12 companies that will pay you to travel the world

12 companies that will pay you to travel the world

If you wish to travel the world but don’t have interest in waiting for your vacation days to add up, you could have this very adventure you are looking for fetch by a career change.

The requirement of many companies is that their employees travel, whether as a full-time jet setter or for business trips scheduled for several occasions.

Other organisations have offices all over the world for those looking for a long-term relocation.

Have you been bit by the travel bug, hence usually want to be on the road travelling via any means of transportation? You don’t have to wait for your vacation days to kick in to travel the world as an employee; you can go global with your job instead. We bring to you, 12 companies that will pay you to travel the world on the job — think: as a flight attendant — or to clock in to a global office — take McKinsey & Company, below, which boasts locations in Santiago, Tokyo, Bengaluru, Bogotá, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Milan, and more.

So, if you’re pretty cool with travelling the world, check out this list of 12 companies that will pay you to travel the world, polish your resume, and apply for a job to be hired by any of them.

  1. Marriott International

Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Where hiring: New York, Chicago, London, Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, and more.

Hiring roles: Office Coordinator, Lobby Ambassador, Training Coordinator, Human Resources Generalist, Events, Manager, Night Audit Clerk, Director of Sales and Marketing, Concierge, etc.

What employees say: “The company on its own is fantastic. What you stand to benefit are great and there are countless growth privileges. The organisation has integrity, has environment and social issues at heart, and strives to be the best it can possibly be. Salary is good for an entry level position that doesn’t call for prior training as a prerequisite. Scheduling is very good and ranking is considered in choosing schedule. This ranking is determined by how well you perform and follow policies at work.” — Current Employee

  1. Expedia


Where hiring: London, New York, Bellevue, Chicago, Munich, Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul, Amsterdam, Dallas, Toronto, etc.

What roles: Project Manager, Data Scientist, Executive Assistant, Search Marketing Manager, Software Engineering Manager, Principal Product Manager, Application Engineer, Senior Pricing Analyst, etc.

What employees say: “Culture and individuals are very good to work with. Everyone converges to proffer solution to problems instead of resorting to the blame game play. Work-life balance is good. The benefits for travel and vacation are very good.” — Current Employee

  1. American Express

American Express/Glassdoor

Where hiring: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Gurgaon, Tokyo, and more.

What roles: Engineer, Framework Engineer, Reporting Analyst, Product Analyst, Fraud Analyst, Manager of Finance, Senior Manager of SEO and Content Strategy, Immigration Paralegal, and etc.

What employees say: “The beliefs, values, behaviour that American Express is known for are amazing. Leadership, to an extreme degree is understanding and flexible as long as you are getting your work done.” — Current Employee

  1. Hilton

Millennium Hilton Bangkok/Facebook

Where hiring: New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dublin, Madrid, Tokyo, Mexico City, and etc.

What roles: Director of Search Engine Marketing, Front Desk Agent, Lead Engineer, Ingeniero, Breakfast Attendant, Guest Service Agent, PT Reservations Agent, Security Officer, Public Area Attendant, Housekeeper, Director of Sales Analytics, Lead Cloud Security Engineer, Senior Cloud Security Engineer, VP of Luxury and Lifestyle Global Brand Marketing, etc.

What employees say: “Hilton is an amazing place to be hired as an employee”. The company commitment is towards building an incredible brand of hotels, ensuring the best guest experience, supporting the various communities and projects, and to their employees. Many changes and improvements have been noticed over the last half a decade. To be honest, the list continues. This company is fun. This company’s focus is on their people.” — Current Employee

  1. American Airlines

LM Otero / AP

Where hiring: Fort Worth, New York, Boston, Phoenix, Mexico City, Barcelona, Rio De Jainero, Lisbon, and etc.

What roles: Associate Software Developer, AAdvantage Account Specialist, Systems Analyst, Revenue Management Analyst, Release Manager, Bilingual Customer Service Agent, Manager of the Aviation Safety Action Program, and more.

What employees say: “Employee relations are exceptional. Company puts in much effort to ensure that smiles are always put on the face of employee work groups. This is commonly done through surveys, appraisals, and more.”— Current Employee

  1. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company/Facebook

Where hiring: Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Tampa, Santiago, Tokyo, Bengaluru, Bogotá, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Milan, and more.

What roles:

Associate, Business Analyst, Digital Marketing Expert, Engagement Manager, Implementation Consultant Intern, Data Scientist, Senior Financial Analyst, Security Engineer, and etc.

What employees say: “Influential, cutting edge, and driven. A strong community and feedback culture within the company. Obvious privileges for growth and development.”— Current Employee

  1. Delta Air Lines

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Where hiring: Atlanta, New York, Fort Meyers, Chisholm, Los Angeles, Detroit, and more.

What roles: Flight Attendant, Senior Systems Engineer, Java Developer, Ground Maintenance Mechanic, Architect, Senior Developer, Customer Service Agent, Advisory Developer, etc.

What employees say: “Frighteningly good company to work for. Travel benefits were wonderful and pay, once beyond half a decade, was very good. Via being a Flight Attendant, I was opportune to see the World and provide great customer service to all levels of people. I experienced growth as a person and gained professional experience, which I took hold of to my next profession.” — Former Employee

  1. The Walt Disney Company

Moto “Club4AG” Miwa/Flickr

Where hiring: New York, Hong Kong, Burbank, Seattle, Munich, Bangkok, Hammersmith, etc.

What roles: Sales Associate, Learning and Development Manager, Multi-Platform General Assignment Reporter, Business Integration Project Manager, Supervising Director, Counsel of Antipiracy, etc.

What employees say: “Great advantages and the money is always on-time along with incentives for car-pooling and other environmentally friendly options.” —Former Employee

  1. Deloitte

Jack Taylor/Getty

Where hiring: Atlanta, New York, Boston, Chicago, Austria, etc.

What roles: Multimedia Developer, Investment Manager, Manager of Expatriate Accounting, Marketing Senior Manager, Sales Executive, Business Systems Analyst, Audit, and Assurance Senior, Project Management Lead, etc.

What employees say: “Very good organisation to be its employee! The sky is the limit in terms of career growth potential. You are at the helm of affairs of your career. You are entitled to free coffee also.” — Current Employee

  1. Lufthansa

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Where hiring: Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich, Cologne, etc.

What roles: Cabin Crew, Porter, Inspector Aircraft Production, Sr. Staff Accountant, Account Manager Surplus, Inside Sales Rep, Logistics Specialist, Business Development Manager, and more.

What employees say: “Flight benefits, international company, widespread benefits, reliable and steady organization, part of a global aviation group and global opportunities.” — Former Employee

  1. LogMeIn


Where hiring: Karlsruhe, Sydney, Boston, Dublin, Dresden, Munich, Budapest

What roles: Business Analyst, Lead Security Compliance Analyst, Salesforce Administrator, Python Developer, Field Sales Representative, Resolutions Representative, Field Service Engineer, etc.

What employees say: “Great place to be its employee where I’ve been able to manage work and family while continuing on my career advancement. So many different office locations, customer segments, markets that make provision of a breadth of opportunities for workers to drive and grow their careers. Strong female leadership across functions in the organisation and an open and supportive environment.” — Current Employee

  1. Uber

Seth Wenig/AP

Where hiring: San Francisco, Las Vegas, Singapore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Tokyo, Seoul, Hyderabad, Mexico City & etc.

What roles: Innovation Engineer, Technical Program Manager, Sr. Systems Engineer, Data Analytics Manager, Sr. Counsel of Safety, Salesforce Engineer, Manager of International Tax Reporting, and etc.

What employees say: “Besides working with smart, dedicated and talented people, the most advantageous part of working at Uber is just how real your work is. Every day, I see people making use of our products and can experience the outcome of my team’s effort. The freedom that this gives you is also amazing. For instance, you want to embark on a journey, you can do so. If you have an idea for a project/feature/initiative, you can design and get every necessary assistance in building it. If you want to user test your designs, they will make people available for you to do so. They will also foot your bills when you want to further your education with a class/conference/whatever. I also have a very good sense of how to progress and grow here which is very vital.” — Current Product Designer

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