Highest Paying Jobs in Michigan Without a Degree 2022

Are you a recent high school graduate looking for the highest paying jobs without a degree in Michigan?  Here’s a list of the top jobs you can do without a degree

While more education most often means higher paychecks, you can still make a great living if you have your high school degree. 

Many of these jobs also come with considerable training requirements, but the high pay makes it worthwhile. 

Whether it’s a formal apprenticeship program or general work experience, these Michigan jobs pay well to folk with a high school degree.

It is impossible to underestimate the value of a college education. 

Regardless, obtaining a respectable, well-paying job is more than conceivable and attainable in Michigan even without a degree.

Professions that stated a high-school diploma, some college education (without a degree given), postsecondary non-degree award, or no formal education requirements for entry-level positions were evaluated, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook. However, Jobs with no entry-level education requirements were not included.

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Is It Possible To Get a High-paying Job in Michigan without a Degree?


Even if you don’t have a college diploma, you may live nicely in Michigan if you get one of the highest paying jobs without a degree.

Although a degree can be beneficial to a graduate’s profession, it cannot guarantee success. 

It’s worth noting that having a high-paying job in Michigan without a degree is possible and will allow you to maintain a decent level of living.

What does it Mean to Have a High-paying Job?

A good-paying job is simply a job that pays well. 

Generally, a position that pays more than $100,000 a year is considered high-paying.

However, it’s ideal if you know that high-paying jobs frequently have a low beginning point. 

At that point, you get to make less than half of the above-mentioned amount.

However, with experience and greater skill, you can work your way up to being a highly paid expert in any field where there is a significant demand for expertise.

There are many ways to create a solid living doing what you enjoy, but ultimately the decision is yours. 

Highest Paying Jobs in Michigan Without a Degree.

All of the highest-paying positions in Michigan, as we all know, require a bachelor’s degree to be considered for employment. 

Regardless, this article lists the highest-paying careers in Michigan that don’t require a college education.

Some jobs, however, may require you to earn a certificate or diploma indicating that you have completed training and are qualified for the position.

With your certification, which you can acquire from a vocational training institution or a community college, you will be able to easily find a job in the field of your choice.

If you don’t have any kind of certification or experience with the position you’re applying for, some companies will still hire you if you agree to receive on-the-job training for a specific length of time.

The company will give the training, and you will be hired on the spot after completing the course.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Michigan.

Michigan has had its ups and downs in terms of employment, typically correlated with the health of the auto industry. 

But the downturn in the economy a decade ago also left Michigan with a shortage of people in the skilled trades. 

These professions represent some of the highest-paid jobs in Michigan without having to get a 4-year degree. 

These Michigan jobs pay the most to people with a high school diploma, whether it’s through a formal apprenticeship program or general work experience.

#1. Transportation, storage, and distribution managers

  • Average salary per annum: $104,845.

Managers of transportation plan, direct, or coordinate transportation, storage, and distribution activities in compliance with company policy and appropriate government rules and regulations. Also in the list are managers of logistics.

#2. Criminal investigators and detectives

  • Average salary per annum: $99,310.

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in Michigan without a college degree.

To effectively perform as a criminal investigator, you should be able to pay attention to details and connect the dots too.

The duties are to prevent or solve crimes, conduct investigations into alleged infractions of federal, state, or local laws.

#3. Transportation inspectors

  • Average salary per annum: $93,460

Transportation inspectors serve a crucial role in the transport sector.

Being a high-paying job in Michigan without a degree, they inspect cargo or people-carrying equipment or items to ensure that they are transported safely. 

Inspectors of rail transportation, such as freight inspectors, rail inspectors, and other vehicle inspectors not listed elsewhere.

#4. Police and detectives’ first-line supervisors.

  • Average salary per annum: $92,910.

Supervisors of police officers and detectives on the front lines supervise and coordinate the actions of police officers daily.

You’d have to ensure that police conduct on a day-to-day match with laid down acceptable standards.

 #5. Non-retail sales workers’ first-line supervisors.

  • Average salary per annum: $90,280

Directly supervise and coordinate the actions of salespeople who are not retail salespeople. 

In addition to supervisory responsibilities, may conduct budgeting, accounting, and personnel activities.

#6. Repairers of electrical and electronic equipment, power plants, substations, and relays

  • Average salary per annum: $88,810.

Repairing stuff is cool. 

Here you’ll be into the inspection, testing, repair, or maintenance of electrical equipment in generating stations, substations, and in-service relays.

#7. Commercial pilots

  • Average salary per annum: $85,240.

Being a pilot is great. With the many perks attached and freedom to fly around. 

This job role comes up as one of the highest paying as well and it doesn’t require a college degree to get started.

You’ll be tasked with navigating fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters on non-scheduled air carrier routes. Commercial Pilot certification is required, however. 

Charter pilots with similar certification, as well as air ambulance and air tour pilots, are included.

Regional, national, and international airline pilots are not included.

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#8. Postmasters and mail superintendents 

  • Average salary per annum: $84,760

These positions form another one of the highest-paying jobs in Michigan.

These two different people work in the postal service.

Primarily, they plan, direct, or coordinate a U.S. post office’s operational, administrative, management, and support services; or coordinate the activities of postal and associated workers in an assigned post office.

#9. Distributors and dispatchers of electricity

  • Average salary per annum: $83,500.

The economy is dependent on facilities and systems that need power to operate, including our phones and devices.

This job role requires you to coordinate, regulate, or distribute electricity or steam.

Therefore, catering to these needs.

#10. Real estate Brokers 

  • Average salary per annum: $82,310.

The more interactive you can be, the more fit you could be.

This is an opportunity from the bank of high-paying jobs in Michigan without a degree.

In this, you’ll be required to oversee real estate transactions as the owner of a real estate office or as an employee of a commercial real estate agency. Other responsibilities include selling or renting real estate and obtaining loans.

#11. Boilermakers

  • Average salary per annum: $80,540.

Boilermakers are an integral profession in building, assembling, maintaining, and repairing stationary steam boilers and boiler house auxiliaries.

They assemble boiler frame tanks or vats by aligning structures or plate sections according to blueprints. 

Hand and power tools, plumb bobs, levels, wedges, dogs, and turnbuckles are all used in this job. 

Also, assist in the testing of completed vessels. 

Boilers and boiler furnaces are cleaned directly. 

Finally, the safety valves, regulators, automatic-control systems, water columns, and auxiliary machinery should all be inspected and repaired.

#12. Managers of casinos

  • Average salary per annum: $79,940.

Managing a casino is no easy job, especially if you have low wits. 

But if you’re good with numbers, people and fun then you’re good to go.

Managers of casinos are one of the highest-paying jobs in Michigan without a degree. 

They plan, direct, or organize gambling operations. It’s possible to make house rules.

#13. Sales representatives, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

  • Average salary per annum: $79,870

Without having a degree, the only exclusions you get doing this job will be in handling technical and scientific products.

However, for most other fields you’ll sell items to businesses or groups of people on behalf of wholesalers or manufacturers. 

This is a great opportunity to make lots of money as commissions can come in per sale made besides basic salary.

However, you’ll have to be in for it. This work necessitates a thorough understanding of the products sold.

They also sell items to businesses or groups of people on behalf of wholesalers or manufacturers. Work necessitates a thorough understanding of the products sold.

#14. Construction trades and extraction employees’ first-line supervisors

  • Average salary per annum: $79,200.

Working as a supervisor requires you to directly supervise and organize construction or extraction employees’ actions.

This would demand some skill, and experience which you can get in the job.

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There are many ways to earn well without having a degree in Michigan.

Getting into one of the highest-paying jobs in Michigan without a degree is very possible.

With only a college diploma, patience, and the drive to succeed, you’ll be on the right foot toward financial freedom.



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