Highest Paying Jobs in California Without a Degree 2022

Are you job seeking high school fresh out in need of the highest paying jobs, careers, and highest-paying positions in California without a degree? 

Are you thinking of relocating to California permanently? Or are you a student seeking work-study opportunities in California? 

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of high-paying jobs in California. A decent job is always a goal, but many people are not satisfied with their existing positions. 

The majority of the time, it’s because it pays poorly, particularly in places like California.

So, before you go down that career path, take a look at some of the highest-paying jobs and occupations in California that don’t require a degree.

What is a high-demand job in California?

In California, caregiving employment is on the upswing, but they aren’t well compensated. Low-wage, high-demand positions like home health aides and caretakers are expected to provide some of the most substantial job development prospects according to the BLS.

However, we have a list of the highest paying jobs in California for you.

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California: Everything You Need to Know

California is a western US state with some of the country’s most well-known cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, among others.

It’s also the country’s third-largest state, densely inhabited, with a high level of life and world-class infrastructure. Also, this includes multiple high-rise buildings.

California’s economy is greater than that of most other countries, and it is one of the most prosperous in the world.

As we’ll see momentarily, there are plenty of lucrative chances to work in California without a degree.

What does it Mean to Have a High-paying Job in California?

A high-paying job is simply one that pays well. I appreciate, though, that this isn’t the term you’re looking for. As a result, a position that pays more than $150,000 a year is a high-paying job.

The highest-paying jobs frequently have a low beginning point, when you make less than half of the above-mentioned amount.

With experience and greater skill, you can work your way up to being a highly paid expert in any field. Of course, this applies in places where there is a significant demand for expertise.

There are numerous ways to earn a living doing what you enjoy, but the decision is ultimately yours.

Overview of the Highest Paying Jobs in California Without a Degree.

All of the highest-paying careers in California, as we all know, require a bachelor’s degree to be considered for employment. Regardless, this article lists the highest-paying careers in California that don’t require a college education.

However, some jobs may require you to earn a certificate or diploma. This indicates that you have completed training and are qualified for the position.

With your certification, which you can acquire from a vocational training institution or a community college, you will be able to easily find a job in the field of your choice.

Even if you don’t have any experience, some companies will nonetheless hire you if you agree to undergo on-the-job training for a specific amount of time.

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List of Highest Paying Jobs in California Without a Degree

Without further ado, here is a list of the highest-paying careers and jobs in California that do not require a college diploma.

Many businesses respect talents that may be learned outside of a degree program, giving you the opportunity to develop a prosperous career without a college diploma.

#1. Air Traffic Controller 

Air traffic controllers are in charge of monitoring and directing planes; it’s a demanding profession that necessitates constant vigilance and hard work.

Despite this, it is still one of California’s highest-paying jobs for those without a degree.

You don’t need a degree, diploma, or experience to get this job, but you will need to complete comprehensive on-the-job training.

Without a degree, you can earn up to $122,530 per year, making it one of the highest-paying jobs in California.

#2. Real estate agent

Real estate agents’ primary responsibilities include assisting in the purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties. They can help you choose the greatest price for your home and put it for sale.

Provide clients with advice on how to increase the value of their homes, conduct tours of properties, and host open houses. Clients are also guided through the process of closing on a sale and completing the necessary papers for a final purchase by real estate agents.

The average annual wage is $99,786 which makes it one of the highest paying jobs in California. 

#3. Supervisor of the HVAC system

The installation and maintenance of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in residential and commercial settings are the primary responsibilities of an HVAC supervisor. 

Scheduling service visits, training HVAC workers, assigning projects, procuring equipment, servicing installation tools, and assessing the quality of a finished job are all part of their responsibilities. 

Also, HVAC supervisors are also responsible for administrative activities such as budgeting, estimating, and hiring subcontractors.

Without a degree, you can earn up to $86,000 per year.

#4. Tanker Driver

Tanker drivers are truck drivers who run specialized rigs that transport liquids and gasses, especially hazardous chemicals like gasoline and propane. 

They stop at checkpoints to fill up their tanks, plan routes, record weights, miles, and travel hours, assist with freight unloading, and examine their vehicle. 

To avoid spills or flame exposure, tanker drivers strictly adhere to safety regulations. The average income for a tanker driver: $84,532 per year.

#5: Electric Power Plant Operator

To get expertise and begin working as a power plant operator in California, all that is required is a high school diploma and on-site training.

You’ll be in charge of planning and supervising a power plant’s operations, as well as ensuring that the facility transmits power to the right places.

The facility distributes power to the appropriate places and performs other tasks essential to the successful operation of a power plant.

In California, a power plant operator receives an average annual pay of $83,020 which makes it one of the highest-paying jobs and careers in California.

#6. Commercial Pilot 

For airline pilots, a college diploma is essential, but not for commercial pilots. With high school graduation and a commercial pilot’s license, which takes six to eight weeks to get, the median income is $82,240.

These are the best-paying jobs in California that don’t require a degree, and there are currently available positions; read more about job openings and apply.

#7. Brickmasons and Blockmasons 

Brickmasons and Blockmasons are two different types of brick masons. Masons who work together to build structures are known as blockmasons and brick masons.

Workers who lay bricks and other construction materials to build or repair houses and other structures are known as bricklayers. In California, blockmasons earn an average of $79,960 per year.

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#8. Brokers of real estate 

You’ll either own a real estate office or work for a commercial real estate firm as a real estate broker, where you’ll be in charge of real estate transactions.

You’ll also be selling rented houses and negotiating loans for them. In this field, the average annual salary is $78,470.

#9. Distribution Manager

Distribution managers are in charge of overseeing the logistics of outbound shipments at a warehouse. 

They design systems for managing inventories and shipping goods, tracking deliveries, scheduling drivers and warehouse workers, and placing orders

order stock, approve orders and keep warehouse equipment in good working order.

Distribution managers collect data on their team’s performance, conduct performance reviews, and train warehouse workers to increase efficiency.

The average income for distribution managers: $78,244 per year

#10. Front Desk Manager

Front desk managers supervise personnel at the front desk and maintain guest satisfaction in hotels and other hospitality organizations. 

They write customer service procedures, handle guest complaints, compile customer satisfaction reports, stock front desk supplies, and educate front desk staff.

Customer records are updated, high-level transactions are processed, and bookings are assisted by front desk supervisors.

They earn an average income of  $78,244 per year. This makes it one of the highest-paying jobs and careers in California.

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#11. Web developer 

Web development is one of the highest paying jobs in California. Their primary responsibilities include designing websites and writing code for their functionality and look.

They design the visual interface for online pages, add images and banners, construct site-integrated features and apps, update website content, and resolve user concerns. 

Web developers also collect data from the website, such as user traffic, load times, and other metrics, and make improvements to optimize the user experience.

Web developers earn an average of $77,742 per year.

#12. Radiation Therapists 

A radiation therapist’s duties include checking equipment, examining patients after treatments, and documenting sessions.

The work does not require a bachelor’s degree; rather, you will need an associate’s degree, which takes only two years to finish.

It’s still one of the highest-paying jobs in California without a degree because all you need is an associate’s degree to get the job and you can do it from anywhere.

If you’re looking for work in healthcare, you should know that the average salary is $77,560.

#13. Installers and Repairers of Elevators 

Elevators do not install themselves, and they must be repaired when they malfunction, necessitating the use of humans to set them up and repair them when they malfunction.

It’s one of the highest-paying jobs in California without a degree, and all you need is a high school diploma and an apprenticeship for repair techs to get started.

If you work full-time, you can earn up to $76,650 each year.

#14. Electricians 

With an annual salary of $77,470, becoming an electrician is one of the highest paying jobs without a degree in California.

Although a college diploma is not required, you must have the necessary skills, which you can gain through an apprenticeship.

#15. Executive secretaries and executive administrative assistants 

Executive Secretaries and Executive Administrative Assistants are government employees who serve in the executive branch.

This is another well-paying California job that doesn’t require a college diploma; a high school diploma or its equivalent will suffice.

You’ll be responsible for doing research, preparing statistical reports, and processing information requests, as well as performing routine administrative tasks including drafting correspondence, greeting guests, setting up conference calls, and organizing meetings.

The average annual salary for this position in California is $72,690.


Via either of the highest paying jobs we listed above, you can work and earn much without a degree in California. 

However note that depending on the Californian city you reside in, the pay may vary a little.


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