Top Paying Companies in Oyo State For Corpers in 2022 – A Detailed Explanation

Clicking on this link suggests you either desire to serve in Oyo State or you just found yourself there already. Well, if you’re within the category stated above then this article is for you. This is a guide on how to secure a spot in any of the top paying companies in Oyo for Corpers. Secondly, you will discover the best NYSC PPAs in Oyo.

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Top Paying Companies in Oyo State For Corpers in 2022 - A Detailed Explanation
Top Paying Companies in Oyo State For Corpers in 2022 – A Detailed Explanation

What Traits Do Top Paying Companies Look Out For in Corpers?

Truth is, as a Corper you have to be worth employing into any of these top paying companies. Most Corpers just want to get into these companies because of the pay. However, the company wants to employ you because of the impact you can create.

To that regard, hiring for many companies does not change simply because you are youth Corper. If you’re yet to serve at the point of reading this, then you’re at advantage. This is the perfect time to build yourself to speculation.

Although these top paying companies in Oyo State will cut you some slack as a Corper, that does not mean they will overlook everything else. To that regard, we have listed requirements in documents and soft skills that will make you employable.

Document Requirements

  • Proof of academic qualification. Fact is, you stand a better chance if you have a first-class or a second class upper result. This puts you in an excellent position to be employed by any of these top paying companies in Oyo for Corpers.
  • You can add any other certifications got from conferences, workshops, or other trainings. This is an additional criterion that will give you an edge over other prospective candidates. Also, these certifications present you as a serious person which usually entice employers.
  • Local Government Identification Slip

Soft Skill Requirements

Top companies are more interested in your soft skills than your certifications. What this means is that, as much as your academic certification is needed, you need more than that to be up for consideration and maybe long time employment.

Top Paying Companies in Oyo State require corpers to be

  • Resilient
  • Creative
  • Possess Good morals
  • Have great interpersonal skills
  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skill.
  • Ability to work under pressure (if you can’t be sincere with it)
  • Know how to use the computer system well with basics in Microsoft office, Excel and others

What Kind of Companies Should Corpers In Oyo State Apply For?

Depending on your educational specialty, the company you will apply to will differ. Suggestively, we recommend you apply to companies that are in line with what you studied. The reason is that most Corpers are lucky to be automatically employed after serving with the company.

In Oyo State, there are varieties of top paying companies in which Corpers can apply for. Outlining all would be cumbersome. However, we have categorized them under different headings and why you should go for them.

Without doubts, these companies or its affiliates below accept Corpers. They include;

Media Companies

Corpers who studied any Media related course thrives well in Oyo State. Therefore, media companies such as radio, TV stations, newspaper and magazine publishing companies, voice-over firms and its likes are out to employ Corpers.

Also, they are among the top companies for Corpers in Oyo State. For the media companies, if you play your cards well, you have a high chance of retainment by the company. “Who wouldn’t want that?”

Manufacturing Companies

Interestingly, the world never goes out of what to manufacture. And the same applies for Oyo State manufacturing Companies. Corpers who have worked with some Oyo State manufacturing company say they pay Corpers well. Although we do not have the price specifics, many say it’s equal to the amount an entry-level employee earns.

Therefore, Corpers who are into engineering or anything manufacturing should seek recruitment with Oyo State top paying manufacturing companies.

Engineering Companies

Yes, another company that is too rated for Corpers in Oyo state is any engineering company. Interestingly, they accept corpers that are engineering graduates. What this means is that, if you studied any other course which is not engineering related, you won’t be accepted.

Also, we advise Corpers to apply for this because engineering companies are among the top paying companies in Oyo State. Although this comes with a lot of work like operating heavy duty machines and equipment, you will earn well.

Private Schools in Oyo State pays Corpers well too. Except teaching is your passion, do not apply to government school because you will earn little or no salary. Government school’s in Oyo do not have a good salary package especially for corpers.

What Are The Top Paying Companies in Oyo For Corpers in 2022?

There are actually a lot of top paying companies in Oyo State for Corpers. As we stated earlier, if you possess the qualities listed above, chances are that they will employ you. Below is a list of the top paying companies for Corpers in Oyo State;

  • Harriman & Company
  • Harvard Foods LTD
  • Honeywell Oil & Gas LTD
  • Bank Of Industry Limited
  • Citeco Technical Co. LTD
  • DANA Pharmaceuticals LTD
  • FEMI Johnson & Company Limited
  • Federal Radio Corporation Of Nigeria (FRCN)
  • Bond Chemical Industries LTDDEKIT Construction LTD
  • British American Tobacco (Nigeria) Limited Group of Companies.
  • AGRIC International Technology & Trade (NIGERIA) LTD. (AGRITED)
  • Independent Communication Network LTD
  • Industrial Projects International (NIG.) LTD.
  • Legaltext Publishing CO. LTD
  • Nigerian Telecommunications PLC (NITEL)
  • The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA)
  • Nigerite Limited
  • NITRO Atlasco Nigeria LTD

Visit the compani’s website for details on how to apply.


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