20 most reliable staffing agencies in Texas

20 most reliable staffing agencies in Texas

A staffing agency or an employment agency is an organization that matches employers to employees. They work by recruiting and selecting employees for organizations that do not have the time, expertise, and resources to handle the employment procedures.

Staffing agencies aid in facilitating job placements for various industries and supervise employment of candidates to ensure a successful agreement. In Texas, staffing agents collect information from hiring companies and organize available positions in job boards and other databases.

Often, job seekers will answer questionnaires or interview with a representative in an attempt to work out their skillset, career goals, and the other relevant information.

They will then be matched to appropriate listings at companies registered with the service provider. In the event of employment match, the service will facilitate the exchange of resumes and other applicant documents, allowing businesses to screen applicants and contact them if they decide to pursue an interview or any next steps towards employment. Many staffing agencies will maintain constant contact with both job seekers and hiring organizations, sending relevant updates or collecting feedback after job placements.

Some staffing businesses specialise in one or several specific industries, while others haven’t any restrictions on the work listings they will host. Administrators of staffing businesses often utilize staffing software to assist organize, update, and maintain databases of obtainable jobs, job applicants, and registered companies.

Findthatjob.com brings to you the 20 most reliable staffing agencies in Texas…

  1. Cyfuture BPO

Being one of the staffing agencies in Texas, Cyfuture BPO a business process outsourcing unit based in Houston, with offices in Tiverton, UK and India. Founded in 2004, Cyfuture BPO’s team of 16 provides non-voice BPO/back office services, voice services, and HR consulting/outsourcing.

  1. Cypress creek

Located in the Champions area of FM 1960, we have served the Greater Houston area since 1978. We continually strive to supply our clients with the foremost qualified candidates, whether direct hire, temp-to-hire, contract or temporary, to assist them meet their staffing needs.

Cypress Creek encourages its employees to become active in our community. They have responded by becoming involved, often using their personal time, in many of our community’s organizations.

  1. The Rowland group

The Rowland group  is a recruiting agency that provides businesses with Hiring Solutions in the areas of Engineering and Energy, Information Technology, and Accounting and Finance. We offer a.    spread of customized hiring solutions, including contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire and our clients include companies of all sizes and industries that care about hiring the proper person.

  1. Southwest Domestics

Since 1990, Southwest Domestics’ goal has been to supply quality in-home care and maid services for the simplest prices. You tell us the qualities during a caretaker that you simply are trying to find, and that we found out a free interview with you to satisfy 4-5 of our potential candidates. With at home childcare, family values are passed to children in the privacy of their own homes.

  1. Healthcare staffing

Healthcare staffing and workforce management was founded in March of 1996 as a dedicated employment service. The foundation of our company is that theconcept providing an employment service to job seekers should only be conducted with the very best level of integrity and repair.

  1. Labour services

Labour services is one of the staffing agencies in Texas and was founded in March of 1996 as a dedicated employment service. It has been assisting individuals in gaining employment for over 20 years. The foundation of our company is the idea that providing an employment service to job seekers should only be conducted with the highest level of integrity and service.

  1. TPI Staffing

Our full-service staffing solutions have helped companies find top talent to accommodate temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, payrolling and on-site staffing beginning in 1988. Since our founding in Houston, our services have expanded into multiple branches located throughout Texas, also as job placement within the national market.

  1. Staffing Texas

Staffing Texas is one of the staffing agencies in Texas and operates with integrity, ethics, honesty and respect. Our commitment is to try to to everything we will to put every one and meet every deadline. We concentrate on light industrial, administrative and professional positions.

  1. 20/20 Staffing

20/20 Staffing is an employment agency located in Irving, Texas that has a genuine dedication to the success of their clients. Their staff has the experience necessary to form the right applicant selections for the businesses they serve. Services provided to their clients include direct hire, temp-to-hire, and temporary hires in fields like clerical work, accounting and finance, human resources, and office and administrative work.

  1. American Management Staffing, Inc.

American Management Staffing, Inc. is an employment agency located in Plano, Texas that provides full-service solutions for all staffing needs. They realize that every client’s situation is unique, and they strive to meet and exceed all expectations. American Management Staffing, Inc. views their relationship with clients as a partnership, which better enables them to seek out suitable placements for every job applicant.

  1. Carl J. Taylor & Co.

Carl J. Taylor & Co. is an employment office located in Dallas, Texas that has over 20 years of experience in providing staffing solutions. The firm strives to draw in and identify the proper candidates for his or her clients’ job opportunities. They have helped countless applicants find positions with Paris Packing Inc., Bright Horizons Family Solutions, and J. Stowe & Co., and in industries like non-hazardous waste management and electrical services.

  1. CW Partners C

CW Partners, located in Dallas, Texas, is an executive financial services recruiting agency that strives to attach job applicants with the acceptable job opportunities. Different positions that applicants may be selected for include investment banking, private equity, hedge fund management, corporate development, commercial banking, and accounting. There are executive finance positions available also, including CFO, director or principal, vice chairman, associate, and analytics.

  1. Delta Dallas

Delta  Dallas, located in Dallas, Texas, strives to assist each client acquire the simplest candidates for the work openings available. They pride themselves on having industry-specific recruiters that have experience in networking with employers in specific industries, giving them an in-depth knowledge of what type of person is needed to fill each job. Delta Dallas has over three decades of experience, and has been awarded the Rising Star award from the Southwest Women’s Business Council.

  1. Driver Resource Co.

LLC Driver Resource Co., LLC, located in Dallas, Texas, is recognized together of the highest independent entrepreneurial companies within the community. Since their founding, they have specialized in commercial driver personnel placement, and have been dedicated to making sure applicants find jobs with proper benefits such as medical, dental, and vision. They have over 60 years of experience and have partnered with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the country.

  1. Fidelis Companies

Fidelis Companies is a woman-owned employment agency located in Plano, Texas that specializes in staffing in industries such as engineering, BioPharm, and ERP systems. They are members of the Metroplex Association of Personnel Consultants, the National Association of Personnel Services, and the Women’s Business Council. Fidelis Companies has many job openings in areas like network software field applications engineering, board design engineering, associate project management, director of toxicology, and staff software engineering.

  1. Frontline Source Group

Frontline Source Group, based in Dallas, Texas, is a temporary staffing agency with more than 15 years of experience serving job seekers and employers in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The company provides staffing for a variety of sectors, including information technology, accounting, finance, human resources, help desk, medical front office, and clerical. It also provides CSR, customer service, administrative, and legal staff. Staffing services for permanent placement and direct hire are available.

  1. Global Recruiters Network, Inc.


Global Recruiters Network, Inc., located in Flower Mound, Texas, is an employment office that was founded on the values of experience, integrity, commitment, and teamwork. They specialize in recruiting applicants in many industries including civil engineering, construction management, general contracting, mechanics, electrical and plumbing, and oil and gas. Global Recruiters Network, Inc. strives to make the recruiting and hiring process as easy as possible, and to provide superior customer service and clear, concise communication.

  1. High Profile

Being one of the staffing agencies in Texas, High Profile is an employment office located in Dallas, Texas that was founded with a mission to assist their clients reach their fullest potential. They have a genuine commitment to their clients, and strive to encourage, inspire, and motivate them to find the job that best suits their capabilities. Their clients have many different jobs postings, including administrative assistant, personal assistant, contract receptionist, executive assistant, marketing coordinator, bilingual HR manager, controller, and human resources generalist.

  1. HireWorks

HireWorks, located in Irving, Texas, may be a staffing and employment service that was established with the goal to match skilled workers with the proper job opportunities. Their main source of openings is in the finance, accounting, and administrative fields, but they also help their applicants find jobs in call centers and human resource positions. HireWorks offers a spread of services like intake consultations, sorting, interviewing and screening, applicant assessments, background checks, reference checks, and drug screening.

  1. InReach IT Solutions

InReach IT Solutions, located in Wylie, Texas, may be a boutique temp and staffing agency that has quickly grown to become one among the premier solutions providers within the area. They specialize in various staffing needs including direct hires, contract employment, contract-to-hire, temp-to-hire, special projects, and temporary work. The agency prides itself on making the hiring process much easier, increasing staff flexibility, and lowering the general staff and costs.

InReach IT Solutions provides connections to many jobs such as web applications development, system and software implementation, systems architecture, quality assurance, project management, network administration, and business analysis and design.


The staffing agency process

First, employers reach staffing agencies with open positions. Many companies choose to find workers through these agencies because the business either lacks the resources or time to find the best candidates or understands that agencies can find candidates with specialized experience tailored to their needs.

Next, the staffing agency or search firm posts job openings on the web for prospective candidates to review. At this time, the staffing company will proactively seek qualified job candidates for the open roles within its client’s workforce.

Job seekers can apply for positions and upload their resumes on the staffing agency’s website. The staffing agency or search firm has internal staffing and search consultants look over the applications and resumes to start the method of matching candidates with appropriate roles.

The staffing organization will schedule in-person appointments with job seekers to debate the position they applied for and other potential job matches. Internal search and staffing consultants work to match employment seeker’s skill set and desired role with other available positions. These consultants will then contact employers to see if the candidate’s qualifications are a good match for an open position.

Finally, job seekers can consider their employment offers and still have their resume matched with future job offerings in their desired sector.



These are 20 out of a thousand staffing agencies located in Texas. They are all easy to process once you can follow the right procedures and be consistent. Submit the required documents and many others.

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