Top Paying Companies in Osun For Corpers in 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

You will agree with me that one year is a lot to earn just 33,000×12 in Naira. Even while Corpers complain of meagre pay, others rejoice because they earn well. How is this possible? You have to secure a job in best NYSC PPA in Osun with Top Paying Companies. This is a detailed guide on all you need to know about the top paying companies in Osun for Corpers.

However, if you did not find yourself in Osun as a Corper, you can lookout for top companies in Abuja, Ogun, and Oyo. Do have a pleasant read!!!

Top Paying Companies in Osun For Corpers in 2021 - Everything You Need To Know
Top Paying Companies in Osun For Corpers in 2022- Everything You Need To Know

What Requirements Do I Need to Apply to the Top Paying Companies in Osun State?

You will need both soft skills and document proofs when applying to any of the top paying companies in Osun as a Corper. Some requirements that corpers in Osun State must have or posses include:

  • At least a second class upper certificate from a recognized University.
  • You must have the ability to use a computer well.
  • Possess superb communication skills
  • Must be highly Creative
  • Posses Good morals

Note: Corpers with additional requirements and certificates have a higher chance of being recruited.

How To Apply To Top Paying Companies in Osun As Corpers?

Here’s the fact, top paying companies in Osun recruit only corpers based on request. Now, if have already been posted to your PPA and you still want to aim for the top paying companies in Osun as a Corper, then do this. “Apply”.

Sending in your application to any of the top paying companies in Osun as a Corper is one suitable way to get there. “How do I Apply?” The answer is below:

  • Apply via an application letter to the company choice via email or in person. (Once you’ve made a choice of company or firm, visit the website for details on how to apply)
  • Write a cover letter. Ensure you explicitly explain how you intend to contribute substantially to the company, firm, or organization.
  • Include all your credentials, results and certificates.(Ensure you add any other certifications that will boost your chances)
  • Follow up your mail for further information.
  • If the HR finds your application interesting, he/she will invite your for an interview. (Ensure you acquaint yourself with details about the firm before the interview)

What Kind of NYSC Jobs Can Be Found in Osun State?

Without mincing words, most of the NYSC jobs in Osun state are not catchy. Majorly Corpers end up with teaching jobs, health care jobs, ministries or Non-Governmental Organizations. However, there are also top companies interested in having Corpers in their team and paying them well.

Therefore, we employ corpers to look out for such companies. Nevertheless, we have brought it to your fingertips. Keep reading.

Types Of Companies Corpers Apply To In Osun State

Although there is less industrialization in Osun State, Corpers earn well in some establishments. Below is a categorized list of companies Corpers in Osun should apply to;

Media Houses

Media Companies such as newspaper, tv stations, radio stations, and magazine publishing welcome corpers. These companies are among the top companies that employ youth corpers in osun state.

Manufacturing Companies

Without doubts, manufacturing companies also accept corpers. The amount they pay corpers cannot be specified but from testimonials, they are among the top paying companies in Osun State.

Engineering Firms

Note: Engineering firms in Osun State accepts mainly corpers that are engineering graduates. These corpers operate heavy machines and equipment, hence the inclusion in the list of top paying companies in Osun State.

What Are Top Companies in Osun State For Corpers?

Although, Osun State is not graced with a lot of industries and such establishment. But there are few which pay corpers well. In this section, we have listed the top paying companies in Osun State for corpers in 2022. They include;

  • Bank Of Industry Limited
  • Biodun Odeleye & Company
  • Cargozeal Technologies LTD
  • Cashcraft Asset Management LTD
  • Compunet System LTD
  • D & G International CO. LTD
  • DEKIT Construction LTD
  • F.A. ONI Insurance Brokers LTD
  • Harvestfield Industries LTD
  • Heptagon Ventures LTD
  • Intercap LTD
  • International Breweries PLC
  • J.A. Oluwatudimu & Company
  • JOHN HOLT Distribution (VENTURES)
  • Nigerian Agricultural Co-operative & Rural Development Bank LTD and its Insurance Corporation
  • Olusola Adekano LA & Company Group
  • Pacific Holdings LTD
  • SARO Agrosciences LTD
  • Transpharm Healthcare LTD
  • Tuns International Holdings LTD

How Much Do Corpers Earn in Osun State?

Fact is, there is no detailed information about the amount Corpers are paid in these companies. However, there is a surety of the 33,000 government pays as allowance to all youth corpers. Also, the companies do not have a definite amount they pay corpers in osun state. The amount depends on company and the role you play there.

Perhaps you can do a personal research on that once you make a choice of the firm to work with. Some of the best places to serve are in osogbo, this is so because osogbo have a lot of companies that accept corpers. Also, these companies in Osogbo are regarded as the top paying companies in Osun for Corpers.


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