Best NYSC PPA in Delta State that Accepts Corps Members [2023]

If you are hoping to serve in Delta state but don’t know whether you can get a good NYSC PPA in the state, then this article is for you.

The NYSC is a period when citizens of Nigeria who are graduates of tertiary institutions, whether in Nigeria or abroad, serve Nigeria.

This service must be in Nigeria, because, during the service, you are not supposed to leave your place of service.

Also, during the service, the Nigerian government assigns you to a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) where you will serve for one year. 

This place could be a school, a hospital, a government or state parastatal, etc. 

It is compulsory as a Nigerian Youth to serve the country, especially if you plan on getting a job in Nigeria or working for the Nigerian government. 

At the end of the Service, a certificate is given to you, which you can add to your credentials for job applications in Nigeria.

So, if after you NYSC application, you find yourself in Delta state, I know you would only like to serve in the best PPA in the state.

As a result, this article presents you with a comprehensive list of some of the best NYSC PPA in Delta state.

Also, you will learn a lot about the state – security issues, how much Delta state pays corpers and so on.

Let’s start with knowing the condition of Delta state for NYSC service.


Is Delta state good for NYSC service?

To judge whether Delta state is a good state for NYSC, there are a lot of factors we need to consider. 

This is because different people have their tastes and criteria for judging whether a state is nice for service or not.

As a result, you will not expect my judgement to be the same as yours.

With that in mind, let’s begin our judgement from the camp.

1. What is the nature of Delta state NYSC Orientation camp?

The Delta state NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp is located at Former Martins TTC, Issele-Uku, Aniocha North L.G.A. Delta State.

It is just a few minutes’ drive from the capital of Asaba, in the town of Iselle-Uku. 

Iselle Uku is a town with rich traditional and cultural history. 

The NYSC camp has a very scenic environment. 

There are lots of trees and lush vegetation around. 

Unlike most other camps, this camp is devoid of mosquitoes, rodents and other pests. 

Probably because it was just recently renovated.

The buildings are fairly spaced and well arranged. 

Also, it has recreational grounds for various sporting activities. 

The environment is really good, perfect for drills, sports and social activities.

There’s a car park for vehicles, standby water supply system, electricity and proper sewage disposal system in place to encourage proper hygiene in the environment. 

If you don’t want to use the toilet in the hostels, there are VIP toilets in the mami market that you can pay to use.

The mami market is the camp has enough wares take care of the needs of Corp members.

If you ever have a need for cash in the camp, then the ATM machine in the camp will come handy for withdrawals.

But expect to see a very long queue at the ATM otherwise, go to POS terminals in the mami market for withdrawals.

In conclusion, life is generally awesome at Isselu-Uku orientation camp.

2. What is the state of infrastructures in Delta state

Delta state has some highs and lows when it comes to the state of infrastructures in the state.

Beginning with the condition of the roads, some parts have been affected by flooding in the state.

As a result, there is a lot of traffic jam in most major roads.

Electricity is fairly constant in the state and it definitely depends on where you find yourself.

Water is not an issue in the state as there are many private owned boreholes.

It’s even possible that the lodge you will find in the state will have their own borehole.

Finally, internet connection is pretty strong in the state.

You may discover that the signal strength may vary depending on your network provider, but generally, you will find network.

3. What is the cost of living in Delta state as an NYSC corps member?

We can conclude that the cost of living in delta state as corper is pretty fair.

The cost of food in the state is relatively cheap and the cost of housing is just on the average.

As for the cost of transportation, it is not expensive at all.

Serving in villages, you may be given exemption to only attend CDS once in a month.

Also, you may even get free ride when going home from your PPA.

What this means is that you will not have to spend so much on transport.

However, the reverse may be the case if you stay in major towns like Warri and Asaba.

As a result, you may need back up from home even if you are serving in an oil company.

4. How much does Delta state government pay NYSC corps members

Interesting, the government of Delta state pays NYSC corps members serving in the state N5,000 only.

In addition, if your PPA happens to be in one of the villages in Delta state, you may really enjoy your service. 

That’s because you will definetly get some bush allawee from the villagers and even the students if posted to a school.

If you get a good company in Delta state as your PPA and you earn a salary from them, then you will be flowing in money.

5. Is Delta state safe for NYSC corps members?

Delta state generally has no security issues except that two Local Government Areas were banned in the past because of the internal crisis in both communities.

As a result, Warri – South West and Udu Local Government Council Areas of the State do not get corpers posted to them.

The federal government as well as NYSC officials always do all they can to ensure that corps members are safe.

So, there is nothing to be scared off as they always get a report of the security of every state before posting begins.

List of companies that accept NYSC corps members in Delta state

Now that we know so much about Delta state,  let’s see the different companies that accept corpers in the state.

There are many good places for your NYSC primary assignment (PPA) in Delta state,  and they cut across several industries. 

However, most of the best and government NYSC PPA is located in Delta state capital, Asaba and in Warri.

Depending on your field, you can also research on Google for a good PPA in Delta state.

To help you get started with your research, here is the list of the best NYSC PPA that you can find in Delta state.

  • Abivico Oil & Gas Ltd
  • Advanced Maritime Transport Nig. Ltd
  • Access Bank Plc
  • Aerocontractors Company Of Nigeria Limited
  • Aeromaritime Group Of Companies
  • African Alliance Insurance Company Limited
  • Agofure Nig. Ltd
  • Air Llquide Nigeria Plc
  • Amyn Investments Ltd
  • Arco Petrochemical Engineering Company Limited
  • Asaba Aluminium Co. Ltd
  • Awml International Ltd
  • B.G.Technical Ltd
  • Boc Gases Nigeria Plc
  • Brawal Lines Ltd
  • Brawa L Shipping (Nig.) Ltd
  • Bredero Nigeria Coaters Ltd
  • Briscoe Solutions Plus
  • Bulkship (Nigeria) Ltd
  • Bytofel Trust And Securities Ltd
  • C & I Leasing Plc
  • Cakasa (Nigeria) Company Limited
  • Capimpex Nig. Ltd
  • Capital Express Insurance Company Limited
  • Capital Express Securities Ltd
  • Carryboy Nigeria Ltd
  • Cascade Controls Ltd
  • Cashcraft Asset Management Ltd
  • CFAO Technologies Nig. Ltd
  • Chad-Ef Hotels Ltd
  • Chevron Nigeria Limited
  • Chevron Oil Nigeria Plc
  • Chrom E Oil Service S Ltd
  • Ciscon Nig . Ltd
  • City-Code Savings & Loans Ltd
  • Compos Mentis Chambers
  • Computer Powerhouse International Ltd
  • Conoil Plc
  • Consolex Legal Practitioners
  • Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc
  • Contemporary Group Ltd
  • Continental Logistics Ltd
  • Contransar International Nig. Ltd
  • Cornerstone Insurance Plc
  • Creativityland Ltd
  • D’lord, Maseli & Partners
  • Daddo Maritime Services Ltd
  • Delattre Bezons Nigeria Ltd
  • Delta Building Society Co. Ltd
  • Delta Packaging Company Ltd
  • Delta Steel Company Ltd
  • Diamond Bank Plc
  • Diavision International Ltd

More Companies for NYSC PPA in Delta State

  • Dino Palencia International Ltd
  • Disc Communications Ltd
  • Dommer Engineering Ltd
  • Drilling Dynamics Ltd
  • Drillog Petro-Dynamics Ltd
  • Dubi (Nigeria) Company Ltd
  • DVCF Oil & Gas Plc
  • Ecobank Nigeria Plc
  • Edewor International Ltd
  • Edo Transport Service Ltd
  • Efosa Express Ltd
  • Elgar (Nigeria) Ltd
  • Eliezer Workplace Management Ltd
  • Elper Oilfield Engineering (Nigeria) Ltd
  • Emerald Agencies Ltd
  • Emval Nigeria Ltd
  • Environmental Resources Managers Ltd
  • Equipment Business & Allied Services Ltd
  • Equator Medics International Ltd
  • Equity Assurance Plc
  • Esco Superstores Ltd
  • Essential Marine Oil Services Ltd
  • Excel Securities Ltd
  • Execon Holdings Limited
  • Fabros Group Of Companies
  • Felpet (Nigeria) Ltd
  • Fhomo Nigeria Ltd
  • Fiddil Nigeria Ltd
  • Finepro Manufacturing Company Ltd
  • Federal Mortgage Bank Of Nigeria (Fmbn)
  • Fidelity Bank Plc
  • Firstcall Group Ltd
  • First Bank Of Nigeria Plc
  • First City Monument Bank Plc
  • Fortune Ebie & Company
  • Fugro Consultants Nigeria Ltd
  • Futeb Nigeria Ltd
  • Future Concerns Nigeria Ltd
  • Gcappa Plc
  • Gani International Services & Trading Company Nigeria Ltd
  • Gee Pee Industries Ltd
  • General Marine And Oil Services Ltd
  • Geodetic Positioning Service Ltd
  • Gilola International Agencies Ltd
  • Global Scansystems Nigeria Ltd
  • Harriman & Company
  • Harvey Ventures Ltd
  • Healthwyse Global Services Ltd
  • Hertz Car Rentals (Nigeria)
  • Highgate Insurance Brokers Ltd
  • Hogg Robinson Nigeria Limited
  • Honeywell Oil & Gas Ltd
  • Hotel & Catering Services Ltd
  • Hotel Excel Ltd
  • Humphrey Oronsaye & Company
  • IAL Nigeria Ltd
  • Ideke Shipping Ltd
  • Imoniyame Holdings Ltd
  • Income Electrix Ltd
  • Independent Communications Network Ltd
  • Independent Newspapers Ltd
  • Industrial And Commercial Projects (Nig.) Ltd
  • Insurance Brokers Of Nigeria Limited
  • Insurance Phb
  • Inter-Bau Construction Ltd
  • Interglobal Procurement Engineering Services Ltd
  • International Energy Services Ltd
  • International Trad Ing & Logistics Company Ltd. (Intralog)
  • Investments And Allled Assurance Company Limited
  • Iteco (Nig.) Ltd
  • J.J. Scot Group Of Companies
  • Joe-Eboje International Agencies Limited
  • John Holt Distribution (Ventures)
  • John Holt Fire Protection
  • Kinley Securities Ltd
  • Knight Frank
  • Kragha & Associates
  • Lahor Ltd
  • Lambic Technical & General Services Ltd

Additional companies that accepts corps members in Delta state

  • Laser Engineering And Resources Consultants Ltd
  • Law Union & Rock Insurance Plc
  • Leadway Assurance Company Limited
  • Leadway Pensure Pfa Limited
  • Lee Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd
  • Life Flour Group
  • Life Flour Mill Ltd
  • Lighthouse Petroleum Engineering Co. Ltd
  • Linkage Assurance Plc
  • Locks Plus Ltd
  • Locomotiv Structec Ventures Ltd
  • Lonestar Drilllng Nigeria Limited
  • Longman Nigeria Plc
  • Lufthansa German Airlines (Nig.)
  • Mantrac Nigeria Limited
  • Midland Galvanising Products Limited
  • Murphy Shipping & Commercial Services Limited
  • N’mor Agencies Ltd
  • Nathan’s Drycleaners
  • National Clearing & Forwarding Agency
  • Nelrose Hotel Ltd
  • Nem Insurance Plc
  • Nigerian Ports Authority (Npa)
  • Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (Nnpc)
  • Nigdel Ltd
  • Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Limited
  • Nigerian Ports Authority (Npa)
  • Nissan Nigeria Limited
  • Nigerian Westminster Dredging And Marine Limited
  • Nuel Auto Distributors Ltd
  • Oan Overseas Agency Nig. Ltd
  • Oba Group International Co. Ltd
  • Odudu, Odudu & Partners
  • Office Depot Ltd
  • Oiltest Servi Ces Nig. Ltd
  • Olowq T Echnical. Ventures & Sons (Nig.) Ltd
  • Olusola Adekano La & Company Group
  • Omars Royal Co. Ltd
  • Opean Nigeria Ltd
  • Osiqip Nig. Ltd
  • Overseas Multiconce Pt & Telecom Ltd
  • Overseas Technical Service Nig. Ltd
  • Owel-Linkso Group
  • Pan Ocean Oil Corporation (Nigeria) Limited
  • Panalpina World Transport (Nigeria) Limited
  • Paul Osaji And Company
  • Pau-Load Group
  • Pera-Beam Ltd
  • Pestkil (Nigeria) Ltd
  • Petrolog Ltd
  • Petroscanalog International Ltd
  • Platinum Savings & Loans Ltd
  • Polmaz Ltd
  • PPC Ltd
  • Prest Group
  • Prime Energy Resources Ltd
  • Private Networks Nig. Ltd
  • Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors
  • Python Engineering Co. Ltd
  • Royal Savings And Loans Ltd
  • Saro Agrosciences Ltd
  • Staco Insurance Plc
  • Stallion Group Of Companies
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc
  • Starcomms Limited
  • Starling Nig. Ltd
  • Sterling Bank Plc
  • Steelways Nigeria Ltd
  • Stock Investment Securities Ltd
  • Stonehill Nig. Ltd
  • Superb Electrical & Electronics Co. Ltd
  • Supo Ojo & Company
  • Swifttalk Ltd

Companies to that accepts corpers in Delta state

  • T.J .Onomigbo Okpoko & Company
  • Tabson Gases & Welding Products Ltd
  • Task Systems Ltd
  • Teco Ltd
  • Telnet (Nigeria) Limited
  • Telnet Network Services
  • The Ibeto Group
  • The Shell Petroleum Development Company Of Nigeria Limited
  • Top Feeds Limited
  • Tornado International Associates Ltd
  • Total Fire Prevention Safet Y & Security Company Ltd
  • Tranter International Ltd
  • Trawler Manufacturing Ltd
  • Unic Insurance Plc
  • Unicorn Trust And Investment Co. Ltd
  • Unitop International Ltd
  • Union Assurance Company Limited
  • Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc
  • United Bank For Africa Plc
  • Universal Investment & Development Co Plc
  • V. I.P. Merchandise Enterprises Ltd
  • Vidac Equipment Nigeria Ltd
  • Vigeo Holdings Limited
  • Vitafoam Nigeria Plc
  • Warri Refining & Petrochemical Company Limited
  • Xerox H.S. (Nig.) Ltd
  • Yamaha/Almarine (Div. Of John Holt Plc)
  • Yaresh International Ltd
  • Zartech Limited
  • Zenith Bank Plc
  • Zenith Nigergroup Co. Ltd
  • Zukus Industries Ltd

What do companies look for when accepting corpers serving in Delta state?

The process of hiring for many companies does not change because you are a corps member. 

Although they will cut you some slack, that does not mean they will overlook everything else.

The first thing most companies look out for is your academic qualification.

With a first-class or a second class upper result, you will automatically become a hot cake ready for hire.

But it will do you much good is your course of study tallies with what the available position in the company.

For instance, a person who studied financial accounting and graduated with a good result will be preferable in a bank or accounting department of a firm

There are other requirements, and they are mostly soft skills. They include;

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to use a computer well
  • Creativity
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good morals

If you have any other certification or qualities that will be enticing to your employer, then add them in your application.

How to get the Best PPA to accept you during your NYSC service in Delta state

Delta state  NYSC will give you a posting letter to a predetermined PPA within the state.

Although, I have witnessed cases where those who have issues may choose to relocate to a new PPA.

Normally, NYSC does not encourage relocations away from your PPA, so make sure you read the NYSC rules and regulations to make sure you do not default.

Some of the challenges for which NYSC will accept your request to relocate to another PPA or away from an LGA is if you have a physical disability, illness, security or accommodation problem.

If you have any of the aforementioned issues, they may honour your request to relocate.

To get through the best NYSC PPA of your choice in Delta state,  you have to write an application letter to them.

In your letter, you have to state that you are a corper and then mention other reasons why they should hire you.

Make sure you submit your application alongside photocopies of necessary documents including your credentials, results and certificates.

If the company accepts you, you will have to collect a request letter from them which you will present to NYSC as an alternative for the previous PPA.

Note that the current PPA you are trying to move away from must reject you before you present the request letter.

It will take some days up to two weeks before your new PPA will reflect on your NYSC portal.

Summary of the best PPA for services in Delta state

Your service year is an avenue to make good connections, gain exposure and learn from other cultures.

So, if you happen to be posted to Delta state, it will do you good to explore the state as much as you can.

But the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you get a good PPA in Delta state for your NYSC service.

Getting a good PPA will put you in a place where you will get better exposure and also make more money.

In the end, you may be retained in the company depending on your performance, and I believe you will like to be retained in a good company.

Remember not to limit yourself and explore all available options.

Good luck in your service year.


  1. Pls as a delta corper who studied physiology in the university of ilorin whose local government is in obiaruku, Delta State.
    Pls which health centre or hospital is preferable to serve in for one year?

  2. Pls I was posted to agadama secondary school in ugeheli north and going to the is not advisable fir my health condition I already have recommendation from water board in asaba how do I go about it

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