PYES Registration 2021 – A Detailed Guide on How to Apply

PYES Registration 2021 - A Detailed Guide on How to Apply
PYES Registration 2021 – A Detailed Guide on How to Apply

Are you up to 18 years of age? Do you need financial help in your job or career? Then you need to register for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme. This is a detailed guide on all you need to know about the PYES registration.

It’s appalling how many youths in Nigeria are not aware of this scheme. To that stead, we have answered the questions that may arise from this. Also, we have included how to apply as well as the needed requirements. Keep reading!!!

About PYES: Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme

PYES is an abbreviation for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme. Established in December 2016, they aimed PYES at reducing extreme poverty in Nigeria. They structure this Empowerment Scheme as a Public-Private Partnership initiative coordinated by the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Students Affairs. This scheme supports youth for two years.

What are the Functions of PYES?

PYES aims at

  • Creating and growing wealth among the youth population of Nigeria.
  • Reducing unemployment among Nigerian youth.
  • Integrating youth development into the mainstream of government policies, programs, and national budget.
  • Contributing to GDP growth via the development of Micro, Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (MSMSEs).
  • Building the capacity of the youth to enable them to take charge of their wellbeing and future by building their assets and realizing their potentials.
  • Enhancing production, productivity and value addition for new and existing urban and rural entrepreneurs across the 774 Local Government Areas in Nigeria sustainably.

Tips On What You Need to Know Before PYES Registration

For easy registration of PYES programme, you need to have these at hand;

  • Referees & Next of Kin
  • Bio Data & Contact Details
  • Employment, Business & Program History
  • Documentation, Attestation & Submission
  • Area of Interest and Next Level Beneficiary

What Requirements Do I Need for PYES Registration?

The requirements to register for PYES is quite different. Compared to other financial aids from the Federal Government such as N-power, the requirements for PYES registration are easy. It’s of necessity you know that this financial help from the Federal Government is for both Graduates and Non-Graduates.

All you need for this registration are simple requirements that validated your nationality. If you are interested and ready to sign up for this form, you need to provide the things the following requirements!

  • A voters Card
  • river’s license
  • International passport or valid national ID.
  • O’level result or your higher education degree. (Although, what’s necessary is the ability to read and write. As long as you can read and write very well, then you are qualified for the PYES Registration)
  • Guarantor: It’s of necessity you get a guarantor that can sign for you. What this means is that you need someone to guarantee or validate your trustworthiness. He/She must be a well-known person in the society or someone with influence)

Note: If you do not have any of these in your possession, start applying now. You can visit the nearest Local Government Headquarters to apply.

After submitting your PYES online form on the website, your guarantor will sign and upload your PYES Guarantor’s form as well. With these, you have finally completed your PYES Registration.

How Do I Apply for PYES Registration?

To apply for the PYES Registration, follow the steps below;

  • Visit the PYES recruitment portal @
  • Sign up for an account to create one (if you do not have).
  • Connect your social handles, such as Twitter or Facebook.
  • egister your State of residence
  • Input your Local Government Area of residence i.e. LGA if where you live.
  • Fix your profile.
  • Update your bank account details and other information as required.
  • Next is to upload all necessary documents .
  • Activate your account via the email sent to you with the link
  • Submit your application.

What Next After Registration with PYES?

After the registration, Short-listed candidates should visit PYES portal login. Once you are logged in, they will ask you to undergo a test.

The test screening and document verification exercise is to ensure credibility. All falsified documents and information will be discovered.

WARNING: Make sure you don’t submit false documents as this will easily disqualify you.

Frequently Asked Questions About The PYES Registration?

Is the PYES Registration Ongoing?

Unfortunately, no it is not. However,we will inform you once it starts. First, leave your email in the comment section.

What’s The Monthly Salary of PYES?

Well, there is no salary for PYES beneficiaries. However, they receive grants and other financial aids to support their business. The stipulated amount is not known but you can be sure that is quite substantial.

What are the Branches of the PYES Registration?

They apply PYES Registration in branches. The branches for PYES Registration are more or less the categories of the PYES program. Interestingly, this program is widely available for application to all citizens in the country’s federation: Nigeria.

The categories include;

  • Fashion.
  • Agriculture.
  • Technical Acquisition.
  • ICT and Mobile Money.

What is the Age Requirement for PYES Registration?

Aside from the fact that you must be a Nigerian, the other criterion of necessity is the Age requirement. All applicants must be between the ages of 18–40 years. They will accept no one less or above that.

What’s the Cost Of PYES Registration?

Kindly note that the PYES Registration is free. You do not need to pay a dime to anyone or the organization to register. All you have to do is visit the website and register by uploading the right documents.

Is being a PYES Member Worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it in every sense. Here are some of the advantages of entering the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (PYES);

  • Stipends on a monthly basis.
  • Certificate of national ability qualification.
  • You will receive a computer that contains all the information needed for a particular engagement.


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