Top 10 Careers for Foreigners in China 2022

Top 10 Careers for Foreigners in China 2022

Searching for most common Careers for Foreigners in China 2022? the great news is, we have prepared 10 job opportunities for foreigners in China in 2022. So, do you reside in China or are you intending moving to China

Securing good jobs for many has been a serious issue, I can say, the reason behind that is lack of information.

Why See Job Opportunities in China in 2022


On account of globalization and economic development, the opportunities for foreigners craving to work in China have expanded fin a significant manner over the most recent couple of years.

In 1996, there were just 180,000 foreign workers enlisted in China, however, the number is quickly developing since there are such a significant number of occupations in China for foreigners today.

For quite a while, training English has been one of the principal work territories for outsiders in China, however of late, there has been a developing interest of exiles with skills in engineering, sales, management to mention but a few.

A large portion of the occupations are offered by foreign-invested enterprises or worldwide firms yet additionally, there has been an expanding number of Chinese organizations hiring expatriates, State-owned organizations included.

Building a profession in China is such addition on your resume, and the experience easily puts you on the worldwide marketplace map. Other than there being such a large number of occupations in China for foreigners, expats are entranced by the idea of working in the quickest developing economy in the world and a chance of having the option to encounter a totally unique culture.


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As much as working in a culturally diverse environment isn’t a stroll in the recreation centre, deciding to work in China shows your eagerness to work in another culture and your adaptability in encountering an alternate market.

Top 10 Careers for Foreigners in China 2022

Here is a list of job opportunities for foreigners in China in 2022

Teaching English

This is one of the careers for foreigners in China and maybe the most well-known and stereotyped job in China. English teachers are found far and wide in China from the cosmopolitan megacities like Beijing and Shanghai to little towns in Tibet.

English teaching jobs are accessible at secondary schools, colleges and furthermore at a developing number of private language schools. In a perfect world, they are promoted through email or phone contacts either legitimately by the school or a placement agency.

It is the duty of placement agencies to match foreign teachers with Chinese schools, give pre-flight preparing and just charge a humble expense for this service offered. There is the possibility of finding some of the international teaching opportunities at major job fairs.

What is required of candidates a government-issued public-school teaching certificate? The candidates should plan to attend the fair and be participants in an on-site interview.

English teaching jobs likewise as often as possible necessitate that you are a native speaker and have an English teaching certificate like the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). Having a master’s degree won’t just increase your chances of getting a new line of work yet additionally your salary.

Professional teaching is one of the most rewarding professions for foreigners in China, and it’s profoundly attractive particularly for people with cutting edge degrees. The global schools in China pay probably the best pay rates you’ll discover anyplace, and the universities continue searching for qualified teachers to lead math, science or history courses in English-medium programs.

Truth be told, there is a noteworthy increment in graduate schools that run programs in English along these lines. In the event that you have a specific degree and some English, this is actually what you have to impel you to the following occupation level.

IT Jobs

China’s Information Technology business is blasting, and little and medium-sized technology enterprises offer numerous work openings in the IT section for expats particularly in the Southern waterfront city of Shenzhen, Beijing’s Zhongguancun Hi-Tech Development Zone and Shanghai.

The Chinese government is exceptionally dedicated to building up the technology industry and with such quick advancements, frequently than not they run low on IT experts with a horde of employment opportunities in IT and related field not being filled.

For example, the Chinese Internet has consistently worked on various norms and standards something completely unmistakable from the worldwide market. With that, an ever-increasing number of huge Chinese sites and organizations are trying to make a worldwide market.

This legitimately makes IT one of the sought-after careers in China for foreigners since they will require gifted Western remote IT bosses to accomplish this. A model would be Alibaba, which is the Chinese response to Amazon or eBay, has contracted an enormous group of foreign IT, Marketing and Design experts to improve their worldwide presence.

Engineering / Specialized Technical Skills jobs.

It may sound foolish since China has probably the most elevated number of engineers moving on from the universities yearly, however with the quick development in mechanical creation, they miss the mark regarding abilities in certain zones.

There are fresher, profoundly specific fields, for example, car, oil and gas, clean energy and general substantial enterprises in China which the colleges think that it’s difficult to prepare in and this is the place they sub-contract ability.

Also, foreigners loan organizations and undertaking a quality of eminence since they have a more elevated level of hands-on involvement in globe-crossing ventures along these lines are exceptionally esteemed and popular to chip away at Chinese-structured foundation ventures.

Marketing/Creative Field jobs

Marketing just as another innovative field in China, for example, design and content related internet business are quickly developing and furthermore one of the careers in China for foreigners since there is an appeal for foreign nationals with the applicable ability.

In this field, there are two fundamental organizations, the Chinese organizations hoping to improve their worldwide presence and picture and the international organizations searching for experienced China hands to assist them with entering the neighborhood market.

It is the ideal field for people with certified interest, language abilities, and solid critical thinking aptitudes since it involves overcoming any issues between two business societies.

English Editor/Writer/Journalist

This is one of the careers for foreigners in China that is ideal for people with a solid direction of the English language and sentence structure. Beijing alone has a plenty of state-run English papers, TV channels, radio broadcasts, news portals which shoot the message to the world.

Working in such associations is extraordinary since it encourages you to extend your network and lay the preparation for future changes. Additionally, partnerships are searching for English speakers for authoritative record interpretation, technical writing and intelligible correspondence with abroad customers.

Trading company sales manager.

The trading company sales manager is one of the careers of foreigners in China. Sales Managers principally fundamentally center around dealing with sales for corporate customers, however they can likewise be responsible for coordinating sales groups.

It is exceptionally basic that you have a comprehension of Chinese business customs and manners for its essential for accomplishment in this industry. Most trading organizations in China attach the providers with Western purchasers subsequently search for forceful sales foreigners to help in encouraging the business and trip their products out, and on the off chance that you are sufficient, with solid sales and the executives’ abilities, you can expand your chances of landing new records.

Accounting and Financial jobs

There is a horde of changes in the accounting and money related sector of China. They go from foreign bank officials to cutting edge monetary controller. The Chief Financial Controller is one of the popular careers in China for outsiders and requires immense information on money-related arrangements as well as a blend of Western and Chinese business experience.

Additionally, after China entered the WTO toward the finish of 2001, it progressively opened and extended its monetary sector in this way the interest for money related abilities has continued expanding.

Hotel management jobs

It’s certain that China’s travel industry is blasting, and it won’t back off at any point in the near future. As per WTO, by 2022, China will be the biggest nation people visit for tourism in the entire world. This is a reasonable sign that the accommodation business will continue extending, and the interest for foreign ability will rise.

In China, the reception personnel are not many yet with their freshly discovered status as a quick rising the travel industry economy, an ever-increasing number of employments are made henceforth ideal for outsiders with pertinent aptitudes wishing to create their professions in China.

Advertising jobs

Being one of the careers for foreigners in China, advertising jobs is China’s publicizing industry has been on the ascent, and they are continually searching for new faces with an alternate viewpoint. The inventive impulse and high measure of energy and drive are the essentials for such a career.

Outside and Chinese organizations are battling a merciless fight for the Chinese market; consequently, the diverse promotion offices are continually searching for new faces to work in this quick-paced, exceptionally focused condition. So, if you are interested in this job as one of the top careers for foreigners in China, it’s left for you to apply.


Being a translator is one of the careers for foreigners in China, numerous organizations are confining their substance into English and require local English speakers to do that. A portion of the organizations incorporate Gaming, IP law, and Energy.

You can likewise fill in as freelance translator where you won’t be secured a solitary area and set your working hours. It is required that you should be good in public speaking, wealthy in vocabulary, idioms, and everyday articulations.


Working in China is such an astounding, character-building challenge. There are huge amounts of professions in China for outsiders, and whether it’s a temporary job or an all-day work, the effect is unfavorable.

You will remain over some other applicant in your field in view of your rich professional training as well as a result of your character and capacity to manage people from various societies. Working in a remote land is very enlightening yet working in China is a gift.

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