Best NYSC PPA in Ebonyi State that Accepts Corps Members [2023]

If you are hoping to serve in Ebonyi state but don’t know whether you can get a good NYSC PPA in the state, then this article is for you.

The NYSC is a period when citizens of Nigeria who are graduates of tertiary institutions, whether in Nigeria or abroad, serve Nigeria.

This service must be in Nigeria, because, during the service, you are not supposed to leave your place of service.

Also, during the service, the Nigerian government assigns you to a Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) where you will serve for one year. 

This place could be a school, a hospital, a government or state parastatal, etc. 

It is compulsory as a Nigerian Youth to serve the country, especially if you plan on getting a job in Nigeria or working for the Nigerian government. 

At the end of the Service, a certificate is given to you, which you can add to your credentials for job applications in Nigeria.

So, if after you NYSC application, you find yourself in Ebonyi state, I know you would only like to serve in the best PPA in the state.

As a result, this article presents you with a comprehensive list of some of the best NYSC PPA in Ebonyi state.

Also, you will learn a lot about the state – security issues, how much Ebonyi state pays corpers and so on.

Let’s start with knowing the condition of Ebonyi state for NYSC service.


Is Ebonyi state good for NYSC service?

To judge whether Ebonyi state is a good state for NYSC, there are a lot of factors we need to consider. 

This is because different people have their tastes and criteria for judging whether a state is nice for service or not.

As a result, you will not expect my judgement to be the same as yours.

With that in mind, let’s begin our judgement from the camp.

1. What is the nature of Ebonyi state NYSC Orientation camp?

The Ebonyi state NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp is located at Macgregor College, Afikpo Local Government Area, Ebonyi State.

The orientation camp is a nice campground for NYSC activities.

However, the only bad thing is the poor quality of the water in the camp.

If you have a sensitive skin, then you might need to go with a disinfectant for treating your water before bathing.

The electricity in the camp is rationed. 

You get electricity from 5am – 7am in morning and  7pm – 10pm in the night time.

Charging of phones in hostel is prohibited, so get ready to charge your phone at mami market for N50 only.

Network signals for internet connection is just on the average for all networks.

It’s not too strong and also not too poor.

New Flash!! The camp has low standard bathrooms, toilets and hostels.

Not to scare you, but I just pray you don’t get infections, especially for the ladies.

2. What is the state of infrastructures in Ebonyi state

When it comes to infrastructures generally in Ebonyi state, I give it to them.

The recent governor is doing a lot in transforming the state into a very nice place.

The condition of the roads in the state is topnotch.

You can literally travel very long distances around the state without travelling on bad roads.

However, electricity is not widespread throughout the state.

You will mostly find constant electricity in the state capital.

So, pray that your NYSC PPA is somewhere around Ebonyi state capital, Abakiliki.

That way, you will get to enjoy the electricity too.

One major challenge in the state is the problem of water.

The state has hard water and it is difficult to even find a borehole in some villages.

That’s not because they can’t afford to drill a borehole, but because they always find bad water or no water at all.

So, if you are a geologist, you may want to go along with your instrument to proffer solutions to this major challenge.

That aside, the network signal around the state is really great, but it still vary with location.

3. What is the cost of living in Ebonyi state as an NYSC corps member?

The cost of living in Ebonyi state is really cheap.

Cost of housing is cheap.

Food is cheap.

Even the cost of transport is also cheap in the state.

And healthcare services are very affordable too.

4. How much does Ebonyi state government pay NYSC corps members

Seems like Ebonyi state government paid corpers N10,000 in the past but stopped all of a sudden.

Probably it’s one of those political stunts we experience in Nigeria et al.

But to be on the safe side, don’t keep your hopes too high by not expecting any dime.

So, when you reach there and you discover that they actually pay corpers in the state, please leave a comment to update us.

Thanks in advance.

5. Is Ebonyi state safe for NYSC corps members?

Ebonyi is found in the south eastern part of Nigeria.

And luckily, this area is very peaceful.

There are no tribal wars nor insurgencies in this state.

So, if you get posted to serve in Ebonyi state, you safety is assured.

You will go in peace and return to your family in one piece.

List of companies that accept NYSC corps members in Ebonyi state

Now that we know so much about Ebonyi state,  let’s see the different companies that accept corpers in the state.

There are many good places for your NYSC primary assignment (PPA) in Ebonyi state,  and they cut across several industries. 

However, most of the best and government NYSC PPA is located in Ebonyi state capital, Abakiliki.

Depending on your field, you can also research on Google for a good PPA in Ebonyi state.

To help you get started with your research, here is the list of the best NYSC PPA that you can find in Ebonyi state.

  • Access Bank Plc
  • Bank of Industry Limited
  • Crushed Rock Industries (Nigeria) Ltd
  • Diamond Bank Plc
  • Ecobank Nigeria Plc
  • Federal Mortgage Bank Of Nigeria (Fmbn)
  • Fidelity Bank Plc
  • First Bank Of Nigeria Plc
  • First City Monument Bank Plc
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
  • Hardis & Dromedas Ltd
  • John Holt Distribution (Ventures)
  • Jonatex & Company Nigeria Ltd
  • Lopa Energy Company Ltd
  • News Engineering Nig. Ltd
  • Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation
  • Agricultural And General Insurance
  • Nigerian Agricultural Co-Operative & Rural Development Bank Ltd
  • Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation
  • Olusola Adekanola & Company Group
  • Peace Mass Transit Ltd
  • Skye Bank Plc
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc
  • The Candel Company Ltd
  • Transglobe Investment & Finance Co. Ltd
  • Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc
  • United Bank For Africa Plc
  • Valagh & Company Ltd
  • Wema Bank Plc
  • Zenith Bank Plc 

What do companies look for when accepting corpers serving in Ebonyi state?

The process of hiring for many companies does not change because you are a corps member. 

Although they will cut you some slack, that does not mean they will overlook everything else.

The first thing most companies look out for is your academic qualification.

With a first-class or a second class upper result, you will automatically become a hot cake ready for hire.

But it will do you much good is your course of study tallies with what the available position in the company.

For instance, a person who studied financial accounting and graduated with a good result will be preferable in a bank or accounting department of a firm

There are other requirements, and they are mostly soft skills. They include;

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to use a computer well
  • Creativity
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good morals

If you have any other certification or qualities that will be enticing to your employer, then add them in your application.

How to get the Best PPA to accept you during your NYSC service in Ebonyi state

Ebonyi state  NYSC will give you a posting letter to a predetermined PPA within the state.

Although, I have witnessed cases where those who have issues may choose to relocate to a new PPA.

Normally, NYSC does not encourage relocations away from your PPA, so make sure you read the NYSC rules and regulations to make sure you do not default.

Some of the challenges for which NYSC will accept your request to relocate to another PPA or away from an LGA is if you have a physical disability, illness, security or accommodation problem.

If you have any of the aforementioned issues, they may honour your request to relocate.

To get through the best NYSC PPA of your choice in Ebonyi state,  you have to write an application letter to them.

In your letter, you have to state that you are a corper and then mention other reasons why they should hire you.

Make sure you submit your application alongside photocopies of necessary documents including your credentials, results and certificates.

If the company accepts you, you will have to collect a request letter from them which you will present to NYSC as an alternative for the previous PPA.

Note that the current PPA you are trying to move away from must reject you before you present the request letter.

It will take some days up to two weeks before your new PPA will reflect on your NYSC portal.

Summary of the best PPA for services in Ebonyi state

Your service year is an avenue to make good connections, gain exposure and learn from other cultures.

So, if you happen to be posted to Ebonyi state, it will do you good to explore the state as much as you can.

But the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure you get a good PPA in Ebonyi state for your NYSC service.

Getting a good PPA will put you in a place where you will get better exposure and also make more money.

In the end, you may be retained in the company depending on your performance, and I believe you will like to be retained in a good company.

Remember not to limit yourself and explore all available options.

Good luck in your service year.

And if there is any new update in Ebonyi state that contradicts what we have in this article, then, please update us immediately by leaving a comment below.


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