20 most reliable Staffing agencies in Vancouver

Staffing agencies in Vancouver has helped the nation so much in matching employers to employees, both for temporary, freelancing and permanent jobs.

Here are 20 most reliable Staffing agencies in Vancouver:

  1. Goldbeck Recruiting

Goldbeck Recruiting is a contingency recruitment, executive search and Staffing agency Founded in 1997 with its  location in Vancouver, BC , that focuses on helping job seekeers  find an available position that fits right into each one specific industry and organizational culture as well as  helping companies and industries fill challenging positions which requires a unique combination of skills, professionalism, and industry background by providing specialist staffing and recruitment services for permanent placements in corporate and management positions.

  1. AngusOne

AngusOne is one of the most reliable staffing agencies in Vancouver For over 33 years. the agency have continuously improved recruitment, evaluation and client services thereby earning the reputation as Vancouver’s #1 Employment Agency. AngusOne provides temporary Staffing Solutions to candidates and clients with the goal to save time and money and also Permanent Recruitment.

  1. Synergie Hunt International

Synergie Hunt International   is a top staffing agency in Vancouver with more than 50 years of experience. the agency offers a broad range of recruitment solutions  and  is committed to exceptional services to clients and candidates by demonstrating an integrated approach to human capital management which exceeds their expectations while creating a welcoming and rewarding environment.

  1. Recruiting in Motion


Recruiting in Motion is a great staffing agency that has been recognized by employers and job-seekers as the best recruitment agency in Vancouver BC as such they are recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, according to Canadian Business and Profit Magazine. The agency provides  personalized service and relationship-building approach which ensures that clients and candidates understands their unique needs.

  1. McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group (McNak)


McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group (McNak) is one of the most reliable staffing agencies in Vancouver BC. Established in 1996 the firm have been connecting exceptional people with outstanding employers by always focuses on making the extra effort to learn about the person behind the professional as well as  finding the requisite skills that clients are looking for, which has resulted to them being known for their ability to deliver outstanding ‘cultural fit’.

  1. Career Contacts / Employment Unlimited


Career Contacts / Employment Unlimited is one of the best and innovative human resources and staffing agencies for companies in Vancouver BC, that offers staffing assistance with permanent and temporary hiring, HR Consulting, payroll support including outsourced strategic and  all phases of the talent search process. The agency partners with companies and work as an extension of their Operations in Management, Executive, and HR teams, ensuring that  people and processes are aligned and  also prepares candidates for recruitment, retention and succession planning needs.

  1. Expert Recruiters


Expert Recruiters is one of the best boutique staffing agencies in Vancouver BC that started in response to a need in the marketplace for a truly personalized agency that placed people over numbers. with exceptional teamwork the firm works, assist, nurture and share with the assistance of all with a unique system that ensures every client and candidate receives the benefits they need

  1. WorkBC Centres


WorkBC Centres  is a staffing and recruitment agency located in Vancouver Midtown and are funded by the Province of British Columbia to deliver employment services and work supports. The agency offers no cost employment services, programs, information, and supports all the Vancouver Midtown residents seeking employment to find the best job suitable for their needs and also makes it easy for employers to source, hire, and retain talent.

  1. The Headhunters


The Headhunters is a great staffing and recruitment agency that  provides intelligence and introductions to the top talent in the marketplace. the agency has a team of highly-trained and specialized Recruitment Consultants that deliver results in order to find the best people and opportunities both for clients and candidates.  The Headhunters  have established excellent alliances with exceptional partners to develop compelling projects and add value and also offer a supportive, comprehensive and fun team environment as well as an extensive training program.

  1. Miles HR


Miles HR  is one of the most reliable Staffing agencies in Vancouver, that has been a trusted leader in permanent staffing, human resource and recruitment solutions with over 20,000 talent hired for public, private & government. the agency was established in 2003 and since then has continuously worked and shape their services to fit with the ever-changing needs and requirements of an evolving labour market.

  1. LabourLink


LabourLink is one of the most reliable staffing agencies in Vancouver that has delivered excellent results for over a decade for companies that needs effective workers or job seekers looking for jobs in which they can succeed and grow. The firm provides staffing solutions in Office Administration, Paralegal, legal, Light Industrial, Warehousing, Logistics, Manufacturing, Recycling, Food Processing, Swampers and also service Solutions in Events, Hospitality, Retail Support Construction, Labourers, Carpenters Helper, Landscapers and Restoration.

  1. Employment Specialists


Employment Specialists is an employment and staffing agency that works for people With a variety of daily opportunities in different industries, both for the highly qualified or just starting out candidates for permanent or temporary jobs to  align with each one goals.

  1. Arlyn Recruiting

Arlyn Recruiting is a good staffing and recruitment agency that focuses on the legal system be it lawyer positions, paralegals, legal assistants and temps. the agency offers a full range of Human Resources services along with recruiting, training, and consulting advice tailored for the firm’s needs right from performance management to policy development because of their solid foundation in Human Resources combined with initiative and exceptional abilities based on years of experience which enables them to help clients and candidates with decisions around staffing and career through  honesty and professionalism.

  1. Premium Staffing Solutions


Premium Staffing Solutions is one of the best Staffing agencies in Vancouver that offers  a full-service recruitment and is dedicated to providing employers with the people essential for success in today’s competitive marketplace. the agency uses a unique, exceptional , comprehensive and competitive approach to consistently ensure that clients get the candidates they need while offering candidates the jobs they want.

  1. SIGnature Recruiting


SIGnature Recruiting is a  professional recruitment and staffing agency in Vancouver that focuses on the IT industry by connecting IT specialists with hard-to-place jobs, and employers with premier talent since 2010. The agency has been pairing exceptional people with short-term contracts and long-term careers in Vancouver’s flourishing IT industry with refined a process that focuses on quality over quantity, Because they believe that recruiting is a science and an art, not a numbers game, which has made them  to look beyond one transaction and has created long term relationships with both clients and candidates.

  1. Eva Lee & Associates Recruitment

Eva Lee & Associates Recruitment is a staffing and recruitment agency that specializes in legal support jobs in Vancouver, B.C. the agency aims  to match top candidates with leading employers and jobs in Vancouver’s Legal Industry with a conviction of building long lasting relationship with both clients and candidates.They offer paralegal solution services in Litigation, Corporate,Commercial, Real Estate,Conveyancing, Corporate Records and Securities and other legal Solutions.

  1. David Aplin Group

David Aplin Group is a great recruitment and staffing agency in Vancouver that has been recruiting to fulfill talent demands for businesses across the nation. The agency has opened doors to opportunities for thousands of professionals and employers, advancing careers, growing teams, and changing lives . David Aplin Group has won the best Managed Companies Platinum Club designation in Canada for eight consecutive years and also a member of association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services.

  1. Horizon Recruitment


Horizon Recruitment is a boutique staffing and recruitment agency in Vancouver that offers intimate experience to clients and candidates in the supply chain, accounting and financial department. The agency has  reached stability and has the best in class capabilties of a national search and consulting firm.Horizon recruitment are focused on careers not jobs and are dedicated to provide a unique experience and process for both clients and candidates.

  1. Scout Talent


Scout Talent is an IT staffing agency in Vancouver that provides recruitment software and services to organisations in need so they can attract and hire the best talent. The agency uses innovative and easy to use recruitment software and services, with a 10 years experience, built by recruiters, for recruitment teams to support, give security, assurance and quality candidates for clients.

  1. Coastline Insurance Personnel


Coastline Insurance Personnel is an insurance staffing agency based in Vancouver. the agency has been an integral part of the Vancouver and BC culture understands the business community for the past 20 years by focusing exclusively in the General Insurance Industry thereby giving both clients and candidates a satisfactory outcomes.

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