Highest Paying Jobs in Ohio Without A Degree 2022

Are you a recent high school graduate looking for the highest paying jobs without a degree in Ohio?  

Do you want to know how easy it is to get a job without having a degree in Ohio?

Many think it’s impossible to live in Ohio without having a well paid job using your degree certificate. 

This is makes it pretty difficult for most high school leavers or people who do not have a chance getting a university degree.

The labor market in Ohio as with most American states has ample space for several classes of jobs. 

Finding a perfect or at least comfortable job is no easy task so we’ve designed this article to help you locate the highest paying jobs in Ohio 

Initially, the idea of finding high-paying jobs in Ohio without a degree may seem impossible.

However, in reality, it’s not just possible but happens daily.

We cannot underestimate the value of a college education. 

Regardless, getting a respectable, well-paying job is more than conceivable and attainable in Texas even without one.

Professions that stated a high-school diploma, some college education (without a degree given), postsecondary non-degree award.

In the same vein, those with no formal education requirements for entry-level positions were evaluated, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. 

However, Jobs with no entry-level education requirements were not included.

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What To Know About Ohio 

Ohio’s population has remained relatively stable for the past 40 years, despite that fact, people have continued to build houses in the cities.

So if you don’t care where you live, you can get a great deal.

Having said that, low-cost housing is available in every state in the country. 

The distinction between Ohio and many other states is that affordable housing in Ohio is more likely to be in a livable community with nearby jobs and retail. 

Other regions where low-cost housing is available are food deserts and war zones.

There are some cheap properties in Ohio if you don’t mind living near gunfire and in a violent neighborhood with no jobs. 

It’s important to note that “cheap” does not always imply “affordable” or “fair.” 

Insurance, security, and transportation fees can add up to a significant portion of your home budget.

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Can I Get a High-paying Job in Ohio without a Degree?


Even if you don’t have a college diploma, you may live nicely in Ohio if you get one of the highest-paying jobs without a degree.

Although a degree can be beneficial to a graduate’s profession, it cannot guarantee success. 

It’s worth noting that having one of the highest paying jobs in Ohio without a degree is possible and will allow you to maintain a decent level of living.

What does it Mean to Have a High-paying Job?

A good-paying job is simply a job that pays well. 

Generally, a position that pays more than $100,000 a year is high-paying.

However, it’s ideal if you know that high-paying jobs frequently have a low beginning point. 

At that point, you get to make less than half of the above-mentioned amount.

However, with experience and greater skill, you can work your way up to being a highly paid expert in any field where there is a significant demand for expertise.

There are many ways to create a solid living doing what you enjoy, but ultimately the decision is yours. 

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Highest-Paying Jobs in Ohio Without a Degree 

All of the highest-paying positions in Texas, as we all know, require a bachelor’s degree to be for employment. 

Regardless, this article lists the highest paying jobs in Ohio that don’t require a college education or degree.

Some jobs, however, may require you to earn a certificate or diploma indicating that you have completed training and are qualified for the position.

With your certification, which you can acquire from a vocational training institution or a community college, you will be able to easily find a job in the field of your choice.

If you don’t have any kind of certification or experience with the position you’re applying for, some companies will still hire you if you agree to receive on-the-job training for a specific length of time.

The company will give the training, and you will be hired on the spot after completing the course.

How much does the average person in Ohio earn?

As of January 12, 2022, the average annual wage for the Average employment category in Ohio is $56,477.

If you need a quick salary calculator, that equals $27.15 per hour. This works out to $1,086 a week or $4,706 per month.

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Ohio.

Many businesses respect talents that may be learned outside of a degree program, allowing you to develop a prosperous career without a college diploma.

We’ve compiled a list of jobs in Ohio that you can get without a degree. 

It’s all a matter of supply and demand. 

#1. Commercial pilots

  • Average salary per annum: $112,390.

Being a pilot is great. With the many perks attached and freedom to fly around. 

This job role comes up as one the highest paying as well and it doesn’t require a college degree to get started.

You’ll be tasked with navigating fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters on non-scheduled air carrier routes. Commercial Pilot certification is required, however. 

Charter pilots with similar certification, as well as air ambulance and air tour pilots, are included.

Regional, national, and international airline pilots are not included.

#2. Police and detectives’ first-line supervisors.

  • Average salary per annum: $105,720.

Supervisors of police officers and detectives on the front lines supervise and coordinate the actions of police officers daily.

This is another lucrative job in Ohio.

You’d have to ensure that police conduct on a daily basis satisfies laid down acceptable standards.

This invariably makes it one of the highest paying jobs in Ohio

#3. Transportation, storage, and distribution managers.

  • Average salary per annum: $100,930

This is one of the highest paying jobs remuneration jobs in Ohio without a degree. 

You’ll have to Plan, direct, or coordinate transportation, storage, and distribution activities in compliance with company policy and appropriate government rules and regulations.

For this position, Managers of logistics are included

#4. First-line supervisors of firefighting and prevention workers.

  • Average salary per annum: $92,850 

This high-paying job role in Ohio requires the personnel to directly manage and coordinate the actions of firefighting, fire prevention, and fire control professionals.

#5. First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers.

  • Average salary per annum: $89,880.

Supervise and organize the operations of salespeople who aren’t retail salespeople. In addition to supervisory responsibilities, may conduct budgeting, accounting, and personnel activities.

#6. Postmasters and mail superintendents.

  • Average salary per annum: $81,510

These positions form another one of the highest paying jobs in Ohio.

Two different people work in the postal service.

Primarily, they plan, direct, or coordinate a U.S. post office’s operational, administrative, management, and support services; or coordinate the activities of postal and associated workers in an assigned post office.

Postmaster jobs are one of the highest paying jobs in Ohio.

#7. Criminal investigators and detectives

  • Average salary per annum: $80,790.

Detectives play an important and respected role in line supervisors first. 

To prevent or solve crimes, conducting investigations into alleged infractions of federal, state, or local laws is needed.

This role is interesting by itself and also offers a huge payout.

Hence it has ranked as one of the highest paying jobs in Indiana without a degree.

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#8. Correctional officers’ first-line supervisors

  • Average salary per annum: $113,070.

Also making up one of the highest paying jobs in New York without a degree are correctional officers supervisors.

They Supervise and coordinate the actions of correctional officers and jailers daily.

#9. Transportation inspectors

  • Average annual salary: $74,120

Transportation inspectors ensure that they arrive safely. 

Inspectors of rail transportation, include freight inspectors, rail inspectors, and other inspectors of vehicles not classified elsewhere.

They Inspect cargo or people-carrying equipment or items to various destinations.

#11. Advertising Agents.

  • Average salary per annum: $79,310.

In periodicals, signage, TV, radio, or Internet institutions or public locations, these agents sell or solicit advertising space, time, or media.

They make the necessary arrangements to secure advertisement avenues for whatever they intend to broadcast.

Unarguably, non degree holders can earn high from this job making it one of the the highest paying jobs in Ohio.

#12. Repairers of electrical and electronic equipment, power plants, substations, and relays

  • Average salary per annum: $78,900

As popular as repairers may sound, mostly owing to their importance every day they also make a healthy sum at the end of each year.

Saddled with the inspection, testing, repair, or maintenance of electrical equipment in generating stations, substations, and in-service relays.

#13. Operators of petroleum pumping systems, refinery operators, and gaugers

  • Average salary per annum: $73,430.

These roles here are quite straightforward and offer handsome remunerations in return.

Petroleum refining or processing units must be operated or controlled. 

Controlling manifold and pumping systems, gauging or testing oil in storage tanks, and regulating the flow of oil into pipelines are some of the specialties.

#14. Mechanical door installers and repairers, control and valve installers, and repairers

  • Average salary per annum: $73,300.

They are in charge of the following principal duties. 

Mechanical regulating and controlling equipment, such as electric meters, gas regulators, thermostats, safety, and flow valves.

Other mechanical governors must be installed, repaired, and maintained as well.

This position makes our list of the highest paying jobs in Ohio without a degree because the aggregate for working year-round comes in pretty handy.

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Working in Ohio offers a splendid opportunity to enjoy all that the state and its other inhabitants have in store.

More importantly, finding one of the Highest Paying Jobs in Ohio even without a degree compensates you well enough makes your stay all the better. 

Hopefully, this list has helped you figure out what your chances are.



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