Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs In The USA 2022

Some job titles in real estate management have the highest paying salary in 2022, 88.2% of these commercial jobs in the USA are not only limited to licensed agents but there are also chances to secure entry-level openings.

If you think that the highest real estate jobs in 2022 are for only listing and buying agents, you are wrong!

This general misconception drastically increases the population of real estate broker and sales agent jobs. In estimation, between 2018-2028, 7% of real estate beginners will join annually to about 472,000 licensed real estate agents(U.S. Bureau Of Labour)

Nonetheless, the highest paying real estate careers are numerous and shouldn’t be restricted to only licensed agents’ jobs.

Real estate has an abundance of job opportunities and openings for you to start a business or career.

Luckily, this article is designed to give you all the information on the highest-paying real estate jobs in  2022. So you can get a share of the booming market.

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Without wasting time, let’s jump right in;

What Are Real Estate Jobs?

Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs In USA
Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs In USA

It is crucial you know what real estate jobs are if you are determined to get the highest gigs.

Basically, when starting a career in real. the estate you help people( clients) in gaining, renting, selling, or also managing properties 

You can gain real estate job opportunities as an employee in a firm, or get openings as a business owner.

Benefits of working in this industry include 

  • You are likely to operate on flexible hours. So you can work part-time.
  • Unlimited real estate job opportunities, because more and more people need to secure their dream homes.
  • Job openings for Entry-level real estate can easily be accessed with a high salary range.
  • Almost all jobs in real estate are the highest paid in the USA. 
  • It is no secret that the tax system is demanding in the USA. However, real estate jobs can be your escape route.

But, if truly you want to be successful in real estate, you have to be goal-oriented, self-ambitious, hardworking, etc 

If you think you can keep up with this career path with an annual income worth $1,000,000 on average. Let’s proceed to the types of real estate jobs.  

Highest Paying Careers In Real Estate Jobs 2022

Since our goal is not just to secure real estate job opportunities but also to get to choose the highest paying careers and jobs.

 Hence, here are the highest paying real estate jobs in the USA;

#1 Security Researcher

Average annual salary range: $45,000-$163,000

The duties of the security researcher include 

  • Keeping up to date with the latest threats to home security software
  • Research on threatening malware that disrupts home security and reverses the threat.

Furthermore, this is one of the highest paying real estate careers in the USA due to the technicalities and almost need to prevent dangers and threats to homeland security.

#2 Real Estate Investor

Average annual salary range: $100,000-$150,000 

Entry-level into commercial real estate jobs are relatively easy and the real estate investor is among such jobs opportunity 

Their portfolio includes 

  • Investing capital to buy and sell properties 
  • Research the latest trends and which property has the potential of appreciating, hence they serve as advisers to companies or other individuals.

It is one of the highest-paying real estate careers because of the in-depth knowledge of how to study property and make investments that will give a rewarding return. 

This job title in real estate management requires a high knowledge and experience in the real estate industry.

#3 Commercial Real Estate Relationship Manager

Average annual salary range: $72,000-$180,000 

Since every business is looking for means to grow and generate a lot of revenue possible. 

These commercial real estate relationship managers are not only one of the highest-paid real estate jobs but also in demand.

They are responsible in;

  • Establishing new relationships with partners for high growth and performance for real estate companies and groups
  • Charge with maintaining existing relationships between parties.
  • Because of the deathtrap, some loans come with, this manager evaluates loans for any loopholes.

You have opportunities to work for investors, developers, mortgage brokers, and even banks. So you can see that among the job titles in real estate management this career has the potential to easily become successful in the industry. 

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entry-level real estate job salary, job title management, entry-level commercial real estate jobs, licensed real estate agents jobs
entry-level real estate job salary, job title management, entry-level commercial real estate jobs, licensed real estate agents jobs

#4 Property manager

Average annual salary: $52,273 per year

These highest-paid real estate jobs are in charge of managing the daily functions of properties. They majorly manage rental properties  and their roles include 

  • Collecting rent fees from tenants 
  • Maintenance and repairs of properties 
  • Bookkeeping of financial records for both the property owners and potential renters.

There are also real estate job openings for property managers in Real Estate Investment Groups(REIGs)companies. 

#5 Real estate associate

Average annual  salary: $52,808 

Although this job opening is popular. Nonetheless, it has a corresponding demand for this associate. Hence, it is among the top highest paying real estate careers in 2022.

They assist in

  • Helping clients buy properties 
  • Helping clients also sell their properties 
  • Can partner with REIGs and REITs companies to Real estate associates and help find properties with the potential to make high returns.

#6 Home inspector Jobs

Average annual  salary: $53,134 

This job title in real estate management inspects all properties for possible issues and repairs. Before “transfer of title” is done on any property, a home inspector must be contacted.

#7 Real estate attorney

Average annual salary: $95,701

So if you are a lawyer in search of any highest paying real estate jobs in the USA, then you might want to consider getting a license in real estate law. 

This job title in real estate management is critical. To protect clients from unseen problems, the USA law stipulates a real estate attorney to review contracts before closing the deal.

Consequently, not only is this job among the highest paid real estate jobs, you are likely to always get contracts often.

Furthermore, you will have an entry-level in most commercial real estate jobs as an attorney to review deals and complete the closure process on properties. 

 #8 Mortgage loan officer

Average annual salary: $152,639 

Licensed real estate jobs are not only limited to agents alone. Hence, you can also opt-in on one of the highest-paying real estate careers.

The mortgage loan officer is another job title in real estate management that offers an attractive salary.

They are responsible with;

  • Offer guidance to buyers through the mortgage process
  • Present the best loan offers to clients to deliberate and choose from.

#9 Director of Corporate Real Estate

Average annual salary: $111,500

 Real estate job opportunities are numerous, but if you want the highest-paying jobs, you need to be intentional and choose right.

The Director of corporate real estate indicates that your career will revolve around corporate bodies. 

Let’s explain how this real estate management job title operates

Most people want a pie from the real estate business. However, don’t want the responsibilities that come with the industry. 

Under this career, you can get real estate job openings in REITs & REIGs companies, and you are involved in

  • Managing the company’s portfolio
  • Creating and implementing strategies to enable a profitable return for investments.
  • selection, negotiation of prices, and contracts on behalf of the companies.

These are the top highest paying real estate jobs in the USA, 2022. However, it is important to educate yourself on your state’s requirements.

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Highest Paying Real Estate Jobs In The USA Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are Entry-Level Commercial Real Estate Careers?

Entry-level commercial real estate careers are concerned with rendering services for commercial clients. Commercial real estate agents partner with commercial firms like REITs, REIGs, commercial property brokers, etc.

They are responsible for research, bookkeeping, communication between investors, etc.

As an entry-level into these jobs, your salary may not be as high as your job title. Nonetheless, real estate appreciates with time both properties and human resources. 

How Do I Find Real Estate Jobs Opportunity And Openings Near Me?

So by now with the already detailed list of highest paying careers in real estate 2022, you must have decided on the career you want to pursue in this industry.

But, you are still stuck on the thought of how to get job openings and opportunities. Even worse, how to get entry-level jobs with an attractive salary. 

The bitter truth is, that starting may pose some challenges, just like every other job. However, real estate jobs are always appreciated in the US. So, let’s give you some recommendations

  • Offer free services to those in your niche, you might want to consider interesting them (free)
  • Use of apps and websites eg, Linkedin, Instagram, indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc.

Types Of Real Estate Jobs In the USA

The real estate industry is booming and progressing for centuries and decades. Hence, if you can’t get one of the highest-paid real estate jobs, you are sure to get into some entry-level real estate job with high salary benefits.

In addition, there are other commercial real estate jobs in the USA with openings for entry-level;

Leasing Consultant/agent/manager, Foreclosure specialist, Property developer, Property manager, Title examiner, Home inspector, Real estate manager, Escrow officer, Lease administrator, Real estate appraiser, Commercial property manager.


The real estate industry has one of the highest-paying jobs in the US. So, even the entry-level jobs salary are still pretty much high.

Reading through the list thoroughly we give you the estimated average and detailed overview of the career.


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