Masters Program in China 2021 – Top Universities| Scholarships| Cost| Tuition and All You Need to Know

Masters Program in China 2021 - Top Universities| Scholarships| Cost| Tuition and All You Need to Know
Masters Program in China 2021 – Top Universities| Scholarships| Cost| Tuition and All You Need to Know

Clicking on this article suggests that you have an interest to study masters in China. This article gives you a detailed and up-to-date information about masters program in China. This makes up of the cost, available scholarships and top Chinese Universities for MSc. One great advantage is that you get to learn the Chinese language.

So whether you are looking for ancient history, picturesque landscapes, urban wonders or academic experiences, just know that more students are turning their toes towards China. But just in case it doesn’t go well with you, you can consider Germany, Canada, Denmark, UK or other destinations.

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China at a Glance

Located in East Asia, China is a great country surrounded by a great wall: Great Wall of China. Albeit, this is the best destination there is for a student who desires blissful vacations. This is so because you do not run out of attractive scenes such as beautiful mountains, plateaus, modernized infrastructure to supervenient farmlands not forgetting the most famous of the attractions-the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. In other words, China has so much for a first-time visitor.

Embedded in the peripherals of the great China are mountainous and cold regions like Himalayas. Its capital is in the city of Beijing, which is well known for its mixture of ancient culture and urbanized growth.

Known as the country with the richest history, Chinese cultures dates back to centuries. In recent years, China has been highly recognized by its fastest-growing economy, a great asset for international students. Its official languages are Mandarin, Wu, and Cantonese. Interestingly, this nation is fascinating with many outstanding activities, which will unquestionably please incoming international students.

Howbeit, education in China is top rated. Chinese Universities stand at the forefront of innovations and researches in the world today. Little wonder students flood in China yearly.

Top Reasons You Should Do Your Masters in China

China is the most popular study abroad destination in Asia. This is so because it’s at the forefront of leading innovation, invention and research in the world today. For other reasons, China is a remarkable location to do your masters. Here are some reasons to consider this location;

  • Chinese Universities are affordable.
  • Experience the rich culture and history of 5,000 years.
  • Students gain first-hand experience in a rising world power.
  • Certificates from Chinese Universities are recognised globally.
  • China is a home to highly rated research and innovative institutions
  • There is a platform to prove your readiness for the global workplace.
  • China gives students an opportunity to learn the Chinese languages.

Top 15 Chinese Universities for Masters Program in 2021

Chinese is a home to world-class universities. Masters students have many options to choose from. However, we recommend you lookout for top universities to get the best. Chinese universities perform impressively across all three major ranking systems, with several institutions appearing in the global top 200. Below is a least of top universities, to apply for masters in 2021.

  • Tianjin University
  • Fudan University
  • Peking University
  • Wuhan University
  • Nanjing University
  • Zhejiang University
  • Tsinghua University
  • Sun Yat-sen University
  • Central South University
  • Beijing Normal University
  • East China Normal University
  • South China University of Technology
  • University of Science and Technology of China
  • The Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  • Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)

We do not limit great Chinese Universities to these few, however these are top ranking. Also, we base this information on the World University Rankings for 2021.

Are there Scholarships for Masters Programs in China?

Masters Program in China

Yes, there are many available scholarships for international students in China. Of course, this extends to masters students as well. Some masters scholarships open to students in 2021 includes;

  • The British Council
  • Confucius Institute Scholarship
  • Chinese Government Scholarships
  • Chinese Local Government Scholarships
  • Xiamen University Scholarships for International Students
  • Chinese University Program Scholarships for International Students

What are the Requirements Needed for Masters Program in China?

  • Academic transcripts.
  • Notarized highest diploma.
  • Language qualification certificates like IELTS, TOEFL or HSK.
  • Recommendation letters from a professor or associate professor.
  • Application form from the Chinese Embassy (in Chinese or English).
  • Applicants for music and arts programs must submit their own works.
  • Foreigner Physical Examination Form (If staying for over six months)
  • Applicants below 18 must submit valid documents of their legal guardians.
  • Pre-admission letter from the Chinese Government Scholarship universities.
  • A study plan or research proposals (not less than 800 words for postgraduates).

Other requirements might apply depending on your university of choice. Visit the website for more details.

What’s the Cost of a Masters Program in China?

Interestingly, the cost of tuition in China for MSc programs is relatively low. Although, tuition fees vary depending on the institution and subject. Typically, tuition fees for a Chinese Masters degree range between USD $4,200-13,760.

MBA programmes and other specialised qualifications will be at the upper range of this scale. Also, an application fee of USD $90-150 is required.

Frequently Asked Questions About MSc in China

Do I need a Visa to Study MSc in China?

Yes, every student regardless of nationality is required by the law in China to have a valid student visa. You are to possess this all the time while studying in China. Moreover, to get a student visa, visit the Migration Department of China in your country.

Are Masters Degrees in China taught in English?

Yes, but this is conditional. Depending on the course of study, the language instruction will differ. Masters programs related to medicine, business, engineering, computer science and technology are taught in English.

However, If English is your first language, you won’t need to pass a language test to study these courses. But, if English is not your first language, you’ll need to provide evidence of your proficiency.


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