High Paying Factory Jobs In Texas 2022

There are always full-time factory or industrial jobs near me and you, in Dallas, Odessa, and Houston, Texas, but the high-paying ones in 2022 may be hard to come by.

Texas is home to many high-paying industrial jobs that pay well over $100,000 per year. Also, several different factories have headquarters in Texas. Many of these companies have highly lucrative products that can be bought by people around the world.

 The factory jobs in Dallas, Odessa, and Houston have been a big contributor to Texas’s economy since its beginning. It provides jobs for both skilled workers and unskilled laborers.

 In fact, in the factory jobs; Texas was once the leading producer of textiles in North America. Nowadays, the industry has declined significantly since the mid-20th century. However, factory jobs in Dallas, Houston, and Odessa Texas still produce a lot of goods, especially medical equipment, electronics, auto parts, and metal products.

 These industrial jobs in Texas do not only provide good jobs but also high salaries.

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How much does a Factory Worker Earn in Texas?

The average median pay for a factory job in Texas is $22,678 a year.  Approximately, factory jobs in Texas pay $10.90 hourly.

Nonetheless, there are different salaries, the lowest, however, ranging from $16,100 and other times salary may be as high as $35,212.

But comprehensively, factory jobs range typically from $21706- $28,250. 

In addition, factory jobs and salary pay in Houston may differ from factory jobs in Dallas and Odessa, etc. 

Hence there are huge differences between these cities.  Nonetheless, you can still get a good-paying factory labor job in taxes without stress after you read the article.

Types of Industrial Jobs In Texas

Factory jobs or industrial jobs are important in every manufacturing company. Most people worry themselves with this question “can I find full-time factory jobs near me?”. Of course, you will find factory jobs in Dallas, Houston, Odessa, etc. 

Even with the rise of automated machines with even Artificial Intelligence(AI), factory workers are extremely needed notably in Texas.

Due to the sudden demand for factory jobs in Odessa, Dallas, and Houston, Texas. We present our high paying factory jobs in Odessa, Dallas, and Houston, Texas;

Factory Manager: 

Texas is known for hosting big companies that produce mostly consumable goods. Hence to meet up with demands, there is a need for factory managers to monitor and oversee the factory operations. This job title is in demand for factory jobs in Houston, Dallas, etc. That is why they are paid on average $95,200. 

Factory Automation Engineer

You can hardly see industrial jobs in Texas that do not use automated machines.

So yes, the need for an automation engineer cannot be neglected for factory jobs in Texas in 2022.

These engineers are in charge of structuring, and implementing the use of technology to reduce the need for human input while improving the factory output. 

So if you know machine automation but you are still worrying if there are full-time factory jobs nearby. Not only are there factory jobs in Texas for you, but with a high pay on the average of $78,499.

Factory Engineer

Most factory jobs in Dallas Taxes are actively looking for factory engineers. On average, they earn $73,562. This does not mean factory engineers are not listed for other cities in Texas. 

Cloud Factory

The top factory jobs in Texas 2022 are not limited to engineers only, however, er it is vital you know computer or machinery skills.

Most industrial jobs in Texas are trying modern and efficient ways to optimize their operation. Since the US government is imposing AI it is only right for these factory labor jobs in Texas to take their data to the clouds. Of course, they need professionals, these factory jobs in Texas 2022 are paid an average of $70,720.

Factory Sales Rep

Factory jobs in Dallas, Houston, and even Odessa Taxes need a factory sales red. About 92% of goods produced in Texas are not consumed in the state. Hence, there needs to be a factory sales rep that can not be overemphasized. They handle wholesale records, marketing, etc. They earn $63,350 on average. 

Mechanical Engineering- $65,890

Instrument Technician- $47,500

Cad Draughtsman- $42,067

Computer Numerically Controlled Operator-$39,020

Industrial Painter- $38,500

What are the requirements needed to get an industrial job in Texas? 

  • High school diploma 
  • Experience from previous factory work 
  • Experience operating manufacturing machine
  • Able to work as a team 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Basic maths knowledge etc. 

At least 4 of the requirements mentioned make one qualify for a factory job. 

List Of Full Time Factory Jobs in Texas

These are our top factory jobs in Dallas, Texas

#1. Daltile

This company is one of the biggest tile producers in the USA and the world in total. She is a branch of Mohawk Industries but deals in the production of stone products. Such as; mosaics, porcelain, ceramics, quarry tile, etc.

Apart From Dallas USA, their industry is spread throughout America and beyond. You can locate with ease their manufacturing facilities in these countries US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. You too can be among their 10,0000 associates. Reddy ice 

#2. Reddy Ice

This factory job in Dallas, Texas deals in packaged ice.

Their salary range is $22,400- to $82,000

#3. American Leather

If you are hoping to work one way or the other in the fashion industry, this factory job in Dallas, Texas may be suitable for you.

Their salaries ranges from $27,000- $84,823

Daisy Brand

This company deals with milk from cows. Besides Texas being known for Fritsche for its cowboy life, it is only right to have a cow brand in the state.

The salary annual range is $28,023 – $94,000

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#5. Dean Foods

This factory job iDallasas deals with beverages and food in the US. Formerly known as Suiza food Corporation.

The salary ranges from $24,000- $82,030.

List of Top Factory Jobs In Houston Texas;

  •  Ascend Performance Material Holdings; They manufacture chemical products for internal and external use. Such as integrated nylon, chemical fiber, etc. The average pay is $56,000
  • Sysco is a food processing company that leverages providing quality meals away from home meals. Its average pay is $45,300
  • North American Pipe; The average pay is $44,600
  • Air Liquide. 
  • Dresser-Rand Group

Factory Jobs In Odessa, Taxes

  • Interchem
  • City Pipe & Supply

Factories In Texas

It is important to note that factory jobs in Texas formerly revolve around the oil industry. In essence most factories deal with by-products of crude oil. Today other factories have different job openings for different skill sets. 

Here are top factories and their three popular openings in Texas;

  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.; Since they deal in aeronautics, they seem not to be getting enough Aeronautic Engineer, Production Engineer. Test Engineer.
  • Dell,Inc; The Dells group are technical group, hence you must have a digital skill before you may be employed. Moreover the pay are high. The high in demand factory job for this company, are software programmer, system engineer,Manufacturing Equipment Mechanic 
  • General Motors Co., Arlington Assembly Div; This is a motor company, hence the workload for Production Line workers, Control Engineers, Electrical Career are inexhaustible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Factory Workers Make In Texas?

It is important to note that factory jobs in Texas are paid averagely, as we have seen in the jobs above. More to this, factory jobs in Houston, Texas tend to pay higher than the factory jobs in Odessa Texas.

Also, your specialties and experience in the industry still determine your salary.

However, factory jobs in Texas 2022 offer its workers an average of $30,768-$60,550.

1. What are the best paying factory jobs?

Commercial pilots$121,430 per annum 

Transportation, storage and Distribution manager $94,560 per annum 

Elevators and Escalator installer and repairs $85,950 per annum 

Power plants operators $84,990 per annum 

Petroleum pump system operators $74,180 per annum. 

What Qualifications Do I Need To Become A Factory Worker?

Becoming a factory worker is not difficult like the way most people perceive it to be. 

A high school diploma is centric to this job title. However, if you are applying to certain positions of specialty, such as an engineering position. Then, a degree may be needed. Again this depends on the state’s and company’s requirements.

Most of the time, training is provided by the factory for months. This training enables you to know the routine of your task. This is the case for most factory jobs in Texas.

Furthermore, after you may have secured a factory job, you may still be closely observed. You will undergo a test and observation for your ability to work under high intensity. To see if you can easily adapt to diverse factory machines and environments. 

So basically, you need a high school diploma for most factory jobs in Texas. Then if you are applying for a professional position, you may need a degree.

Nonetheless, there are tips to scale up in factory jobs. Even one without a degree may end up being the managing body. This can be achieved by focusing on g and using your experience level in your workplace. T

Even if you don’t have a college degree you can get promoted with experience and expertise. This is the castor of most factory jobs in Texas, notably Dallas, Houston, on, and Odessa. These industrial jobs in Texas focus more on the ability to seamlessly learn and use their diverse machinery. 

Most of their philosophcenterses on getting the job done. So even if you are a college graduate but can’t get the job done, you can easily be laid off.


This read has provided the basic information needed for industrial jobs in Texas. Knowing what the factory job entails, the location and the average salary will be a guideline in helping you make the right choice. Most factory jobs are full time.

Only a few are part-time. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to know that any time spent in the factory has value. 

Finally, Texas is an excellent place to explore, with many opportunities available. Factory jobs in Houston, Odessa and Dallas, Texas are top-notch; just get started. 


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