How to Prepare Yourself for an Internship

Is it time for you to do your internship but you don’t know how to prepare yourself before the start of the internship?

If this is your case, then continue reading this internship guide until the end. 

In this article, you will find the things all students should consider before starting their summer internship.

Getting an internship is just the beginning, and it isn’t the most important part of the internship process.

All what you do prior to getting the internship position matters as well and they also define a successful internship.

If you are reading for this, let’s get down to business.

How to Prepare Yourself Before the Start of an Internship


Below are some of the tips that will help you to properly prepare yourself for the start of an internship.

These tips will also go a long way to make your internship worthwhile.

Interns who apply these tips always tend to stand out among their equals. 

So, make sure you apply these tips righteously if you want to have a successful internship.

#1. Be Ready to Add Value to The Company 

Finding an internship position or even getting an offer can be very tough.

But the truth is that the value of doing an internship is based mainly on how you decide to handle the opportunity.

And this totally depends on what you have to offer. 

The burden is on you to make the internship successful and to perhaps even turn your internship into a full-time job.

So, before you start your internship, you must make up your mind to be of help to the company.

This goes beyond the company telling you what to do.

You need to also show your value through your own initiative, motivation, and personal and professional skill set. 

College students often provide companies with know-how and technological knowledge that some of their most respected and long-term employees lack. 

To become even more valuable to your company, be willing to teach co-workers some little tricks of the trade when it comes to using technology that they may not know about. 

Perhaps you can offer to help create professional presentations or have some new insight for better marketing the company’s product.

If you are good with digital marketing, you may even help the company become more established online.

You can do this by creating and managing their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube or other social media outlets.

#2. Stay Updated with Industry Trends 

Absolutely no one likes to intern in a company or industry that has not place in their career choice.

As a result, doing proper research is essential. 

Before your internship starts you should take time to research the industry and find out more about the company.

In this way, you go into the opportunity with some understanding of what you may experience and what you can expect. 

It may also help to give you ideas on how you can help the company make changes or be more competitive. 

This research will go a long way to having the company view you as a professional rather than a summer intern.

Impressing your supervisor from the get-go will set you up for more interesting and varied projects.

This can only happen if they already see you as a valuable member of the team from the very beginning. 

To help you with this research so that you can stay updated with industry trends read, read industry literature and trade magazines. 

Also, read press releases about the company as well as its competitors.

#3. Review the Company’s Website

Company websites hold a lot of information which can be very valuable to you.

So, before the start of your internship, take time to review and learn about the company, its products, and its services.

Read the bios on the employees who currently work there. 

You can find this information in the “About” section of the company’s website.

Check out their LinkedIn profiles so that when you begin your internship, you’ll feel that you already know your supervisors and co-workers.

Be prepared on your first day to go around and meet people and introduce yourself. 

Taking the initiative to meet your co-workers will help set a good tone for your ability to establish personal and professional relationships.

#4. Acknowledge That You Don’t Know That Much

Internships are designed in such a way that interns get to learn from industry experts working in the field.

As a result, you must show a willingness to learn and avoid feeling like you know it all.

Don’t go into the experience feeling that you know more about the industry or business than the people who have been in the trenches for years. 

Be humble enough to follow the guidance of your superiors.

Watch for places where you may be able to offer assistance or lend a hand.

Volunteer and don’t turn down a project—even if it may seem like filling time from your perspective. 

Always remember the internship is an opportunity that the company did not have to offer.

So, consider it a privilege to have an internship position and don’t blow the opportunity because of insubordination. 

If you are going to share ideas with the company, then make sure you do not step on people’s toes.

#5. Get Yourself an Internship Mentor

Getting a mentor for any and everything you wish to do in life is very vital for fast growth.

Mentors have all the experience you desire and are willing to guide you on the same path.

Therefore, finding a good mentor can be enormously helpful to you during your internship. 

Not only will you learn the tricks of the trade quicker, but you will also learn about what goes on behind the scenes and have a better understanding of office politics.

If you find someone within the company that you respect, then you can ask them if they would be willing to mentor you during your time at the company. 

They will probably feel honored and you will be glad that you have someone that you feel you can trust and that you feel has your best interest at heart.


Getting an internship is very important for your professional career development. 

However, you need to prepare yourself for the task ahead.

In this article we have explained five critical tips on how to prepare yourself before the start of an internship. 

Now that you know these tips, which one are you going to do first?

Are you going to get yourself an internship mentor or you would rather stay up-to-date with industry trends.

Let us know your answer in the comment session.

Please, share this article to everyone your know.


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