High Paying Factory Jobs In Chicago 2022

Factory jobs in Chicago are always hiring since the economy is slightly based on manufacturing hence finding employment in some good-paying, full-time factory job openings near me and you in 2022 is achievable with this article. 

The manufacturing industry is one of the most critical sectors of the US economy. It provides jobs and has a significant impact on the GDP. Furthermore, the factory job is still one of the best-paying jobs in Chicago in 2022, since the average salary for factory workers in Chicago is $25 per hour.

The manufacturing industry has been on the decline for years. But according to the latest report, factory jobs in Chicago are still growing by 8% in 2022. This is a staggering statistic considering that the US economy is experiencing slow growth. The increase in factory job hiring in Chicago in 2022 means more opportunities for people who want to enter this sector of the labor market. The US economy is experiencing slow growth, but more opportunities are available in manufacturing jobs in Chicago.

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This section will analyze good-paying factory jobs that are hiring in Chicago in 2022.

Companies In Need Of Factory Jobs In Chicago Area

The manufacturing industry is one of the most critical sectors of the US economy. It employs millions of people across the country and contributes significantly to our GDP as well as tax revenue. Chicago has always been a hub for manufacturing jobs.

Here are the top companies with factory job openings in Chicago 2022

Quaker Oats Company

Archer Daniels Midland Company

Newark element14

EVRAZ North America


Akzo Nobel Polymer Chemicals

Coeur Mining

Conagra Brands


Hillshire Brands

QST Industries

Barry Callebaut

LSC Communications

S&C Electric


Quaker Sales & Distribution

Newly Weds Foods 

Amsted Industries


Evans Food Group

Requirement For Factory Employment In Chicago

Factory jobs are one of the most popular job types in Chicago. Nonetheless, there are still qualifications needed to secure this employments.

The requirement for factory employment in Chicago are;

High school diploma or GED equivalent.

 Applicants should also be physically fit and should not have any criminal records. 

However, the requirements for factory job openings vary depending on the specific task. 

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What Makes Chicago a Hot Spot for Manufacturing?

Chicago, Illinois is a city that has been known for its manufacturing for quite some time. With the rise in the popularity of manufacturing jobs, Chicago has become a hotspot for people looking to enter the field.

The city is home to many companies that offer jobs in the manufacturing industry. These companies offer everything from entry-level positions to management opportunities. The city also offers a variety of educational opportunities for those looking to enter this field or advance their skillset.

Since Chicago is home to so many manufacturing companies, it has become one of the top destinations in the country for those looking to work in this industry.

What state pays factory workers the most?

1. Texas

 Texas’ average factory worker earns $46,800 per year, ranking them at the 4th position globally. In comparison, the median wage in the United States was just over $26 per hour in 2016.

2. California

 California has been known to pay its employees some of the highest wages in the nation. This is due to the fact that they have no state income tax and their cost of living is much lower than other states. In addition, many companies are based out of California like Apple, Google, and Netflix. If you’re moving from New York City to Los Angeles, this could potentially be a good thing.

 3. Washington

 Washington has always had one of the highest minimum wage rates in the country. They recently raised the rate yet again making sure that the lowest-paid employees were able to make at least $13/hour. Washington doesn’t charge any state income taxes, but its real estate prices are extremely high.

 4. New York

 New York’s average factory worker earns $52,000 per year. This ranks them in the top 10th percentile nationwide. In comparison, the national median wage was $39,179 to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics.

 5. California

 California has some of the highest-paying factories in the United States. Their factory workers earn an average of $55,100 annually — ranking them 9th worldwide. In comparison, the U.S. median wage was $39.17 per hour in 2015.

Nonetheless, there are high-demand factory jobs in the Chicago area that pay higher than the already mentioned.

List of 20 Top Manufacturing Jobs In Chicago

Manufacturing jobs are not what they used to be. They have evolved into the most sought-after positions in the Chicago area, mainly because of the products these manufacturing companies in Chicago do. Hence job offers at Chicago a factory may be different from other states

The following is a list of 15 top manufacturing jobs in Chicago that are in demand in 2022:

1. Tool and Die Maker

 A tool and die maker creates tools that are used to cut metal. They use dies (moulds) to create parts from metals like steel, aluminium, brass, copper, etc. The tools they make can range from simple hand-held tools to large machines. Due to the indispensable nature of this position, you can easily get factory employment in Chicago.

 Furthermore, most tool and die makers start off at entry-level jobs. These positions include quality control, assembly line, and production planning. As they gain experience and prove themselves, they move up to other positions. Some of these positions include machinist, supervisor, foreman, and manager.

 The average salary for a tool and die maker is $50,000 per year. However, some people earn much higher salaries than this.

 There are many tools and die makers full-time factory jobs near me and you in Chicago. However, some choose to work part-time.

2. Machinist

This is another highest-paying factory job in Chicago. A machinist is responsible for maintaining and repairing machinery used in manufacturing processes. They are often called upon to perform maintenance tasks that would otherwise require specialized training.

  Machinists typically have at least a high school diploma, but some employers prefer applicants for factory job openings in Chicago to have a bachelor’s degree. Machinists usually earn $55,000 per year.

3. Quality Inspector

Almost all factory jobs hiring in Chicago need a quality inspector. They inspect raw materials, products, equipment, work areas, and other facilities to ensure that they are clean, safe, and free from defects.

One of the reasons why it is among the highest paying factory jobs in Chicago is that they ensure that production processes meet established quality standards. Furthermore, they also document reviews records and reports to identify problems and make recommendations for improvement.

You can easily get full-time factory jobs to inspect finished goods to verify their conformity with specifications.

4. Maintenance Mechanic

Factory maintenance is a broad term that encompasses many different jobs. Little wonder there are good-paying factory jobs in Chicago. A factory maintenance mechanic is responsible for maintaining equipment used in manufacturing processes. This includes everything from machinery to conveyor belts. They are also responsible for making sure that machines are running properly and safely.

The median annual salary is $57,000.

5. Production Supervisor

Factory jobs in Chicago area can be demanding, that is why in every 10 jobs offered in Chicago a production supervisor is needed to supervise production activities to ensure that quality standards are met

 These supervisors monitor workflow efficiency. Maintain safety procedures and Keep records of production data. Since they make sure that production runs smoothly, they are critical to all factory jobs in Chicago 2022. On the average, they earn $51,000 annually

6. Supervisor/Manager, Manufacturing

Even when this job is similar to production manager, some factory jobs in the Chicago area differentiate them. The median pay is $57,500.

7. Shipping and Receiving Clerk

If you think you need a degree for some job offers at a Chicago factory, well you are thinking wrong. This good-paying factory job in Chicago is in charge of receiving and inspecting incoming packages. They sort and organize incoming items into appropriate bins

 On the average, you earn $30,000

Others include,

8. Assembly Line Worker

9. Plant Manager/Supervisor, Manufacturing Plant or Department

10 Plumber – Pipefitter – Welder (Pipefitters) 

11 Industrial Painter 

12 Welding Expert

13 Millwright maintenance technicians.

14 Electrician 

15 Packaging and labeling 

One good benefit of factory job hiring in the Chicago area is the flexibility of employment criteria. Even if you have little or no experience in any position you will be trained for a specific duration. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate in choosing manufacturing jobs in Chicago.

What are the best jobs in Chicago?

Just like every thriving state in the country, Chicago has different high-paying jobs. However, job openings are limited and the criteria are high, unlike factory jobs. 

That is why this article has been detailed enough so you choose one of the best factory jobs and companies in Chicago, 2022. 

Does Chicago have a good job market?

Before now, Chicago had a low job market.

However, from 2019 to now Chicago’s job market has significantly increased with 97,000 jobs

Only the factory job openings make up 38% which is larger than other sectors’ contribution.


 Factory jobs are always sought after as they help create economic growth around the globe. With this article learning what it takes to land a high-paying factory job in 2022 is not a problem.





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