there’s so much of competition out there in the industry. On this groin, the jobs we will term most common are this that are really common around the country.

20 Most Common Jobs in Nigeria in 2020-2021

Findthatjob.com.ng brings to you, 20 most common jobs in Nigeria…

  1. Factory Work

This job is common in Nigeria basically because it requires energy and it’s an unskilled Job role because it requires little or no educational qualification Most of the Factory add Nigeria, whose employers don’t give employees an honest contract and their welfare, aren’t properly lookout of.

Most of the Factory works are usually in Manufacturing Industries and other industrial settings, helping to supply raw materials, products and may easily be located in Industrial Estates in Nigeria.

  1. Driving Jobs

There has been a rapid increase in driving jobs thanks to increase in transportation companies faraway from the normal companies like GIGM, CHISCO and has evolved to companies like Bolt, Uber, ORide, Gookada etc… that needs services of an outsized pool of drivers within the organizations, making driving a standard job to return across in Nigeria.

  1. Teaching Jobs

This job role is predominantly available In Nigeria, especially across private schools as most of them seek cheap labours, so as to form profit in such schools as they’re readily willing to supply graduates between the range of ₦10,000 – ₦50,000 or more for his or her services or using NYSC members as their staff all year round making teaching jobs readily available.

  1. Marketing Jobs

According to Guardian over 20 million Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria recorded about 27 per cent international trade between March and should 2017, thus most of them seeking the services of marketer, without willing to offer them proper employment contracts place them on commission, in most cases not providing adequate work tools to urge the work done.

So, most potential employees In Nigeria thanks to the urge of not being idle devour these jobs so as to satisfy basic needs within the location where they find themselves, thus making marketing job a standard job to seek out in Nigeria.

  1. Medical ManJobs

Due to the rise in population in Nigeria which consistent with the United Nations projections have placed the population as 186 million, this making readily available medical man role for Doctors, Registered nurses, although most readily available job role isn’t willing to reasonable enumeration, which has also cause the migration of those professionals to other countries like Canada etc.

  1. Information Communication Technology (ICT) Jobs

Due to the evolution of technology especially in Africa, Nigeria increase in relevant of computer Professional in Nigeria. In job roles that involve End Users, Developers, Computer Engineers, Software Designer, Server Administrator, web developer etc. has increased making ICT job roles readily available in Nigeria

  1. Farming

Framing is one of the most common jobs in Nigeria and is a predominantly available job role especially within the rural areas of Nigeria, thanks to the straightforward access of Farmlands as those involved in white-collar jobs, especially in government parastatals also practice farming so as to supply food for his or her families, and also that unemployed a part of the population.

  1. Hawkers

They are a part of the society as they create certain transportable merchandise available at certain points. From refreshment on the road, to accessories without walking into a store or the market, they supply them. Even for just entertaining our eyes with some window-shopping, they supply that.

They are also surprisingly the primary point of introduction of the many products to the market of drivers and road commuters with no time to travel through a listing or window-shopping. If hawkers are displaying your products on the road you’ve got just gained unsolicited product advertisement, a way that has helped products like Superbite (sausage roll) and a large cola. Hawking as an occupation has kept tons of individuals from going into crimes.

  1. Registered Nurse

For many Nigerian women, this is often the dream job, even their male counterparts are joining within the fray. They earn a mean of $66,220 about N23 million annually, with top nurses making the maximum amount as $96,320 (N34m) and a few earning but $45,630 (N16m).

  1. Fashion Designers

The fashion industry in Nigeria is one with an excellent potential to encourage employment because it also encourages entrepreneurship. Of all the occupations within the Apparel, accessory and luxury goods industry, Fashion designers are the foremost notable ones. These individuals who work on the planning of clothing and fashion ranges, often specialize in one area of design, like sportswear, children’s wear, footwear or accessories.

  1. Comedy

Comedy is one of the most common jobs in Nigeria and is reputed as a multi-billion Naira industry attracting hordes of latest entrants and practitioners assuming celebrity status and garnering huge fortunes within the process.

With the old generation of John Chukwu who later floated the night club, Class, Chief Zebrudaya of latest Masquerade and Gbenga Adeboye, and later the likes of Danjuma Mohammed, Ali Baba, Basorge Tariah and Okey Bakassi, making people laugh evolved from being just an art to an industry beginning within the early 90s.

A new standard has been set within the profession with their services being engaged for personal and company functions. the foremost interesting a part of comedians in Nigeria is that the rise of social media comedians who keep us smiling everyday with their creative videos. These set of comedians are the new rave and are gathering massive fanbase

  1. Software Developers

Software developers are one of the jobs in Nigeria. Software developers are at the forefront of this remarkable feat unveiling itself. Businesses like jumia konga quickteller, payporte, pass.ng, simer, gamesole, and wonderful technologies like payattitude, pay with capture, etc are taking the software developers to a different level.

These products and application software is massively affecting the economy in terms of social behaviour and wealth for the country. we will comfortably say that the software developers are complimenting tons of companies, sectors and markets to grow More youths and even children are starting to take coding classes to organize for the approaching boom of Internet age.

Companies like CChub Nigeria are the forefront to encourage the expansion of software developers and their inventions.

  1. Web Developers

With Nigerian Internet users within the tens of millions and a user growth of over 20% within the last year, it only is sensible that the numbers of online businesses have also increased. this is often where web developers came during this year. Helping older organizations create a web platform and our ever-growing tech startup space builds the interactive web apps that help them create a user base.

Some very instrumental tech start-ups and corporations doing well to form sure Nigeria keeps achieving the feat of an internet-inclined country are Andela – who are pioneering a mission to make a pool of web developers for Nigeria and Africa. Fastcompany listed them amongst Africa’s most innovative company alongside their cofounder.

  1. Social Media Managers

Many beautiful and successful campaigns for established brands and start-ups started from social media. Social media managers are put into effective use this year in other to stay consumers in-tuned with activities around a brand and most evidently, in our just concluded elections – We could see campaigns were highly sensitized on social media. The comfort involved in tweeting, driving conversations on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, blogs etc has been a task many children have derived joy in doing.

At the comfort of their houses or anywhere, they will perform the tasks involved during this occupation. Entry into this occupation starts with basically gaining an inexpensive amount of followers on any of the social media platforms that are built with the individual’s good engagement skills. With Internet penetration increasing and cutting into more age groups, brands will evidently be utilising social media managers more often than normal.

Their users are often full time or part-time. For helping start-ups grow and skilled companies/brands find a voice by creating a web presence for all of them over Nigeria on the social media platform, Social media managers definitely need to be included in our list.

  1. Photographers

In appreciation of the photo Lagos Festival, Lagos OPEN RANGE held this year showcasing works of varied minds, and with photography exhibitions like LANABLACK by Mr. Tunji Lana, “Everyday People”, by Yunusa Tanko Abdullahi, it’s been clearly observed that Photographers have dominated the favored scene.

The demand for professional Photographers is increasing this year in terms of how they need been complimenting industries. From wedding and events management to branding and advertising industries, they’re all engaging photographers. Most interesting a part of the profession is that the huge interest it generated for the youths this year. Many children are seen to venture into photography as a career.

The occupation is getting more attractive with the demand, sophisticated practise, pay and most significantly the enabling social media platform (instagram most especially) that promotes works of photographers.

  1. Musicians

Nigerian musicians once more dominated the African music scene by emerging the most important winners at the 2015 MTV African Music Awards. Our musicians won seven awards including ‘Best Male Act’, ‘Best Female Act’, ‘Evolution Award’, ‘Best New Act’, Collaboration of the year’, ‘Best Group’ and therefore the highly coveted ‘Song of the Year’.

This year also saw the very best amount of quality international collaborations shining a worldwide spotlight on our immensely talented artists. We recognise the diligence of a number of our artists like, Olamide, Wizkid, Falz the person who had a really remarkable album.

  1. Movie Production

Nigeria’s booming film industry popularly referred to as Nollywood boasts because the third best within the world behind Hollywood and Bollywood. in only 13 years, Nollywood has grown from nothing into over a $250 million dollar-a-year industry that employs many people making it the most important employer after agriculture in Nigeria.

This is often attributed to 2 main ingredients: Nigerian entrepreneurship and digital technology. Nollywood films are proving popular everywhere English-speaking Africa and became a staple on M-NET, the South African based satellite TV network.

Nigerian stars became household names from Ghana to Zambia and beyond. The previous couple of years have seen the growing popularity of Nollywood films among African diaspora in both Europe and America.

  1. Radio Presenters

Every morning on the thanks to work, school, various destinations and late evening when returning, radio presenters have always been a part of the majority of the population’s day. Many Nigerians are always waiting to urge the newest information and opinions of trending issues surrounding various topics in sports, politics, business etc. It can arguably be said, that one out of three cars on the road are tuned to at least one radio channel.

They do much research, put their speaking skills into use effectively and put up engaging topics that get the Nigerian populace tuned to them. Even with the arrival of social media, smartphones, cable TV and smart TVs, Nigerians still find how to urge to concentrate to radio. Why? Nigerians love expressing themselves.

The election period in Nigeria saw an increased interest in journalism and above all radio channels. Debates were always happening, and conversations too. Many people’s choices on their candidates were influenced by the conversations on the radio. 19.


Here is the different article you can read alongside these 20 most common jobs in Nigeria in 2020.

Ushers For serving the youths within the event of no job With the large boom within the wedding industry, it only is sensible that each occupation tied to creating events like that go smoothly would see quite a boom too. The Ushers are liable for assisting guests during a ton of events (not only limited to weddings and their receptions). They typically get paid per job. However, this is often not a full time occupation, but it’s proven to be how to interact with our generation of youths during a reasonable capacity and earn little income. 20.

Pharmacists For consistently creating formulas for our health-wellness In addition to the favored beliefs held by several Nigerians about pharmacists as a private who simply sells drugs over-the-counter, they’re healthcare professionals who practice within the field of health sciences that specialize in safe and effective medication use. The prevalence of diseases everywhere the planet has resulted in strong demand and therefore the need for management of infectious diseases like AIDS, Tuberculosis, Diabetes then on.

  1. Ushers

For serving the youths in the event of no job

With the big boom in the wedding industry, it only makes sense that every occupation tied to making events like that go smoothly would see quite a boom too. The Ushers are responsible for assisting guests in a ton of events (not only limited to weddings and their receptions). They typically get paid per job.

However, this is not a full-time occupation, but it has proven to be a way to engage our generation of youths in a reasonable capacity and earn little income.

  1. Pharmacists

For consistently creating formulas for our health-wellness

In addition to the popular beliefs held by several Nigerians about pharmacists as an individual who simply sells drugs over-the-counter, they are healthcare professionals who practice in the field of health sciences focusing on safe and effective medication use. The prevalence of diseases all over the world has resulted in strong demand and the need for management of infectious diseases like AIDS, Tuberculosis, Diabetes and so on.



Working in Nigeria is like a very beautiful thing and we do hope that this article helps Nigerian to see brains and beauty behind every job enlisted here and even beyond. This is because these jobs add up to paint a brighter picture of Nigeria.

Nigerians believe in creativity and entrepreneurship, try something out today!

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