Masters Program in Denmark 2021 – Tips on All You Need to Know

Masters Program in Denmark 2021 - Tips on All You Need to Know
Masters Degree Program in Denmark 2021

Let’s say you’ve considered Denmark as a study abroad destination, but you need to weigh the pros and cons. This piece elaborately explains all you need to know about Masters Program in Denmark. This ranges from available MSc programs, scholarship opportunities to cost of MSc programs in Denmark. Also, you will discover the requirements needed for international students. Here’s the significant part, we give you tip on how to study for free in Denmark.

Keep reading to discover if language would pose a barrier. You can as well check out MSc in other countries such as Germany, Canada.

Welcome aboard and have a good read!!!

Overview of the Country: Denmark

Characterized by many islands, Denmark is a remarkable country with breathtaking geography. It has an archipelago of 443 islands, a flat terrain with sandy coasts, low elevation and a temperate climate. Also, Denmark is as one of the most socially and economically developed countries in the world, the country boasts of a high standard of living.

However, the country is at the groundbreaking in academics, science and technology, inventions, healthcare and democratic governance, among others. Little wonder Denmark is one of the top-rated study abroad destination for International students. Unlike other European study destinations, Denmark’s higher education system is one of the best known in Northern Europe. And based on testimonies, its reputation for excellence and innovation is well-deserved.

In other words, Masters program in Denmark is a platform to tap into this great education system. In addition, you get to enjoy its famously high quality of life, friendly society and safe environment. Choosing Denmark means choosing to be “happy”. Internationally, the Danes are “Happy people/Country”.

Why Should I Do My Masters Program In Denmark?

Understanding that there is no best study abroad destination is expedient. However, there are some advantage one has over the other. Most students consider Masters program in Denmark because of the reasons below;

  • EU/EEA national do not pay tuition fees in Denmark.
  • Denmark is home to World-class universities which rank high in university rankings. These universities believe in thorough equipping and excellence.
  • Danish Universities accept international student. (2020 statistics records over 30,000 international students).
  • Denmark is world-leading in tech and sustainable innovation.
  • International students learn the Danish language for free. The Danish government makes this provision.
  • Denmark is the second happiest country in the world. You get to enjoy their mood-boosting lifestyle called ‘hygge’.

What’s the Cost Of Masters Degree in Denmark?

Danish Masters Student

Not every student in Denmark pays tuition. We justify this statement for EU/EEA and Switzerland nationals, and students taking part in an exchange programme. However, other students’ annual tuition range from 6,000 to 16,000 Euro.

Also, tuition depends on the university program and duration. However, if the cost is much, you can be on the lookout for Danish Government scholarships or other fund.

What Requirements do I Need for MSc Application in Denmark?

Requirements differ based on the university and program. However, here are the general requirements for masters degree application in Denmark;

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Visa (for non-EU students)
  • Motivation/reference letter
  • Application form (paper-based)
  • Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  • Proof of language proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL or CAE for English-taught courses and Proof of specific Danish proficiency for Danish-taught courses)

Tips on How to Apply to a Danish University

Applying to any university can be pretty ambiguous, but there is nothing an expert’s advice can’t fix. Follow these tips for direction and surety;

  • Choose a Denmark university and masters program you want to study.
  • Apply online on the Danish government’s admissions website.
  • Create your username and password and select the postgraduate program.
  • Fill in the application form
  • Upload the requested supporting documents in your application profile.
  • Pay your application fee and submit the application
  • Receive an offer from a Danish university
  • Accept your offer and pay any required deposits or fees
  • Apply for your Denmark student visa

And off you go to Denmark!!!!

Top Universities for Masters Program in Denmark in 2021

Contrary to the trend, Denmark has just 8 universities. Majorly, there are four types of institutions of higher education in Denmark.

  1. Universities
  2. University colleges
  3. Academics of professional higher education
  4. University level institutions (For arts and architecture)

However, few of the other higher institution offer masters degree programs in Denmark. Visit their website for more details. However, here are the top Universities in Denmark for masters program in 2021;

  • Aarhus University
  • Aalborg University
  • Roskilde University
  • The University of Copenhagen ,
  • IT University of Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Technical University of Denmark

Lookout for other university colleges in Denmark who offer masters.

Are there Scholarship Opportunities for Masters Program in Denmark?

Yes, there are scholarships available to both domestic and international students in Denmark. Some of these scholarships are private, others are government sponsored. They include;

  • Danish Government Scholarship
  • State Scholarships at Aarhus University
  • Danish State Scholarships at University of Copenhagen
  • Denmark Government Scholarships for Non-EU Students
  • IT University of Copenhagen State Scholarships in Denmark
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Scholarships in Media Arts Cultures

Frequently Asked Questions About MSc Programs in Denmark

What’s the Average Cost Of Living in Denmark?

Just like in any other country, there is no exact estimation on how much the cost of living is. However, we can give a rough estimate. This will depend on your level of extravagance, lifestyle and the city you live. Some cities such as Copenhagen are more expensive than the others, e.g. Aarhus. However, you will need a minimum of DKK7,409.90 to live comfortably in Denmark.

What’s the Language Instruction for MSc in Denmark?

Although Danish language is a language instruction in Danish Universities, it is optional. Higher education institutions in Denmark offer nearly 200 master’s degrees in English. This spreads across a wide variety of academic disciplines. So, depending on your choice, your language instruction can be English or Danish.

What’s the Duration for a Masters Program In Denmark?

Masters Program in Denmark lasts for two years. However, the case is exceptional for students who work while studying. It takes a long time for working students.

Do I Need a Student Visa for MSc in Denmark?

This depends. Students from EU countries and Switzerland do not require a visa. However, they will need a registration certificate or card if they will study for over three months in Denmark.

Non-EU nationals require a visa and residency permit. Apply for one at the Danish embassy, consulate, or mission in their home country.

What’s the Application Deadline For MSc Application in Denmark?

In most cases, students from the EU and Switzerland may apply until the 1st of March each year. Other international students have until the 15th of January. Note that these dates are more general and mostly valid for Masters students beginning during the winter semester.


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