High Paying Factory Jobs In Florida 2022

All you need to know when looking for high-paying factory jobs and full-time factory jobs in Tempa and Orlando Florida.

Indeed, the outlook of factory jobs in Florida is quite bright. The number of factory jobs in Florida will grow to 1,800 by 2022. Nearly all job openings are expected to be related to health care and personal care services.

Factory jobs in Florida are also able to offer higher wages because they don’t have the same workforce pressures as other states such as Texas or California.

In the future, factory jobs in Florida may become more high paying.

The average wage for a factory worker in Florida, as of 2006, was $20.00 per hour. However, the Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that by 2022 the average wage will be $27.00 per hour in Florida due to growth and an abundance of jobs.

Factory jobs are on their way out; due to the rumor that America no longer has a need for so many manufacturers with the rise of automation and outsourcing. As a result, these jobs were disappearing or becoming less desirable for humans to fill because working conditions were perceived as poor and wages too low to compete with other industries like retail and service sectors.

That’s not to say that there aren’t opportunities for high-paying factory jobs in Florida;

Factory jobs in Florida are still a thing of the future. Moreover, it is possible that within the next ten years Florida will be known as a leading state for manufacturing.

How much does a factory worker in Florida earn

A typical factory worker in Florida earns $15/hr-$40/hr. However, the salary varies; factory jobs in Orlando have different pay from factory jobs in Tampa Florida. But generally, factory jobs in Florida pay an average of $15.00 per hour. 

Furthermore, these factory jobs in Florida pay higher than the national average of $14.00 per hour and more than any other state in the U.S. If looking for factory jobs in Florida, this article is to help get the best Florida factory jobs.

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List Of High Paying 10 In-Demand Factory Jobs In Florida

Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. On the other hand, the state has a thriving manufacturing industry. Florida is home to some of the top 10 in-demand factory jobs in the country. A recent study by CareerBuilder found that more than half of employers are struggling to fill open positions because they can’t find qualified candidates. To help combat this issue, we have compiled a list of the high paying 10 in-demand factory jobs in Florida in 2022. 

1) Industrial Machinist

Industrial Machinists are some of the most versatile toolsmiths in the manufacturing process and can work on a variety of modern fabrication machines. They are responsible for producing high-quality parts that meet their specifications and ensuring that production is running accordingly. They often have to inspect rough drafts for any potential design flaws or imperfections, as well as maintain the machinery they are working on based on instructions from production managers or supervisors.

For some reason, most people are not aware of the factory job openings in Florida. Consequently, they have a high pay

 2) Quality Control Inspector

Before any product is launched into the market it must be checked by the factory quality control inspector.

Quit searching for full-time factory jobs near me while there is a factory job near you in Florida. 

These professions inspect, test, or measure (as the case may be) in other for each product to meet up to desired standards of the company. Their median pay is $19/hrs.

 3) Tool and Die Maker

Even if you don’t have a degree and you are looking for factory jobs in Florida, you can still earn high.

In this job, you assemble parts, repair, operate machine tools, etc. The median pay is $19 per hour.

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 4) Maintenance Mechanic 

The median pay for a maintenance mechanic for factory jobs in Orlando and Tempa Florida is $22.72 per hour.

5) Production Worker

For factor jobs in Orlando Florida, the pay for production workers is $15 per hour. However, factory jobs in Tampa Florida may get $18 per hour. Hence, when looking for factory jobs in Florida, you need to do proper research. 

 6) Tool and Die Maker Apprentice

The qualification for most factory jobs in Florida 2022 are not rigid, the way most people perceive them to be. The Tool and Die Maker Apprentice is a good example of this acceptance. The median pay for these factory jobs in Orlando and Tampa is $26.32 per hour in Florida

 7) Machine Operator

The average salary for a machine operator in Florida is $17 per hour.

 8) Welding Inspector

There are a lot of full-time factory jobs near me and you that are in need of these inspectors. Unfortunately, they are few applicants for these roles. As a result, these factory jobs in Orlando and Tampa Florida pay them $24 per hour.

 9) Electrician (Industrial or Stationary )

The average pay for these factories’ in-demand jobs in Florida in 2022 is $24.84 per hour. Hence, If you are a licensed electrical professional and still looking for a factory job in Florida, you should apply as an electrician. Due to the demand for this skill set you have a high assurance to be picked.

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10) Maintenance Mechanic Apprentice

The average pay for these factory jobs In Florida is $21 per hour. Since machines are the backbone of a factory it is highly essential to maintain them. Hence this job is not only a highly paid job in Florida but also indispensable.

Frequently Asked Question

List Of Full-Time Factory Jobs Near Me In Florida

Due to the demand for the supply of goods from most factories in Florida, It is important for us to note that most jobs in Florida are full-time jobs. However, there may be an operating the swift pattern. 

The list of jobs in a factory is quite long. Some of the jobs are going to be more popular than others.

The list includes jobs like; machine operators, maintenance workers, and production workers.

Machine operators

They are responsible for operating machinery and equipment in a factory that manufactures products.

Maintenance workers

They are responsible for routine tasks like fixing machines, equipment, and tools.

Production workers

They do tasks like assembling parts or products or packaging them for distribution.

Others include;

Here are some of the most popular factory jobs near me:

Manufacturing Engineer

Maintenance Mechanic

CNC Operator


Looking at these factory jobs closely, you will notice they are needed for the smooth and daily running of factories. To this end, there are all full-time factory jobs and there are also available close to me and you. 

Remember, factory jobs are a great way to make a living. They offer a regular income and the opportunity to work in an environment that is supportive and has plenty of opportunities for growth.

Highest Paying Factory Jobs Without A Degree

The manufacturing industry has been a major contributor to the United States economy for decades. To date, the manufacturing industry still offers billions of employment, and currently, most factory jobs in Florida 2022 do not need a degree.

Furthermore, Factory jobs are one of the most lucrative opportunities in the United States, and they don’t require a college degree. That’s right, you can make six figures without ever setting foot on campus.

The manufacturing industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It is also one of the highest paying industries without a college degree.

It is important to note that manufacturing jobs are not just for those with a high school diploma. A lot of companies are looking for candidates with apprenticeships or vocational training.

Manufacturing jobs can be found in many different sectors including aerospace, automotive, and computer systems design.

Factory jobs have always been seen as a way to earn a living with no education. However, this is changing and more and more factory jobs require workers to have some type of higher education. This is because the skills required for these types of jobs are changing.

The top five highest-paying factory jobs without a degree are:

1) Electrical Engineer

2) Chemical Engineer

3) Industrial Engineer

4) Mechanical Engineer

5) Software Developer

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a list of occupations and industries that are in high demand and what the average salary is. This will help you narrow down your search to find the best-paying factory jobs without a degree.

There are a lot of people out there that want to pursue a career but they don’t have the degree or they don’t want to go through the hassle of getting one. The good news is, there are plenty of high-paying factory jobs in Orlando and Tempa Florida that you can get without having a degree.

Which  Manufacturing Companies In Florida Pays The Highest

A manufacturing company produces goods from raw materials. Manufacturing companies in Florida are some of the most valuable and largest companies in the state.

The top manufacturing companies in Florida have a total of $1.6 trillion in revenue, with each employing more than 10,000 people.

The top 5 manufacturers are:

1) Lockheed Martin- $51 billion in revenue, employs 106,000 people

2) Darden Restaurants- $11 billion in revenue, employs 146,000 people

3)Florida Crystal- $$561.9M in revenue, employs 2,000 people

4)Rayonier Advanced Material- $2.1 billion in revenue, employs 2,000 people

5) Walt Disney $13 billion in revenue, employs 77,000 people

Florida is a state that is known for its thriving manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies in Florida are the backbone of the economy. It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 people employed by manufacturing companies in Florida.

Manufacturing companies in Florida pay their employees at different rates depending on their positions, skill sets, and experience levels. The location is another factor to consider.




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